York Sunbury Historical Society February Program

Ashes and Rebirth: St. Mary’s Ferry/North Devon

1878 Map of St. Mary’s

Based on the Community Memories exhibition, Bob McNeil will tell the story of St. Mary’s Ferry/North Devon.  This community was first called St. Mary’s Ferry and in 1917, it became North Devon.  Finally, in 1945 it became part of Fredericton.  Through photos and stories of the time, this exhibit follows the beginnings of a community from 1831, through to its inclusion in the greater city of Fredericton in the mid-20th century.

Join us at Government House, Thursday February 20 @ 7:30 PM when curator Bob McNeil will tell us more about this community.

A reception will follow the presentation.  Non-members are cordially invited.

York Sunbury Historical Society January Program

Aroostook War of 1839 by Gary Campbell

Aroostook War of 1839 by Gary Campbell

A little-known episode in North America’s history, the Aroostook War of 1839 was an undeclared war with no actual fighting.  It had its roots in the 1793 Treaty of Paris, which ended the American Revolutionary War but left the border of Maine (then part of Massachusetts) and British North America unsettled.  Efforts to locate the border based on the treaty failed.  The area between the competing British and American claims became known as the Disputed Territory.  Fearing a negotiated border would negatively affect its claim for the disputed territory, Maine occupied the Aroostook River valley in early 1839.  British regulars, New Brunswick militia, and Maine militia were then deployed in the dead of winter, as the kindling was laid for a third major Anglo-American conflagration.  Eventually, cooler heads prevailed, although they did not deter a number of skirmishes between the Maine Land Agent posses and a loosely organized group of New Brunswick lumbermen.  A complex story of friction, greed, land grabs, and the Ashburton-Webster Treaty of 1842 eventually settled rivalry, this border dispute that nearly resulted in war.  If you want to learn more about this fascinating period in New Brunswick history, join us at Government House, Thursday January 16 @ 7:30 PM when author Gary Campbell will tell us more about this story.

A reception will follow the presentation.  Non-members are cordially invited.

Looking For Volunteer Writers for Local History Journal

Just released, the Fire edition of the Officers' Quarters!

Just released, the Fire edition of the Officers’ Quarters!

The York Sunbury Historical Society’s Publication Committee invites submissions of full and short papers reporting on the history of entertainment and entertainers in central New Brunswick.  The Publication Committee and Editor will review all papers and accepted papers will be published in the Officers’ Quarters.

The York Sunbury Historical Society is a volunteer organization and, at this time, does not offer monetary compensation for articles.

Articles must include sources and a good quality digital image or two to for illustration.  The submission deadline is February 1, 2014.

Contact the Fredericton Region Museum office for more information.

About our Publication: The Officers’ Quarters
Past Issues of the Officers’ Quarters

York Sunbury Historical Society Announces 2013 Martha J. Harvey Award Recipients

Martha J. Harvey was the founder of the York Sunbury Historical Society
Martha J. Harvey was the founder of the York Sunbury Historical Society

Fredericton, NB— December 5, 2013: Each year, the York Sunbury Historical Society (YSHS) seeks nominations from its members for the Martha J. Harvey Awards of Distinction to be awarded at the annual society Christmas luncheon.  The annual award honour outstanding contribution to the field of history in central New Brunswick and long and meritorious service to the YSHS.This year, an award will be presented to Dr. Vincent Erickson for his work and dedication to the YSHS, his research and publication on the history of native peoples of Maine and the Maritimes and his continuous support for the Society and Fredericton Region Museum. The second award will be presented to Donald Roberts for his many years of dedicated volunteer work on the YSHS Board of Directors and with several of the society and museum committees as well as his contributions to the preservation of our local history.

Formed in 1932, the York Sunbury Historical Society collects, preserves and interprets historical data, records and objects relating to the history of the province of New Brunswick, and in particular that of York and Sunbury Counties. Last year, the society presented awards to Brian Hallett and Eleanor Stillwell.

All Fired Up for History with the Latest Issue of the Officers’ Quarters!

Just released, the Fire edition of the Officers' Quarters!

Just released, the Fire edition of the Officers’ Quarters!

Fredericton, New Brunswick (November 22, 2013) – The York Sunbury Historical Society Publication Committee has released their latest Officers’ Quarters this week.

Edited by Simon Murgatroyd, this issue of the local history publication features the Rising from the Ashes: The Fires at St. Mary’s Ferry exhibit curated by Koral LaVorgna.  Mr. Murgatroyd is a long-time volunteer at the Fredericton Region Museum.  He has assisted with several events, artefact cataloguing and exhibit installations but has recently decided to add editing for the historical society to the repertoire of volunteer experiences.

Launched in 2009, the St. Mary’s Ferry exhibit was a city of Fredericton Arts, Culture & Heritage Funding project.  It traced the history of two late 19th century fires on Fredericton’s north side and the community’s response to the disasters.  The historical society is grateful for the assistance of Koral LaVorgna who guest curated the exhibit and offered to share it, along with another article, in the Officers’ Quarters.  Her second article explores the devastation caused by fire of downtown Fredericton in 1850.  Ms. LaVorgna is a graduate student, historical consultant and researcher.  She has volunteered with and worked for the York Sunbury Historical Society on numerous projects.

The fire theme continues with contributions from several guest authors and with short features connecting museum artefacts to historic fires in the region.  Guest authors include John Wood, Captain David McKinley, Eugene Campbell, Jill Ainsley and Clinton Gillespie.  Their articles explore the history of fire extinguishers, the Oromocto fire in 1919, Exhibition Palace, fire horses and the very recent Isaac’s Way fire.  The Publication Committee is grateful for their assistance and to Tina and Jason LeJeune from Isaac’s Way for sharing their story with our readers.

Copies of the Officers’ Quarters are available for purchase at the Fredericton Region Museum for $10 each.  Funds raised from the sale of the publication supports the York Sunbury Historical Society research and publishing program.

About the Fredericton Region Museum:
The York Sunbury Historical Society founded the Fredericton Region Museum in 1934.  In 1959, the museum found permanent headquarters in the Officers’ Quarters (571 Queen Street) in the heart of downtown Fredericton.  The society and museum remain a non-profit enterprise with a small paid staff and numerous volunteers.  Fall hours (September – November) are Tuesday to Saturday 1pm-4pm.

York Sunbury Historical Society Monthly Program

All evening programs take place at Government House (51 Woodstock Road, Fredericton) at 7:30pm. You can park on site and come in the side entrance.

Programs are free and open to the public!

Thursday, November 21, 2013 at 7:30pm

Speaker: Dr. Gail Campbell of the University of New Brunswick

Dr. Gail Campbell (image from University of New Brunswick website)

Dr. Campbell will lead on interesting talk ‘Exploring Men’s and Women’s Shared Worlds of Family and Community in 19th-Century New Brunswick: A Case Study of 4 York-Sunbury Diarists’ from the Miles, Robinson, Morrison and Carman families.  Dr. Campbell‘s previous presentation kept the members enthralled throughout, and we are pleased to have her back for our monthly program on Thursday November 21 at Government House @ 7:30 PM.  York Sunbury Historical Society members and the public are invited.

On another note:
The York Sunbury Historical Society annual Christmas party will be held at the Fredericton Inn on Monday December 9, 2013.  Arriving at 11:45 for dinner at noon.  We have reserved the Front Regency Room for our function, where breast of chicken and all the fixings will be served.  The presentation of the Martha J. Harvey Award will also be made.  Come and bring a friend.  We need to know how many people to expect, please RSVP to the Fredericton Region Museum by noon on December 8, if you plan to attend.  Cost: $18 taxes in.

York Sunbury Historical Society October Program

The battle of Gettysburg, Pa. July 3d. 1863, d...

The battle of Gettysburg, Pa. July 3d. 1863, depicting the Battle of Gettysburg, fought July 1—3, 1863. The battle was part of the American Civil War and was won by the North. Hand-colored lithograph by Currier and Ives. Español: Batalla de Gettysburg Magyar: A gettysburgi csata (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Please join us for the York-Sunbury Historical Society presentation on Thursday, October 17th at 7:30pm at Government House.   Our guest speaker will be Jim Cougle.

150 Years ago, New Brunswickers from Fredericton and Saint John faced each other in the American Civil War battles around Gettysburg.  Jim Cougle will provide the interesting details of how the New Brunswickers came to be involved in the American Civil War and where they fought.  This is also the 150th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s famous Gettysburg Address that was delivered at Gettysburg after the horrendous battles that had seen such a loss of life for both the North and South.

Jim Cougle is the author of “Canadian Blood, American Soil, The story of Canada’s Contribution to the American Civil War”.

A reception will follow the presentation.  Non-members are cordially invited.