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Maugerville 250 Celebration Events

The First English Settlement along the beautiful Saint John River Valley

The First English Settlement along the beautiful Saint John River Valley

Summer 2013 – Fredericton Region Museum – the beginning of a five year exhibit about the Pre-Loyalists/Planters of Early Maugerville (Maugerville/Sheffield).  $5.00 admission.  See the Fredericton Region Museum website for details on times, dates, and admission costs.  Opening exhibit is Saturday, July 6 at 5:00 PM.

July/AugustCalithumpian Theatre Company presents “Staging Maugerville” – Celebrating 250 years of English settlement on the Saint John River.  Performances at Officers’ Square in Fredericton’s Historic Garrison District – July 5, 6, 12, 13, 19, 20, 26, 27, Aug 2, 3, 11, 12, 18, 19, 25, 26, Sept 1.  Show times: 12:15 PM weekdays and 2 PM on weekends. Plans are being made for performances in Maugerville and Sheffield.  Details TBA.

Sunday, June 23 – Sheffield United Church   #2169 HWY 105 Sheffield:
> 2-3 PMN.B. Summer Music Festival Ensemble directed by Richard Hornsby including a musical selection by Casey, Kirsten and Susan Jamieson accompanied by Jerry McFarland
> 3-4 PM: Open House at the church to view paintings of the historic Sheffield homes by artist Linda Bartlett** and hear stories from “Sheffield Memories” by author Barbara Jamieson*
> 3-4 PM: Open House- Burpee – Bridges Home # 2111 HWY 105 (historic Pre-Loyalist/Planter home). Refreshments provided.

Monday, June 24 to Saturday, June 29 (daily) – Sheffield United Church # 2169 HWY 105
> 2-4 PM   Art Show and “Sheffield Memories”

Wednesday, June 26Burpee-Bridges Home  # 2111 HWY 105
> 2-4 PM Open House

 *Barb Jamieson’s book “Sheffield Memories 1763-2013 “ will be for sale ($20.00) at the exhibit as well as at Westminister Books, Moxon’s Country Pumpkin (Maugerville), Casey’s Restaurant (Sheffield), Eldon Hunter’s One Stop (Douglas Harbour), the Lighthouse Bookstore (Fredericton) or from Barbara Jamieson, (506) 357-8341.

**Linda Bartlett’s book featuring her paintings of the historic Sheffield homes, “Sheffield – A Place in Time,” will be for sale ($12.00) at the exhibit as well as at Casey’s and Moxon’s and at her studio “The Art Attic” located in the field just below her home #1907 HWY 105 in Sheffield.  

Sunday, June 30 Sheffield United Church # 2169 HWY 105
> 10-11 AM  250th Anniversary Service – Musical Selection by Casey, Kirsten and Susan Jamieson accompanied by Jerry McFarland

Thursday, June 27 to Saturday, June 29 – Maugerville Baptist Church   11 Peters Road (next to the Auction Centre #583 HWY 105)
Wheelchair accessible.

> Thursday 12-7 PM   Friday 10 AM-7 PM,  Saturday 10 AM-4 PM 
Maugerville Women’s Institute Quilt Show and Historical “Show and Tell.”*  Admission $3.00.  Refreshments provided.  Men also welcome!

> Friday 2 PM  Special guest Lois MacDonald from Kings Landing doing a “Trunk Show”
*Doris Mersereau’s book, “Gerald Harvey of Maugerville,” can be purchased at the Quilt Show and Historical “Show and Tell” for $12.00 or at the Lighthouse Bookstore for $15.00 plus tax.

Sunday, June 30Maugerville Baptist Church  11 Peters Road (next  to the Auction Centre #583 HWY 105)
> 6:30 PM   Benefit Concert for Deb and Marven Kitchen. All are welcome to attend.  Participants include:  Bob Johnson, Carol Henderson, Nancy and Tom Donovan, Grace Hornibrook, Roger Cormier, B.J. McKelvey, Velvet and Melvin Perry with Art Bell, and Stephen Budd.

Please note: The morning service is postponed to the evening at Maugerville Baptist Church so the congregation can attend the  Sheffield United Church 250th Anniversary Celebration Service at 10 AM.

Sunday, July 7 – Sheffield United Church  #2169 HWY 105
> 2-4 PM N.B. Summer Music Festival Ensemble directed by Richard Hornsby, including a musical selection by Casey, Kirsten and Susan Jamieson accompanied by Jerry McFarland

Sunday, July 14 – Christ Church Maugerville  #1381 HWY 105
> 2-4 PM Church tour/historic artifact display, refreshments on the lawn and musical selections played on one of the first pipe organs brought to the province, in conjunction with (the same day)
> 4-6 PM Open House – Elijah Miles Home  #1219 HWY 105 (historic Loyalist home)

Monday, July 15 – Saint John River
> 7AM!  Canoeing on the beautiful and historic Saint John River from Fredericton to Maugerville/Sheffield with the Kingston Peninsula Heritage Group (starting this part of their journey at 7AM from the Fredericton Small Crafts Aquatic Centre).  Please refer to their website to learn more about this historic canoe trip from Cabano, Quebec to Saint John, New Brunswick.

Anyone is welcome to join them (canoe or motorized boat) as they paddle from Fredericton to Maugerville/Sheffield or to join in at some point along the way – arrangements are being made for them to make a stop in the communities in honour of our 250th anniversary. Details TBA.

Times/dates may be affected by the weather. Check Fredericton North Heritage Association website before attending!

Sunday, July 28 – Sheffield United Church # 2169 HWY 105
> 2-4 PM N.B. Summer Music Festival Ensemble directed by Richard Hornsby, including a musical selection by Casey, Kirsten and Susan Jamieson accompanied by Jerry McFarland

August – Potential Event TBA

Fall 2013Maugerville Baptist Church Event TBA

Fall 2013 Fredericton Heritage Trust Lectures/Events TBA – check their website for updates as well as those listed below

All dates, times and places are subject to change.  Please check the following sources before attending the events:
 Fredericton North Heritage Association Website – this site will be updated regularly / Fredericton Tourism Website / Maugerville Baptist Church Facebook / newspapers/ radio

Presentation: Maugerville 250 (1763 to 2013)

Trinity Church, Upper Maugerville

P4-2-33 Trinity Church, Upper Maugerville. Burial place of the Carmens

Please join us on Thursday, October 18, 2012 at 7:30 pm at Government House!

Speaker: Bob McNeil
Title: Maugerville 250 (1763 to 2013).

Come and hear the results of recent research in Maugerville.

Robert ‘Bob’ McNeil is from Nashwaak Village and has lived in Devon, New Brunswick for the last 31 years.  He has many family connections to central New Brunswick, as his ancestors came here in 1784.  Bob and his wife, Marianne, have raised their six children from their home on Miles Street.

After graduating from St. Thomas University with a B.A. in 1973 and a B.Ed. in 1974, Bob taught for several years in New Brunswick schools.  In 1982, he received a M.Ed. degree from University of New Brunswick.

For many years he has maintained an interest in local history and genealogy. In 1987 he wrote Behold I Am With You, which is a history of St. Anthony’s Church. From 2006 to 2011, he worked on the four Devon Remembered books with Carol Randall. Presently, he is serving on the board of the York-Sunbury Historical Society and works with the Fredericton North Heritage Association as co-editor of their journal.

A reception will follow the presentation. Non-members are cordially invited.

York Sunbury Historical Society 2012/2013 Programs

Lincoln, New Brunswick

P4-2-29 Home of Capt. Benjamin Glasier, Lincoln. Built about 1800, by Capt. Benjamin, the father of John Glasier.

A note from the Program Committee:

The Program Committee is pleased to announce the following list of presentations for the York-Sunbury Historical Society.

All presentations will take place at 7:30pm in the basement of Government House, except for the Annual General Meeting, which will start at 7:00pm. A reception follows each presentation. Programs are free and open to the public.

Thursday, September 20th, 2012:
Speaker: Dow Johnston.
Presentation Title: An 1889-1890 Honeymoon Trip Around the World

Jane Evans of Nashwaaksis & Douglas was a young lady who met Captain David Thompson when he come home to visit his family, who lived just above the stone bridge in Nashwaaksis. They met, got married and had Captain Thompson’s next voyage as a honeymoon trip.  This young girl who had never travelled further than Douglas was in for adventures that she probably could not imagine.

Come to the lecture to hear first-hand about the incidents and interesting twists to the honeymoon from one of her direct descendants, who bases his talk on her diary, family papers and family stories.

Thursday, October 18th, 2012: Speaker: Bob McNeil. Topic: Maugerville and Sheffield

Robert ‘Bob’ McNeil is from Nashwaak Village and has lived in Devon, N.B. for the last 31 years. He has many family connections to central New Brunswick, as his ancestors came here in 1784. Bob and his wife, Marianne, have raised their six children from their home on Miles Street.

After graduating from St. Thomas University with a B.A. in 1973 and a B.Ed. in 1974, Bob taught for several years in New Brunswick schools. In 1982 he received a M.Ed. degree from University of New Brunswick.

For many years he has maintained an interest in local history and genealogy. In 1987 he wrote Behold I Am With You, which is a history of St. Anthony’s Church. From 2006 to 2011, he worked on the four Devon Remembered books with Carol Randall. Presently, he is serving on the board of the York-Sunbury Museum and works with the Fredericton North Heritage Association as co-editor of their journal.

Recently, Bob has become involved with the 250th anniversary of Maugerville and has been doing some research on this topic.

Thursday, November 15th, 2012: Speaker: Doris Norman. Presentation Title/Topic: The New Brunswick Mat Registry

New Brunswick mat hookers have talked for years about the importance of documenting the hooked mats that cover the floors of New Brunswick homes. These are mats made by our grandmothers, mothers and friends to keep their families warm and bring colour into their homes. A network of volunteers from all regions of the province has created a New Brunswick Mat Registry to document these mats and to preserve the stories behind them.  (URL: mats-tapis.nb.com)

December: Christmas Party: Date and place to be announced. We are aiming for the Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday of the first full week of December.

Thursday, January 17th, 2013:  Speaker: Canon Hebb. Presentation Title/Topic: The First World War, St. Peters Parish and the lives of the people enlisting.

Thursday, February 21st, 2013: Speaker: Gary Campbell. Presentation Title/Topic: The Re-enactment of the March of 1812.

Thursday, March 21st, 2013: Presenter: Ross Ingram. Topic to be announced.

Thursday, April 18th, 2013: Annual General Meeting: Speaker: Carl Vaughan. Topic: Titanic Canadian Heroes. (Program before the meeting)

Thursday, May 16th, 2013: TBA

Thursday, June 20th, 2013: TBA

Lord Beaverbrook, Mary Hashey, Maugerville, Nurse Millicent Hosley Lister, Recipes, Lucille Pillow, English Porcelain, Beaverbrook Art Gallery and the Carlton and York Regiments

Volume 17, Number 2 (Fall and Winter 2001) - A Publication of the York-Sunbury Historical Society, Inc.

Volume 17, Number 2 (Fall and Winter 2001) - A Publication of the York-Sunbury Historical Society, Inc.

We have back issue copies of Volume 17, Number 2 (Fall and Winter 2001) – “A Publication of the York-Sunbury Historical Society, Inc.” available for purchase for $8 (plus postage and handling).


Lord Beaverbrook: Fond Memories of a Local Artist” by Pat Flemming (page 3)
This article describes the origins of the Beaverbrook Art Gallery and the relationship between Mary Hashey, well known artist and Lord Beaverbrook, philanthropist. It also discusses at length Hashey’s work and legacy in New Brunswick.

“Maugerville As It Was: A Farmer’s Diary” by Kate H. Miles (page 6)
This article discusses the many mediums of collecting history and in particular accounts of history from primary sources such as diaries of the people who lived through the historical time period being studied. Specifically, this article emphasizes this though its attention to the historical significance of Maugerville, New Brunswick.

Fredericton Nurse in WWI by Diane Taylor Miles (page 12)
This article chronicles the life of Nurse Millicent Hosley Lister, and her experiences through letters, first hand descriptions of the machinery and weapons, landmarks and weather in France during her service for the American army in France during the World War I.

“Beaverbrook: Fraud or Saint? A Brief Commentary” by Katrina Dewitt (page 16)
This article acknowledges controversial musings about the moral applause awarded to New Brunswick icon and revered Lord Beaverbrook. Through detailing Beaverbrook’s upbringing, accomplishments, political contributions and business ventures, the author contends all of these support the distinction Beaverbrook heralds and is unquestionably worthy of the praise.

“Recipes from the Pioneer Kitchen” by Pat Flemming (page 18)
This article contains six recipes including: chicken leg delight, economy casserole, maple glazed carrots, stuffed green peppers, cranberry nut bread, and grandma’s honey fruit cookies.

“Collector’s Room English Porcelain 1743-1840″ by Katrina Dewitt (page 19)
This article discusses the contribution Lucille Pillow made to the Beaverbrook Art Gallery through her collection of China and describes in detail many of the pieces in the collection as well as China in general of the time. The article goes on to examine its origins and the factories where it was reproduced.

“Queen’s and Regimental Colours of the Carleton and York Regiment by Diane Taylor Myles
This article discusses the origins of Carlton and York Regiments, the use of the militia and the significance of colors in battle and symbolically created for meaning derived from courageous battle and presented as honours.

If you are interested in acquiring a copy of this issue of the Officers’ Quarters, please contact the York Sunbury Historical Society and Museum office or drop by the office at 571 Queen Street and pick one up.

Sheffield United Church

If you think you can help us please leave your comments here.  If you have any research queries that you would like posted here, let me know by filling out the form found on our website.

“Hi there,
I was wondering if someone at the museum might know details about the church´s rebuilding in 1840. (originally built c. 1775 in Maugerville). There seems to be a dearth of solid info on questions like:  why was it rebuilt ?  How closely does it resemble the 1775 church ?  Was the original structure simply remodeled, or was it built from scratch in 1840 ?  How much of the original church, if anything, got re-used in the rebuild ??

Any details would be greatly appreciated.


One of my board members responded with the following:
“I was put in touch with someone who had the following information.

The original church was built in Maugerville in 1775.  It could seat 500 people.  It was decided to move the building to Sheffield in 1789 (100 oxen needed).  The building deteriorated so they decided to rebuild in 1840,  salvaging what they could use from the original building.  It is not an exact replica but it does incorporate some of the original design.  It was dedicated in 1842.”

Reply from Mark:
“I guess what I was really asking was whether the Sheffield church was essentially a 1775 building that was slightly remodelled, or, an 1840 structure that merely used some fragments from the previous church. The answer to that question is of great importance to NB b/c there are only two 18th c. churches in the whole province(as far as <I know).  And it would be the only pre-Revolutionary church in the province (and one of the few extant pre-Revolutionary buildings in NB, period.). I wonder if there was ever any dendrochronology done on the church ? And I wonder just how much of the original church was used in the 1840 rendition?

I did read the book mentioned in one of your emails (John Leroux – about a year or two ago).  My memory is fading on that book but I seem to remember the author using the word remodelled when he described the church. The use of the word “remodelled” is a bit unfortunate in that the reader is still left trying to figure out what that really means – hence my questions about the crux of the church’s origins. To me, “remodelled” seems like a term used to signify relatively minor changes, and not a total rebuilding of something.

I look forward to learning more about the built heritage of NB, and >I am especially interested in any surviving pre-Loyalist heritage that still may exist. “

Old Church at Maugerville (New Brunswick)

An entry found in Daniel F. Johnson’s New Brunswick Newspaper Vital Statistics pertaining to the “Old Church at Maugerville”.  Thanks (as always) to the Province of New Brunswick Archives for making this database available on-line!  If your ancestry has a connection with New Brunswick (Canada) then this database is worth a search … or two!

Transcribed by Daniel F. Johnson.

 Volume 89 Number 2030
Date January 18 1893
County Saint John
Place Saint John
Newspaper The Daily Sun

The Old Church at Maugerville (Sunbury Co.) On the site where now stands the Episcopal Church at Maugerville, there stood, some thirty years ago, an old Episcopal Church, said to be the first Protestant Church erected in New Brunswick. For many years this was the only Church in Maugerville. Later came the Baptist Church. The Congregational and Methodist Churches were in the adjoining parish of Sheffield. … One rector Rev. John SAYRE died in 1794. (see original) SUN Jan. 24 – Your correpondent is indebted to postamaster W.H. BENT and James H. CLARK for the information hereunto appended. It may be noticed as far as traditionally known as the first superstructure of the Church in question was of logs; and about the year 1787, a more substantial structure of the Church was put up upon which repairs were made in 1792, which date we get from J.H. Clark, who now has in his possesion the old copper weather-cock, iron spindle and shaft made and placed upon the Church at that time by his grandfather. The inscription reads thus: ‘Made by Alexander CLARK, for Christ’s Church, Maugerville, 1792. It may be here mentioned that Alexander Clark was one of the first vestry men and Col. DEPEYSTER one of the first wardens of this Church. Our informant claims that his father William CLARK worshipped in all three of those Churches, which have the longest continuity upon the same sight of any in the Province. The first rector of this old Episcopal Churchn was Rev. John Sayre. And herewith is a true copy of what is inscribed upon an ash cross about 4 1/3 feet high: ‘Here Lies the Body of the Rev. John Sayre – formerly Rector of Trinity Church, Fairfield, Connecticut and one of society’s missionaries to that place, from thence refugee with his family within His Majesty’s lines in New York and from New York, upon the evacuation of it by British troops to this place; who departed this life at Burton on the St. John River, upon the 5th of August, in the year of Our Lord, 1784, in the 47th year of his age. The next rector was Rev. John BEARDSLEY, a graduate of Parr Town, who after a time went to Kings Co. and died there. J.H. Clark took up his residence here in 1884, a lapse of 91 years from the time his grandfather left. He learned that the old Church edifice had been sold to Eben HORTON of Boston. The material which went into Mr. Horton’s buildings, where he found the old trophy now in his possession, which was 100 years old last July. In the Church yard we find an irregular field stone, upon the west side of which was cut, ‘B. CARMAN, died 29th Jan. 1793, aged 8 years 2 mos.’ (see original) (see also SUN Jan. 5 – The Old Maugerville Church)

Ichabod Smith

A call came to the York Sunbury Museum office not long ago from a gentleman in Ontario asking about Ichabod Smith in Maugerville.  I haven’t been able to find too much information about him but I don’t have a lot of time to devote to research.  I don’t think this gentleman was looking for birth, death and marriage information but for more detailed information about the early settlement of his ancestors in Maugerville.  If anyone can help, please leave your comments here!  Thanks!  

Found on Family Tree Maker:  

Ichabod Smith died date unknown in Parish of Maugerville, Sunbury County, N.B., Canada. He married Mehatable.  

Smith, Ichabod. Parish of Maugerville, Sunbury Co, Esquire. Will dated 6 Feb 1823, proved 21 September 1823. Wife MEHATABLE estate for life for support of herself and such of my daughters as m(a)y remain with her until their marriage. Son ROBERT lower half of Lot 78 in Maugerville. Son STEPHEN 10 p(o)unds. Son SAMUEL CORNALL 150 pounds to be paid upon his wife Jane’s death or upon his obtaining a Judgement of Divorce against her. Daugher FREELOVE 25 pounds. Grandson DUNCAN SMITH D’VEBER 25 pounds when of age. Daughters MARY AMELIA and SARAH CAROLINE each 100 pounds six months after marriage. Residue after wife’s death to be divided among son ROBERT and daughters MARY AMELIA, SUSANAH, and SARAH CAROLINE. Wife MEHATABLE and friends ODBER MILES of Maugerville and JACOB ALLAN of Woodstock executors. Witnesses: A. Allan, Ed.D. Street, S.D. Street. (source: Early NB. Probate Records, 1785-1835, W.Hale, pu. 1989).  

Children of Ichabod Smith and Mehatable are:  

  1. Freelove Smith, b. 1785, N.B., Canada, d. January 1858, Maugerville, Sunbury County, N.B., Canada.
  2. Robert Smith, d. date unknown.
  3. Stephen Smith, d. date unknown.
  4. Samuel Cornal Smith, d. date unknown.
  5. Mary Amelia Smith, d. date unknown.
  6. Susanah Smith, d. date unknown.
  7. Sarah Caroline Smith, d. date unknown.

Civil Commissions

MC300-MS52 York-Sunbury Historical Society Collection Description  (page 261)  

If you are interested in a copy of this  file then please contact the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick.  

1  Appointment of Justices of the Peace for Sunbury County including Jonathan Bliss, John Saunders, Ward Chipman, John Murray Bliss, George Howard, Christopher Billopp, John Coffin, John Robinson, William Black, Samuel Denny Street, Anthony Lockwood, George Shore, Thomas Wetmore, William Botsford, Samuel Peabody, Elijah Miles, David Burpe, Isaac Hubbard, John Hazen, Ichabod Smith, Clapman Smith, Stephen Peabody, Charles F. Street and Thomas Odber Miles; August 2, 1822.  

Daniel F. Johnson Newspaper Transcriptions

Daniel F. Johnson: Volume 30 Number 1913

Date: April 3 1871
County: York
Place: Fredericton
Newspaper: Colonial Farmer 

d. Friday 17th Feb., at his residence Maugerville (Sunbury Co.) Robert SMITH, age 90.; d. Thursday 9th ult., at his residence Maugerville, Samuel C. SMITH, age 82. The deceased were brothers, sons of Capt. Ichabod SMITH, a prominent Loyalist who arrived in New Brunswick in 1783 and settled in Maugerville where he raised a large family. Robert, the eldest son, was born at Flatbush, Long Island, State of New York and was two years of age when his father arrived at Maugerville. The farm upon which Ichabod SMITH, Esq. first settled is still in the hands of his descendants.  

Daniel F. Johnson: Volume 2 Number 1733

Date: September 27 1823
County: Saint John
Place: Saint John
Newspaper: New Brunswick Courier

d. Maugerville, Tuesday 16th inst., age 67, Ichabod SMITH, formerly Capt. 2nd Batt., General Delancey’s Brigade. CG  

Daniel F. Johnson: Volume 2 Number 1751

Date: October 14 1823
County: York
Place: Fredericton
Newspaper: The New Brunswick Royal Gazette

Est. Ichabod SMITH, Maugerville; Exec.: Mehetible SMITH, I.O. MILES, Jacob ALLAN, 9 Oct.  

Daniel F. Johnson: Volume 14 Number 249

Date: September 25 1852
County: Saint John
Place: Saint John
Newspaper: New Brunswick Courier

m. St. Luke’s Church, Thursday morn., by Rev. Wm. Harrison, James T. HANFORD, Esq. / S. Caroline SMITH d/o late Ichabod SMITH, Esq., Maugerville (Sunbury Co.)  

Daniel F. Johnson: Volume 2 Number 1509

Date: January 23 1823
County: Saint John
Place: Saint John
Newspaper: New Brunswick Courier

m. Maugerville, 12th Jan., by Rev. R. MIlNER, Dr. P. GUIMARIN / Susannah fifth d/o Ichabod SMITH, Esq. CG NBRG 

Coming Soon … Spring & Summer 2010 Issue of the Officers’ Quarters!

The Spring & Summer Issue of the Officers' Quarters

The Spring & Summer issue of the Officers’ Quarters is almost ready to print!  Our editor, Vincent Erickson, has worked many volunteer hours to prepare a very in-depth issue of our publication.  The title, 18th and 19th Century Land Title Issues on the Lower Saint John River (Acadians, Planters and Natives) covers the theme of territoriality and tension.  Paul O’Connell, John Wood and the editor Vincent Erickson submitted articles.  


“French Inhabitants of Fredericton & Douglas in the 1780s” by Paul O’Connell

“The Early Settlement of Maugerville and the Sheffield Parsonage Dispute” by John Wood

“From Eqpahak to Pilick” by Vincent O. Erickson

Maugerville & Sheffield History Resources

Saint John River, Fredericton, NB

Image via Wikipedia

P4-2-33 Trinity Church, Upper Maugerville. Burial place of the Carmens

A list a few York Sunbury Historical Society and Museum resources that might assist you if you’re researching the history of Maugerville and Sheffield.

Officers’ Quarters Articles:

If you are interested in acquiring copies or articles from previous editions, please check out what we have posted on our website.  We have posted information about our Past Issues or you can download the PDF of our article index.

Miles, Kate H., “Maugerville As It Was: A Farmer’s Diary”, Volume 17, Number 2 (Fall and Winter 2001) – A Publication of the York-Sunbury Historical Society, Inc., page 6.

This article discusses the many mediums of collecting history and in particular accounts of history from primary sources such as diaries of the people who lived through the historical time period being studied. Specifically, this article emphasizes this though its attention to the historical significance of Maugerville, New Brunswick.

Conrad, Margaret, “The New England Planters in the Saint John River Valley”, Volume 22 (Fall and Winter 2004) – The Origins of Central New Brunswick, page 12.

“Planters”, encouraged by the Governor of New England, moved into the Saint John River valley prior to 1783 and played an important role in shaping what would become New Brunswick. The article describes the military campaigns conducted by General Monckton to make the area safe for settlers. The article also explains settlement patterns in the river valley and the role played by several significant individuals of the time, including Alexander McNutt, Israel Perley, and Joshua Mauger. The article contains 2 photographs and 2 maps.

Archival Material:

Contact the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick for copies of the MC 300 – York Sunbury Historical Society Archival Collection material and P4-2 York Sunbury Historical Society Photographs.

P4-2 York Sunbury Historical Society Photographs:  

33  Trinity Church, Upper Maugerville. Burial place of the Carmen’s (P4-2-33) (also found in Photographs and Pictures)

56  Stone house built by Lieut. Thomas Gill, Upper Maugerville (P4-2-56) (also found in Photographs and Pictures)

94  Burpee house, Maugerville (P4-2-94)

95  Burpee house, Maugerville (P4-2-95)

MC 300 – York Sunbury Historical Society Archival Collection

Photographs and Pictures

90  Burpee house, Sheffield; P4/2/90.

91  Burpee house, Sheffield; P4/2/91.

92  Burpee house; P4/2/92.

93  Cornerstone of Burpee house; P4/2/93.

94  Burpee house; P4/2/94.

95  Burpee house; P4/2/95.

Cemetery Papers:  9  Notes on Christ Church Maugerville Graveyard.

Printed Matter:  

19  Brochure for the bi-centennial of Sheffield and Maugerville; 1963.

247  Picture of Sheffield Congregational Church and boats on St. John River – 1899.

Programmes and Invitations:  70  Brochure of historic sites and programme of events for Maugerville-Sheffield Bi-Centenary; August 23-25, 1963.

Maps and Plans:  68 ”Plan showing copy of Maugerville Grant County of Sunbury, N.B.”; MC300-203.8-1928.

Business Records:  

6  General Ledger of Moses Pickard Jr. which was used for accounting or agricultural produce, dry goods, and general merchandise sold; accounting of monies received and expended on the meeting house, 1819-1820; accounting of livestock loaned at interest; accounting of monies borrowed and loaned; and recording genealogical data on the births, deaths, and marriages of the Pickard and Brill families; Maugerville, Sunbury County. 1799-1833.

Hazen, White and Company Records

“… The Company, trading through Newburyport and Boston in New England extended its operation up the St. John River establishing out-posts at Gagetown, Maugerville and St. Anne’s Point (where Benjamin Atherton was in charge).  The business interests …”

Mortgages:  4  Mortgage of Gabriel de Veber, Lancaster Parish, to Jacob Vail, Maugerville; February 16, 1801.


6  Deed of sale from Nicholas Rideout, Maugerville, to Jacob Vail, St. John, for land in Maugerville; August 4, 1795.

7  Deed of sale from Jacob Veal (Vail), Maugerville, to Gabriel de Veber, Lancaster, for land in Maugerville; July 14, 1800.

8  Fragment of a deed of sale from Raper Milner to Frederick Abraham D’Veber for land in Maugerville; February 4, 1833.

Clippings (MS19 – 378 to 404):  402  Clipping and photo of 1958 flood of St. John River, Maugerville

Clippings (MS19 – 298 to 351):  256   Clipping from The Daily Gleaner, “The Burpee-Bridges Home:  200 Years in the Same Family”, The pre-Loyalist built Burpee-Bridges House at Sheffield, February 24, 1973.

Clippings (MS19 – 104 to 157):  117  Clipping on the Sheffield House, Market Square, Saint John; n.d.

Clippings (MS19 – 19A):  94  Giant Vegetable Patch-Sheffield, Sunbury County (68)

Clippings (MS19 – 1 to 18):  15  Clippings of G.A. Good on papers presented to the York-Sunbury Historical Society on such topics as Maugerville, St. Anne’s Point, and Old Fredericton; 1942-1945.

Miscellaneous Correspondence:   42  Letter from George McBeath, N.B. Museum, to C.H. Foss, Red Cross Society, re. the founding of Maugerville; 1961. 

Whelpley Collection:  

2  Receipt to James Clark from Simonds & White; Maugerville, November 8, 1776.

80 Receipt to James Cook from Moses Newman; Maugerville, November 9, 1773.

Benjamin Atherton Records

“… Atherton was placed as manager of a truck-house at St. Anne’s Point, in competition with John Anderson, who was established at the mouth of the Nashwaak River.  He refused to join the rebel movement in Maugerville during the American Revolution.  After the War, …”

6  Affidavit of inquisition held at Maugerville before Coroner Benjamin Atherton into the death of Robert Lewis formerly of the Queen’s Rangers.  The twelve-man jury was composed of George Ormond, John Atcheson, William Desmund, Jeremiah Tracey, William Read, Benjamin Rix, Samuel Rix, William Broawn, Abraham Buscork (?), Jacob Barker Jr., Henry Link, and Benjamin Broawn; October 5, 1784.

Burpee Family Papers:  

Charles Sidney Burpee was born in Sheffield, Sunbury County, New Brunswick, on June 18, 1817, the son of Jeremiah Burpee and Elizabeth Stickney.  He was educated at the common school in Sheffield, and … Burpee died November 29, 1909, at Sheffield.  He was survived by two sons.”

16 Letter from C.B. Barker to Charles Burpee giving news from home, and discussing McGee’s death and the Fenians; Sheffield, April 20, 1868.

23 Letter from R. Hoben to Charles Burpee asking for the position of fishery warden mentioning Glazier, Perley, George Estabrooks; and commenting on the road money for Sheffield mentioning Moses Cobourne, John Townsend, Charles Upton and Samuel Ferguson; and on their candidate in the next election, mentioning George Morrow, John Glazier and others; [Burton], May 4, 1868.

44 Letter from C.L.B. Miles to Charles Burpee seeking Burpee’s aid in getting a position as engineer on “some good road”; Maugerville, February 22, 1878.

48 Letter from C.B. Harrison to his uncle, Charles Burpee, discussing the applications for the lighthouse and the prospects for the next election mentioning Gerhardus K. Clowes, Brennan, McLean, Currie, Perley, Covert, and Sterling; Maugerville, March 1, 1878.

51 Letter from Hanford Brown to Charles Burpee sending a good deal of political news from home mentioning the Perley Party, Dell Perley, Covert, William Deveber, Hamilton, Calvin Tapley, Launchlan McLean, G.S. Brown, Charles Clowes, Captain Alexander, Brennan, Terry McAlroy, and others; Maugerville, March 4, 1878.

53 Letter from Hanford Brown to Charles Burpee concentrating on the political alignments in the county, mentioning Thomas Sterling, George Brown, the Dykemans, Dell Perley, Mrs. Hazen, and others; Maugerville, March 5, 1878.

73 Letter from Rosella —–, a child, to Grandma —– relating familial news; Upper Sheffield, March 12, 1882.

74 Letter from David Burpee to his mother, Mrs. P.E. Burpee, Bangor, relating domestic and familial news; Upper Sheffield, March 30, 1883.

75 Letter from David Burpee to his mother, Mrs. P.E. Burpee, Bangor, bearing news from home mentioning John Pickard’s death, cousin Hannah, Willie and Maggie Alexander, and several family members; Upper Sheffield, December 23, 1883.

81 Letter from John Quinton, grandson of Hugh Quinton, to [Charles Burpee] describing the early settlement of Maugerville, and the “renegade Allan”, and asking Burpee’s moral & literary backing to produce “Pioneer Days of New Brunswick, 1762-1783…”; Saint John, December 9, 1884.

82 Letter from William N. Allen to Thomas P. Burpee concerning a parcel of land; Sheffield, January 22, 1885.

83 Letter from Charles Burpee to Mr. Wilson concerning several memoranda on a mortgage; Sheffield, March 23, 1888.

130 Letter from Premier J.D. Hazen to Charles Burpee accepting his resignation as Commissioner for the Parish of Sheffield Civil Court; Saint John, April 22, 1910.

132 Letter from Lizzie B. George to Mr. ? Burpee answering a query on teachers at the Sheffield Grammar School; Upper Sackville, September 29, 1934.

140 Thirty-nine summons issued by C. Sidney Burpee as Commissioner for the Parish of Sheffield Civil Court; 1903-1909.

146 A sketch of the Sheffield Academy, two lists prepared in 1919 of Academy men, and a notebook containing information in the academy.

147 Sheffield Parish Voters’ List; 1920.

150 Minute book of the Total Abstinence Society of Sheffield, 1846-1850; (includes Society constitution, membership and activities).

Tape Recordings:  54  Mr. & Mrs. George Miles – Concerning wagons and sawmills, Sheffield; Oct. 13, 1966.

Probate Papers

2  Will of Abigail Kimbal mentioning Thomas Jewett, David Jewett, and her daughters, Sarah Day, Abigail Clarke, Isabel Stuart, Lydia Cleveland, and Hannah Boynton; Sheffield, Sunbury County, August 8, 1831.

3  Will of Ethel D. Bridges, wife of Jonathan Bridges, mentioning Harry Jonathan Bridges, Emma H. Babbit, Lilian Bridges, Maurice Bridges, The York-Sunbury Historical Society, and Gwen Davies; Parish of Sheffield, Sunbury County, June 3, 1955.

Vital Statistics:  36  Copy of the record book kept by the town clerk of Sheffield, Sunbury County, which includes marriages, births, deaths, marks for cattle and sheep, and the obituary of David Burpe Jr.; 1767-1845.

Indentures of Sale:   5  Indenture of sale of Marcus and Frances Peters, Sheffield, to William Peters, Hampstead, for Great Musquash Island; 1806.

Historical Essays and Research Notes

5  Part of an essay on the history of the Congregational Church, Sheffield, with biographical sketches of Rev. Archibald McCallum and Rev. Jacob Whitman Coy; n.d.

12  Typescript list of young men and women who attended Sheffield Academy, Sunbury County, 1867-1874.

P4-2 York Sunbury Historical Society Photographs

A second York Sunbury Historical Society finding aid at the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick is a photograph collection.  Some of these photographs are listed in the MC300 MS44.  Copies of these images can be ordered from the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick

You can download a PDF version here. 

P4-2-01 - Old Mount House, Grimross Island, St. John River at Gagetown

1  Old Mount House, Grimross Island, St. John River at Gagetown (P4-2-01

2  Copy of watercolor of Fredericton, 1818 (P4-2-02

3  Old Legislative Council Chamber, Legislative Assembly Building 

4  Part of an early Market House, Phoenix Square, Fredericton, 1863 (P4-2-04

5  Halls of the Arts Building, UNB, with a view of box stove (P4-2-05)

6  Alexander Gibson in his sawmill in Marysville (P4-2-06

7  University Avenue in the spring freshet of 1887, Fredericton (P4-2-07

P4-2-07 University Avenue in the spring freshet of 1887, Fredericton

8  Officers Barracks, Fredericton, seen from the  St. John River during flood of 1887 (P4-2-08

9  Risteen’s Factory, built in former George J. Dibblee home, Queen and Smythe Streets, Fredericton (P4-2-09

10  No. 1 Hose Co., Fredericton Fire Department, June 20, 1887  (P4-2-10

11  Methodist Church at Marysville, built by Alexander Gibson, and dedicated January 6, 1873.  This church was destroyed by fire; photo January 29, 1911  (T- 58) 

12  Small Methodist Church on Carleton Street, 1840.  This church burned in 1850; Copy of a watercolor (P4-2-12

P4-2-13 Aberdeen Mill, Fredericton west end, burned August 1905

13  Aberdeen Mill, Fredericton west end, burned August 1905  (P4-2-13).   

14  View from home of Sir George Perkins, on site later occupied by CNR Station.  Picture shows Collegiate School and Christ Church Cathedral.   

15  Church Street, Fredericton – between George and Charlotte Streets (P4-2-15

16  Lovers Lanes, Rookwood – in winter (P4-2-16

17  View from main house, Rookwood – Fredericton (P4-2-17

18  Caretaker’s cottage (early Acadian), Rookwood – Fredericton (P4-2-18)

P4-2-18 Caretaker’s cottage (early Acadian), Rookwood – Fredericton

19  Main house, Rookwood – Fredericton (P4-2-19)

20  Main house, Rookwood – Fredericton (P4-2-20

21  Old barn, Rookwood, seen through an arch – Fredericton (P4-2-21)

22  Base stone from old grist mill, for grinding grain 

23  Barns and covered entrance, Rookwood – Fredericton (P4-2-23)

24  Ox-cart which belongs to Gov. Thomas Carleton (P4-2-24)

25  Root house (P4-2-25)

26  Home of Lieut. Samuel Denys Street (P4-2-26)

27  Ox-cart (P4-2-27)

28  Belmont, Lower Lincoln – built by John Murray Bliss 

P4-2-29 Home of Capt. Benjamin Glasier, Lincoln. Built about 1800, by Capt. Benjamin, the father of John Glasier.

29  Home of Capt. Benjamin Glasier, Lincoln.  Built about 1800, by Capt. Benjamin, the father of John Glasier. The first house on the same site was burned by Indians (P4-2-29)

30  Home of Col. John Simcoe Saunders, 752 King Street – Fredericton (P4-2-30)

31  Home of William Garden, United Empire Loyalist, Springhill – built 1790 (P4-2-31)

32  Rainsford House on Rainsford Lane, Old Road – near Fredericton (P4-2-32)

33  Trinity Church, Upper Maugerville. Burial place of the Carmen’s (P4-2-33)

34  Old Rectory, George Street, Fredericton; once home of the Roberts family (P4-2-34)

P4-2-35 Stephen Glasier home, Lincoln – built about 1777 and torn down 1944.

35  Stephen Glasier home, Lincoln – built about 1777 and torn down 1944.  Stephen was the bachelor brother of Lt. Col. Glasier (P4-2-35)

36  John Hazen house, built 1776 (P4-2-36)

37  Barker home at Barker’s Point, Fredericton – built by Lieut. Stair Agnew, torn down about 1954 (P4-2-37)

38  One-time home of Hon. Thomas Wetmore, Atty-Gen. 1809 – Queen Street west of Northumberland Street, Fredericton (P4-2-38)

39  Rear view of house on Shore Street, Fredericton.  Built by Col. Shore and once the home of Bliss Carman (P4-2-39)

40  Stone house built by Capt. Thomas Pepper at Lower St. Marys, 1826 (P4-2-40)

41  Woolford cottage, Regent Street – Fredericton 

42  King’s Coffee House, Lower Queen Street – Fredericton; where Legislature first met in the Capital, July 18, 1788.  Ward Chipman house far left, opened 1785 by Vanderbeck and Ackerman.  Torn down for Playhouse, 1958 or early 1960’s (P4-2-42)

43  View of Rookwood House, Fredericton (P4-2-43)

44  Faculty and students, UNB – 1879 (P4-2-44

P4-2-45 View of Rookwood House, Fredericton

45  View of Rookwood House, Fredericton (P4-2-45

46  House at Queen and St. John Streets, Fredericton – built by Henry Winslow Miller and leased to Ward Chipman, 1836.  House at right built by Edward Miller; birthplace of Francis Sherman (P4-2-46)

47  Rear view of Ward Chipman house in P4–2- 46 (P4-2-47)

48  Modern appearance of King’s American Coffee House (P4-2-42).  Torn down the summer of 1958 or (1961?) to make way for the Playhouse.  Front view of Inn where NB Legislature first met 

49  Rear view of house in P4 – 48.  1945 view modernized building where legislature first met 

50  Rear view of house built by Edward Winslow  Miller, between 1812 and 1820 (P4-2-50)

51  House at King and St. John Streets, Fredericton.  Built by Edward Winslow Miller between 1812 and 1820, housed Central Bank of New Brunswick in 1836 and was occupied for many years by New Brunswick Department of Agriculture.  Torn down late 1967 (P4-2-51)

52  Brick building on St. John Street, Fredericton – between King and Queen Streets.  Was office of Edward Winslow Miller and Henry Smith; later was residence of R.P. Allen, long editor of the “Daily Mail”. New Brunswick Travel Bureau was first housed here, 1927 – afterwards occupied by Highway Engineers Branch, New Brunswick Department of Public Works; torn down to make way for the Playhouse (P4-2-52)

P4-2-53 Golden Hall Inn, Waterloo Row – Fredericton

53  Golden Hall Inn, Waterloo Row – Fredericton (P4-2-53)

54  European and National American Railway Station, St. John  (P4-2-54)

55  Odell House, Rookwood – Fredericton (P4-2-55)

56  Stone house built by Lieut. Thomas Gill, Upper Maugerville (P4-2-56)

57  Last of the old Provincial Normal School, Fredericton.  Early stages of the fire of Sunday – May 5, 1929 (P4-2-57)

58  Odell House, Rookwood – Fredericton (P4-2-58)

P4-2-59 Odell House, Rookwood – Fredericton

59  Odell House, Rookwood – Fredericton (P4-2-59)

60  Winter view of house, New Brunswick Agriculture Building, 1944, built by George Winslow Miller.  Same house in P4–2- 50 and P4-2- 51  (P4-2-60)

61  “Frogmore” built by Chief Justice Carter, Maryland Hill – Fredericton (P4-2-61)

62  Woolford cottage, Regent Street – Fredericton 

63  Old Rectory, Oromocto (P4-2-63)

64  Sleigh at Legislative Assembly Building bearing Lieut- Gov. William F. Todd and Col. W.P. Osborne (P4-2-64)

65  Stone engraved by Timothy O’Connor of the New Brunswick Crown Land Office showing “The Hermitage”, the home of Hon. Thomas Baillie, Commissioner of Crown Lands, 1824 – 1839 

P4-2-66 Shore house, Shore’s Island

66  Shore house, Shore’s Island (P4-2-66)

67  Sunbury County Court House, Burton – built about 1825 (P4-2-67)

68  Home of Gerhardus Clows, Oromocto, “Loyalists” (P4-2-68)

69  Shore house, Shore’s Island – as at present (P4-2-69)

70  Christ Church Cathedral, Fredericton (P4-2-70)

71  Horse powered craft at Lunt’s Ferry, c 1900 (P4-2-71)

P4-2-69 Shore house, Shore’s Island – as at present

72  Victoria Mill (Fraser’s), Fredericton east, from up-river (P4-2-72)

73  Victoria Mill (Fraser’s), Fredericton east, from lumber yard (P4-2-73)

74  Victoria Mill (Fraser’s), Fredericton east, from down-river (P4-2-74)

75  Victoria Mill (Fraser’s), Fredericton east, from railway (P4-2-75)

76  Victoria Mill (Fraser’s), Fredericton east, from down-river by the shore (P4-2-76)

77  Old Wainwright house, St. John and Queen Streets, Fredericton; in first stage of demolition to make way for the Lord Beaverbrook Hotel, 1946 (P4-2-77)

P4-2-71 Horse powered craft at Lunt’s Ferry, c 1900

78  Old Wainwright house (as above), actual collapse (P4-2-78)

79  Rubble marks site of old Wainwright house (as above) (P4-2-79)

80  Old McCaffery house, east side of Queen Street, first stage of demolition to make way for the Lord Beaverbrook Hotel, 1946 (P4-2-80)

81  Old McCaffery house (as above), actual dynamite blast (P4-2-81)

82  First steel rises for the Lord Beaverbrook Hotel, Fredericton (P4-2-82)

83  Lord Beaverbrook Hotel, Fredericton – with the old Rainsford house partly demolished at left centre (P4-2-83)

84  Old McCaffery house, Queen Street east – Fredericton, just prior to demolition to make way for the Lord Beaverbrook Hotel, 1946 (P4-2-84)

85  Old McCaffery house (as above), demolition proceeds (P4-2-85)

86  Old McCaffery house (as above), demolition proceeds (P4-2-86)

87  Front view of the old Rainsford house, Queen Street east, Fredericton – demolished to make way for the Lord Beaverbrook Hotel, 1946 (P4-2-87)

88  Old Rainsford house (as above), final stage of demolition (P4-2-88)

P4-2-89 Inter-colonial Railway yards, Moncton, 1877

89  Inter-colonial Railway yards, Moncton, 1877.  Moncton was incorporated as a town in 1855 when shipbuilding was the main industry.  However, the advent of steam and iron ships soon brought the prosperity to an end, and Moncton reverted to village status in 1862.  Almost 10 years later, Moncton became the Atlantic regional headquarters for the Intercolonial Railway and in 1875 became a town once more.  This revival explains the civic motto, ‘Resurgo’, which means ‘I rise again’.  Moncton became a city on April 23, 1890 (P4-2-89)

90  Burpee house, Burton – built 1813 (P4-2-90)

91  Burpee house, Burton – built 1813 

92  Burpee house, Burton- view of one end (P4-2-92)

93  Corner stone of Burpee house, Burton – incised “E.B. May 1813” (P4-2-93)

94  Burpee house, Maugerville (P4-2-94)

95  Burpee house, Maugerville (P4-2-95)

96  West house, Long’s Creek (P4-2-96)

P4-2-96 West house, Long’s Creek

97  West house, Long’s Creek (P4-2-97)

98  West house, Long’s Creek (P4-2-98)

99  Smythe house, French Lake (P4-2-99)

100  Smythe house, French Lake (also spelled Smith) (P4-2-100)

101  Interior of old skating rink, corner  of York and Saunders Streets, Fredericton – burned 1881.  

102  Home of Jowett family – Elizabeth, New Jersey    

103  Old round house at South Devon, built for Northern and Western Railway, 1887 (Canada Eastern – Inter-colonial – CNR); abandoned for new facilities farther east after destruction of first railway by ice the night of March 19, 1936. Later used as workshops by Ashley Colter Enterprises.   Photo taken Sept. 1, 1947 

104  Old Odell House, now deanery of Christ Church Cathedral, corner of Church and Brunswick Streets – Fredericton.  Picture taken about 1930, shows well, since removed.    

P4-2-0105 Queen Street, Fredericton – decorated for visit of Sir John A. MacDonald

105  Queen Street, Fredericton – decorated for visit of Sir John A. MacDonald (P4-2-0105)

106  Two-seated carriage (good shot), built at Edgecombe’s Carriage Factory.  

107  Northumberland and Brunswick Streets, Fredericton – showing hack of flooded street during freshet of 1923.  

108  Wooden highway bridge over St. John River at Fredericton after fire had destroyed two middle spans. (T-891).     

109  Market in City Hall Square, Fredericton – about 1887.    

110  Queen Street below Regent Street in Fredericton, seen from the Queen Hotel. Military parade coming down street, good shot of John Simcoe Saunders house in right background.     

111  Victoria Hotel, Saint John – 1877.  

P4-2-54 European and National American Railway Station St. John

112  Christ Church Cathedral, Fredericton (poor shot).   

113  Scene in Saint John after fire of 1877.   

114  Camping scene near Edmundston. Left to right: Andy Stratton, Allen Randolph, D. Lee Babbitt, Charles G.D. Roberts and Bliss Carman  (T-603).   

115  Very early shot of Arts Building, UNB – Fredericton (poor shot).   

116  Glasier Manor near the mouth of the Nerepis, built about 1765.   

117  Stratton House on River Road between Springhill and Island View.   

118  Early view of Church Street between King and Queen Streets, Fredericton, (Medley and Miller).   



121  House opposite covered bridge at Rusagonis, part of the Peabody grant, bricks stamped “Peabody”.     

122  Old Hatch House in Oromocto.   

123  Griffiths house at Keswick Ridge.   

124  Oscar Sharp house in Scotch Settlement. 

125  Oscar Sharp house in Scotch Settlement.   

126  Smith house at the top of the hill by the new bridge in Rusagonis, said to be very old.  Photo taken Aug. 1964 

127  Chicken house at the Smith farm, French Lake.  Photo taken March 1964 

128  Fredericton City Rugby Team, 1898 – names with proof print 

129  Fredericton High School Football Team, 1897 – names with proof print 

130  Fredericton Football Team, 1900, names with proof print 

131  Fredericton Football Team, 1901, names with proof print 

132  Fredericton City Rugby Team, 1900’s, names with proof print 

133  Fredericton Doctor’s meet Chatham Baseball Team at Scully’s Grove, Fredericton. The  proceeds of $400.00 going towards the first x-ray machine at Victoria Public Hospital, Fredericton.  The team front row, left to right – Harry F. McLeod, “Doc” Kelly, Dr. Seery, Fred B. Edgecombe, C. Fred Chestnut, T. Carleton Allen, Fred Hilyard, Dr. James Bridges, Brad Winslow, A.F. Street, James H. Hawthorne and Matthew Tennant.  Second row, left to right – James T. Sharkey, Dr. George McNally, Dr. W.C. Crockett, John Palmer, R.W.L. Tibbets, James H. Crockett, Albert Edgecombe, Dr. Fred Gunter, R.P. Foster, George Y. Dibblee and L.C. McNutt.  Back row, left to right – D. Lee Babbitt, John Kilburn and F. St. J. Bliss, ca. 1902 (P4-2-0133)

134  Group of UNB athletes, nothing further known 

135  Hunting party on the Portobello, early 1900’s, name with proof print 

136  Old Hatch house in Oromocto 

137  Old Hatch house in Oromocto 

138  Old Hatch house in Oromocto 

139  Stone building on Regent Street, Fredericton – formerly occupied by the Knights of Columbus.  On back stone from the Rainsford Quarry, old Army Building on Regent Street