Information on a small circus menagerie

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“I am looking for information on a small circus menagerie that spent several days in Fredericton mid July or so in 1836. It was supposed to be there 13-16 July but perhaps it was later due to delays. It was coming from  St. John, Gagetown and Oromocto. Specifically, I am seeking information on the types of animals, the acts performed, what was in the omnibus and details on some wax figures.

 All this is for a book on the burning of the “Royal Tar” steamship which was carrying this menagerie back to Portland from St. John with the loss of the animals and 32 passengers. I have no need for any information on the actual disaster!
I am having difficulty ascertaining information on the vessel itself as to construction details, steam engine manufacturer, and so on. She was built in Carleton and launched on 5 November 1835. I paid a visit to the St. John library last month and searched newspaper accounts for that period and only came upon a mention of the launch date. Any information in this area would also be appreciated.”

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  1. I am doing some research for a children’s book club. We are reading Mogul and Me. Apparently the circus was the Zoological Institue out of Boston. The link below is from a newspaper article out of Nova Scotia.

  2. Thanks for the information Betty! I’ll share your information with the person who sent in the research enquiry!


  3. Daniel F. Johnson : Volume 6 Number 1347

    Date November 2 1836
    County York
    Place Fredericton
    Newspaper The New Brunswick Royal Gazette

    The language of the text is the original used in the newspaper entry and as transcribed by Daniel F. Johnson. Records acquired by the Provincial Archives are not translated from the language in which they originate.

    Dreadful Disaster! Steamer “Royal Tar” Burns! Passengers lost:(Cabin) Mr.PRICE of St.John River, Mr.SILLER, Mr.CURTIS, Mr.RYAN and a boy belonging to Halifax; Forward Matty SMITH, Mary CANTON, Peggy COSHLAN, Charles CURTIM, wife and child, Mary MARTIN, Margaret HOGAN and child, Nichols THREMBALL, Thomas MAHONEY, Dennis O’BRIEN, Margaret HICKEY, Fanny MARTIN, John HOGAN, Eliza HOGAN and about 8 children. Crew lost: Charles FORD and John DAY seamen, Margaret WATTS, stewardess Total loss: 32. Saved: (Cabin) Mrs. LINTON, Capt. Edward WAIRE, Capt. John HAMMOND (formerly of Saint John), J.T. SHERWOOD, McGLINCHEY, RING, Stinson PATTEN, Andrew GARRISON, John ANSLEY, James H. FOWLER, Henry H. FULLER, Andrew FULLER, Charles FULLER, William A. KIPP, WHEELER, MARMON, LOWREY, James HETHERBY, STEVENS, LAYTON, CARSON, BURGES, HODGES, GASSON, WILLOUGHWAY, POTTER, George EATON (of Maguadavic), HARRISON, MURPHY; (Forward) Mary DONOUGH, Owen DAKERLEY Mary MULDOOM, John MARTIN, Pat MOOR, Mic DOOLIN, John DOVLIN, Edward HOGAN, Mic MAHONY, William MARGAROW, Richard HENSALL, John TRINER; Crew: Thomas REED, Master; ATKINS pilot, Francis BLACK, mate; N. MARSHALL, Engineer; J. KEHOE 2nd do; W.G. BROWN Steward; W.CONNER and D. WILLIAMS cooks, H. LUFF, J.NORTHWAY, Owen ATKINS seamen, Mic KEHOE, H. BLANEY, Mic McFADYAN and D. McINTYRE firemen, Pat DALY, J. McELVEY and W. NOGGINS cabin boys. (The Steamer had left St. John Friday morn., reached Eastport that evening. Proceeded on during next day and night, but the wind blowing ‘a perfect hurricane’ were obliged to put into Little River. On Tuesday when crossing from Penobscot Bay near Fox Islands they came to anchor, the wind blowing hard from the north west. After half an hour fire discovered immediately over boiler. Schooner U.S. Revenue Cutter “Veto”, Capt. Dyer rescued 40 passengers. (letter included by survivor Stinson PATTEN of this city) (see original)

  4. I know this post is old But I am also looking for info on Fuller’s menagerie for a sculpture series I am working on. Any info you found would also benefit me.

  5. Sorry left wrong email on last post!
    I know this post is old But I am also looking for info on Fuller’s menagerie for a sculpture series I am working on. Any info you found would also benefit me.

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