General Land Papers

MC300-MS29 York-Sunbury Historical Society Collection Description (page 190)

If you are interested in any of these files then please contact the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick.

“This series contains ten items all of which relate to the settlement, acquisition or sale of land.  They date between 1817 and 1890.”

1  Advertisement for sale by auction of the property of Andrew Brown near Red Bank Creek, Chipman; July d2, 1889.

2  Release of Robert Leonard, Saint John, to Ezekiel McLeod, Saint John; November 4, 1890.

3  Opinion by Charles Peters regarding the right of possession or passage on various parcels of land, Saint John; 1817.

4  Notice of sale by the New Brunswick and Nova Scotia Land Company of lands in New Brunswick; September 30, 1843.

5  Draft petition of Thomas Purvis seeking land in Southampton, York County, which William Merrithew has filed a quitclaim; November 1, 1865.

6  Typescript listing of the “Persons Located in the Town Plot of St. Andrews of Passamoquody”; n.d.

7  Survey return of land at Springdale, Parish of Cardwell, Kings County, made by G.W. McCready; July 12-14, 1875.

8  Notice of Public Sale of land on Prince William Street, Saint John, 1869.

9  Certificate of residence to William Libby, St. Stephen Parish, Charlotte County; December 18, 1833.

10  Release of “Francis & Co.” by Morey & Co., Boston; January 14, 1876.


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