MC300-MS27 York-Sunbury Historical Society Collection Description (page 188)

If you are interested in any of these files then please contact the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick.

“This series contains eight mortgages dated between 1788 and 1912.”

1  Mortgage of Charles W. Clayton, Sarah E. Clayton, and Charles F. Clayton of Ashland, Maine, to the Houlton Savings Bank, Maine; January 16, 1883.

2  Mortgage of Charles F. Clayton of Ashland, Maine, and Charles W. Clayton, Garfield Plantation, to A.S. Eustis and Frank Aldrich, Boston; April 22, 1886.

3  Mortgage of C.F. Clayton and C.W. Clayton (Clayton & Co.), Ashland, Maine, to John L. Cutler, George C. Cutler, Fred B. Cutler, and John L. Cutler Jr., Bangor; March 21, 1887.

4  Mortgage of Gabriel de Veber, Lancaster Parish, to Jacob Vail, Maugerville; February 16, 1801.

5  Mortgage of John and Elizabeth Crabb, Kemble’s Manor, to Stephen Kemble; October 14, 1788.

6  Mortgage of Robert Cunard, Portland, to the Saint John Building Society; August 16, 1865.

7  Notice of Sale under the Power of Sale in the Indenture of Mortgage to Edithe and Paul Gauvin, from Joseph P. Dionne, Edmundston; June 18, 1912.

8  First mortgage bonds of The Maritime Sulphite Fibre Company; November 16, 1900.


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