From the Publication Committee

The Fall and Winter 2007 issue of the Officers’ Quarters

 The York-Sunbury Historical Society, Inc. publishes two Officers’ Quarters per year and has been doing so since 1985. The work of editing, writing and publishing is managed by an Editorial Committee of the Society Board, and the magazine is professionally pre-press formatted and commercially printed. The Committee Chair is Virginia Bjerkelund, with members Dr. T. William Acheson, Dr. Vincent Erickson, Douglas Wright, Fred White, and ex-Officio member Richard Phillips, President with the support of Ruth Murgatroyd, Executive Director.

The written material for the magazine most often comes from guest writers who submit articles, regular columnists, or monthly Historical Society program speakers, who provide their material for publication. The Editors and Committee members are always on the look-out for potential articles, and have had good success in acquiring interesting articles that are within the Society mandate, which is the history of Central New Brunswick.

The Publication Committee is looking to add to its seasoned team of volunteers, who will share in this interesting, challenging and worthwhile local history activity.


Duties and Responsibilities:
The Spring & Summer issue of the magazine requires a designated Editor to lead a team of volunteers that will produce the magazine. The experienced Editorial Committee and Office Staff will assist the Editor and his committee with whatever is required.

The principle responsibilities of the Editor are to manage the team, to maintain the process deadlines, to select the theme and articles for inclusion, to approve the professional pre-press layout, to assign historical article editors; and when required, assist with finding new writer’s and material.

Editor’s Qualifications:

Essential: The ability to lead a team of volunteers in a supportive and positive manner and the willingness to work within a budget and designated publishing date.

Assets: An active interest in the history of central New Brunswick; experience in working in a volunteer environment; and experience with publishing, writing or editing.

Writers and/or Columnists
Duties & Responsibilities:
“One-Time Writers” present their article idea to the Editor and once there is agreement, the writer submits an article of 1-10 pages (with pictures) on a subject within the Y-S Historical Society’s mission of “preserving the history of central New Brunswick “. Past articles have ranged from poetry, genealogy, biography, heritage buildings, events, recipes, artefacts, artefact preservation and other material history factors.

“Columnists” agree to produce an article and pictures with a theme for either the Summer or Winter issue. The Columnist and Editor come to an agreement on the Column’s theme so that it fits into the overall context of the magazine.

All articles are subject to editorial review for grammar and historical accuracy by the Editor and selected article reviewers.

Essential: An ability to produce an interesting and readable article, as exhibited in a submitted article of 1-2 pages. Historical accuracy, with the historical fact sources presented within the article or with footnotes.

Subscription & Salesperson
Duties and Responsibilities:
Under the direction of the Historical Society Executive Director:
– To assist with maintaining the mailing list for the historical magazine, and
– To generate new subscriptions and sales of the magazine.

A willingness to work with the Executive Director and to follow up on agreed upon suggestions for maintaining the Subscriptions Lists, increasing the subscriptions and increasing our public sales.


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