Treasures at the Archives

Neatly labelled, the pressed flowers are contained in archival safe boxes.

After learning about the Wolhaupter Pressed Flower Collection (MC300-MS16/20), I had to visit the archives to look at them.  For those of you who haven’t seen the post, George Wolhaupter was born in 1827 and worked as a clerk in the Surveyor-General’s office.  He graduated from the King’s College (Fredericton) in 1854 with an engineering degree and was the organist and choir master at the Christ Church Cathedral.  He married Harriett Amelia Carman in 1858 and they had one son in 1859.  George died in 1860, after which, his wife and son moved to Sarnia, Ontario.  George’s son went on to be an inventor! 

My daughter, Mom and I met up with Koral at the Archives after lunch.  Here are just some of the treasures that we found!

Touch Me Not

Sweet Scented White Violet

Tufted Vetch

The label says "unknown" but it is a rose (I do not know which variety)

The label says "unknown"


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