Business Records

Saint John River, Fredericton, NB

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MC300-MS41 York-Sunbury Historical Society Collection Description (page 201)

If you are interested in any of these files then please contact the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick.

“This series includes documents — mostly day books — relating to various businesses dating between 1799 and 1929.  The merchants who kept many of the day books have been identified by research and in those cases, the merchants’ names are in square brackets.  Notice also that the ledgers were often used by the merchants themselves or others at a later date to record personal and/or official information, e.g. 41/3, 41/7 and 41/19.  This series measures 65 centimeters.”

1  Bond of James E. Marsters, coach maker, Saint John, to Georgina C. Wheeler, Sussex; March 19, 1863.

2  Agreement between William C. Brown, Queensbury Parish, York County, and Jewet V. March, Bangor, Maine, for the former to “swamp roads” and haul pine; October 1, 1849.

3  Day book of Archibald McVicar, Grand Lake, for accounts of general merchandise, lumber, bridge repairs, driving and rafting.  Also contains notes at the back entitled “Pioneers of the Range”, and “Notes on the McVicar, Murray, and Carmichael Families”; 1869-1896.

4  Day book of B. Rex Brown for his spruce log lumbering operations from Quebec to Saint John via the St. John River and its head-waters; 1888-1889.

5  Papers relating to Joseph Cunard & Co., importers on the Miramichi River, containing import lists, certifications, certificates of duties paid, and treasury warrants; 1836-1837.

6  General Ledger of Moses Pickard Jr. which was used for accounting or agricultural produce, dry goods, and general merchandise sold; accounting of monies received and expended on the meeting house, 1819-1820; accounting of livestock loaned at interest; accounting of monies borrowed and loaned; and recording genealogical data on the births, deaths, and marriages of the Pickard and Brill families; Maugerville, Sunbury County. 1799-1833.

7  General ledger of Donald McDonald for a lumber mill, Wickham, Queen’s County, 1855-1882; and accounts of monies received and expended by the Sons of Temperance, Wickham Division, No. 31, 1848-1850.

8  General ledger of John S. Coes; Saint John and East Livermore, Maine, 1863-1867.

9  Order book of Johnson & Mackie, merchants on the Miramichi, recording quantities imported, prices paid, where ordered and from whom, including such items as foodstuffs, hardware, clothes, books, shipbuilding iron, furniture, medicine, etc.; 1845-1854.

10  Day book of Harvey Garcelon, general merchant, Fredericton; 1841.

11  Day book of Thomas Pickard, general merchant, Fredericton; 1825-1826.

12  Day book of William Pearson, general merchant, English Settlement (Pearsonville), Kings County, 1824, 1836-1857.

13  Day book of an unidentified blacksmith, Moores Mills, Charlotte County; 1833-1840.

14  Ledger of [McFarlane Wagon Company], Nashwaaksis, York County; 1897-1914.

15  Day book of McFarlane Wagon Company, Nashwaaksis, York County; 1923-1929

16  Day book of an unidentified general merchant, Saint John; 1802-1806.

17  Day book of an unidentified general merchant, Norton Parish, Kings County; 1808-1820.

18  Day book of an unidentified lumberer recording goods sold to individuals and supplied to lumber camps, mentioning the Black River camp, and accounts of wages; St. Francis [River, Quebec] and Lincoln, Sunbury County; 1863-1865.

19  Day book of Calvin L. Hatheway, general merchant, historian, and Justice of the Peace, used also for recording accounts of family expenses in Portland (Saint John County), 1838-1839; several accounts of Hatheway as J.P. such as parish rates collected, 1839, and officers sworn, 1855-1861, lodgers’ boarding accounts; register of weather conditions and other local and personal events, 1865-1877; recipes; a large section of the book contains a spiritual diary of Mary Hatheway, 1873-1875 and 1877-1878; and biographical information on the Hatheway family giving births, marriages, and deaths.

20  Day book and ledger of [William Scoullar], merchant, which also includes information on the out-fitting and supplying of vessels; Saint John, 1826-1828.

21  Day book of Elijah Estabrooks, merchant, Fredericton, 1883-1884.

22  Day book of Tristram Moore, sawyer and miller, Moores Mills, Charlotte County; 1824-1835.

23  Record of logs cut by Kennedy Island Mill Company, a list of lumber operators and their log marks on the head-waters of the St. John River, 1897-1898, and a personal account of Harry Ingraham’s early experiences in lumbering; c. 1895-1905.

24  Account book of W.A. Quinn, Fredericton; 1888-1892.

25  Account book of [Aver Light Company]; 1894-1898. (R.W. McCready).

26  Booklet from The Canada Assurance Company “Supplement of Rates and Coverages”; 1924.

27  Notice of run on Central Bank of New Brunswick, Fredericton; Nov. 30, 1857.

28  Letterhead envelope from “The Whitehead & Hoag Co., Makers of Ribbon, Metal, Celluloid & Enamel Ivory Badges”, Newark, New Jersey to D. Jordan; n.d.

29  Certificate of Inspection of Weights, Measures, Balances, & C., Geo. Gilma[n].

30  Business Correspondence, letterhead envelopes, and post cards, addressed to Messer’s Anderson and Walker, Merchant Tailors, Fredericton,  1896-1901.


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