Photographs and Pictures

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If you are interested in any of these files then please contact the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick.

Alexander Gibson in his sawmill, Marysville; P4/2/6

“This series includes 227 photographs and pictures housed in the Provincial Archives Audio-Visual Section.  Most of the documents in this series are photographs, which date between c. 1860 and c. 1960, but there are also a few sketches of individuals and buildings.  Researchers must note that the “P number” following each description is the Audio-Visual Section code necessary to retrieving the document.”

1  Old Mount House, Grimross Island, Gagetown, Queens County; P4/2/1.

2  Copy of a watercolour of Fredericton, 1818; P4/2/2.

3  Old Legislative Council Chamber, Legislative Building, Fredericton; P4/2/3.

4  Market house, Phoenix Square, Fredericton; 1863, P4/2/4 and P5/6.

5  Interior of Hall of Arts Building (Kings College), U.N.B., Fredericton, showing stove and clock, 1898; P4/2/5.

6  Alexander Gibson in his sawmill, Marysville; P4/2/6.

7  University Avenue, Fredericton, in flood of 1887; P4/2/7.

8  Officers barracks as seen from St. John River during flood of 1887, Fredericton; P4/2/8 and P5/313.

9  Risteen’s factory, former George J. Dibblee house, Fredericton; P4/2/9.

10  Number One Hose Company, Fredericton Fire Department, June 20, 1887; P4/2/10 and P5/374.

Methodist Church built by Alexander Gibson, Marysville; P4/2/11 and P5/58

11  Methodist Church built by Alexander Gibson, Marysville; P4/2/11 and P5/58.

12  Copy of watercolour showing small Methodist church, Carleton St., Fredericton, 1840; P4/2/12.

13  Aberdeen Mill, Fredericton; P4/2/13 and P5/362.

14  Collegiate School and Christ Church Cathedral from the house of Sir George Parkin, Fredericton; P4/2/14.

15  Church Street between George St. and Charlotte Street, Fredericton; P4/2/15.

16  Lovers Lane, Rookwood, Fredericton; P4/2/16.

17  View from the main house, Rookwood, Fredericton; P4/2/17.

18  Caretaker’s cottage, Rookwood, Fredericton; P4/2/18.

19  Main house, Rookwood, Fredericton; P4/2/19.

20  Main house, Rookwood, Fredericton; P4/2/20.

21  Barn, Rookwood, Fredericton; P4/2/22.

22  Base stone from a gristmill; P4/2/22.

23  Barn and covered entrance, Rookwood, Fredericton; P4/2/23.

24  Ox-cart that belonged to Lieutenant-Governor Thomas Carleton; P4/2/24.

25  Root house; P4/2/25.

26  House of Samuel Denys Street; P4/2/26.

27  Ox-cart; P4/2/27.

28  Old Mount House with man and woman standing out front, Grimross Island, Gagetown; P1/31.

29  House of Benjamin Glasier, Lincoln; P4/2/29.

30  House of John Saunders, Fredericton; P4/2/30.

31  House of William Garden, Springhill; P4/2/31.

32  Rainsford house, near Fredericton; P4/2/32.

33  Trinity Church, Upper Maugerville; P4/2/33.

34  Old Rectory, former house of the Roberts family, George St., Fredericton; P4/2/34.

35  Stephen Glasier house, Lincoln; P4/2/35.

36  John Hazen house; P4/2/36.

37  Barker house built by Stair Agnew, Barker’s Point, Fredericton; P4/2/37.

38  House of Attorney-General Thomas Wetmore, Fredericton; P4/2/38.

39  Rear view of the George Shore house in which Bliss Carman once lived, Fredericton; P4/2/39.

40  Stone house built by Thomas Peppers, Lower St. Mary’s; P4/2/40.

41  Woolford Cottage, Regent Street, Fredericton; P4/2/41.

42  King’s Coffee House where the General Assembly first met in Fredericton, (with a view of the Ward Chipman house); P4/2/42.

43  Rookwood house, Fredericton; P4/2/43.

44  Faculty and students (Encaenia), University of New Brunswick, 1879; P4/2/44 and P5/75.

45  Rookwood house, Fredericton; P4/2/45.

46  House built by Henry Winslow Miller and leased to Ward Chipman, Fredericton, 1836; P4/2/46.

47  Rear view of the Edward Winslow Miller house; P4/2/47.

48  Front view of the King’s Coffee House, which was torn down in 1958 to make room for the Playhouse; P4/2/48.

49  Rear view of King’s Coffee House; P4/2/49.

50  Rear view of the Edward Winslow Miller house, Fredericton; P4/2/50.

51  House of Edward Winslow Miller which housed Central Bank of N.B. in 1836 and was occupied by the Dept. of Agriculture for many years, Fredericton; P4/2/51.

52  Brick building which housed Edward Winslow Miller, Henry Smith, R.P. Allen, the Travel Bureau and the Department of Public Works, respectively, and was removed to make way for Playhouse, Fredericton; P4/2/52.

53  Golden Ball Inn, Waterloo Row, Fredericton; P4/2/53.

54  European and North American Railway Station, Saint John; P4/2/54.

55  Odell House, Rookwood, Fredericton; P4/2/55.

56  Stone house built by Thomas Gill, Upper Maugerville; P4/2/56.

57  Provincial Normal School burning, Fredericton, 1929; P4/2/57.

58  Odell house, Rookwood, Fredericton; P4/2/58.

59  Odell house, Rookwood, Fredericton; P4/2/59.

60  Edward Winslow Miller house, Fredericton; P4/2/60.

61  “Frogmore” built by Chief Justice Carter, Maryland Hill, Fredericton; P4/2/61.

62  Woolford cottage, Regent St., Fredericton; P4/2/62.

63  Old rectory, Oromocto; P4/2/63.

64  Lieutenant-Governor William F. Todd and Col. W.P. Osorne in as sleigh in front of the Legislative Building, Fredericton; P4/2/64.

65  Stone engraved by Timothy O’Connor of the Crown Land Office showing “The Hermitage”, the house of Thomas Baillie, Fredericton; P4/2/65.

66  Shore house, Shore’s Island, York County; P4/2/66.

67  Sunbury County court house, Burton; P4/2/67.

68  House of Gerhardus Clowes, Oromocto; P4/2/68.

69  Shore house, Shore’s Island, York County; P4/2/69.

70  Christ Church Cathedral, Fredericton; P4/2/70.

71  Horse powered craft at Lunt’s Ferry; P4/2/71.

72  Victoria Mill (Fraser’s), Fredericton; P4/2/72.

73  Victoria Mill (Fraser’s), Fredericton; P4/2/73.

74  Victoria Mill (Fraser’s), Fredericton; P4/2/74.

75  Victoria Mill (Fraser’s), Fredericton; P4/2/75.

76  Victoria Mill (Fraser’s), Fredericton; P4/2/76.

77  Wainwright house in first stage of demolition to make way for Lord Beaverbrook Hotel, Fredericton 1946; P4/2/77.

78  Wainwright house being demolished; P4/2/78.

79  Rubble of Wainwright house; P4/2/79.

80  McCaffery House in first stage of demolition to make way for Lord Beaverbrook Hotel, Fredericton, 1946; P4/2/80.

81  McCaffery house being demolished; P4/2/81.

82  Lord Beaverbrook Hotel construction begins, Fredericton; P4/2/82.

83  Lord Beaverbrook Hotel with Rainsford house partly demolished at left centre; P4/2/82.

84  McCaffery house before demolition, Fredericton, 1946; P4/2/84.

85  McCaffery house being demolished; P4/2/85.

86  McCaffery house being demolished; P4/2/86.

87  Rainsford house before demolition, 1946; P4/2/87.

88  Rubble of Rainsford house; P4/2/88.

89  Intercolonial railway yards, Moncton, 1877; P4/2/89.

90  Burpee house, Sheffield; P4/2/90.

91  Burpee house, Sheffield; P4/2/91.

92  Burpee house; P4/2/92.

93  Cornerstone of Burpee house; P4/2/93.

94  Burpee house; P4/2/94.

95  Burpee house; P4/2/95.

96  West house, Long’s Creek, York County; P4/2/96.

97  West house, Long’s Creek, York County; P4/2/97.

98  West house, Long’s Creek, York County; P4/2/98.

99  Smythe house, French Lake, Sunbury County; P4/2/99.

100  Smythe house, French Lake, Sunbury County; P4/2/100.

101  Interior of skating rink, corner of York and Saunders Streets, Fredericton, which burned in 1881; P4/2/101.

102  House of Jowett family, New Jersey; P4/2/102.

103  Old roundhouse built for Northern and Western Railway, 1887; P4/2/103.

104  Odell house, now deanery of Christ Church Cathedral, corner of Church and Brunswick Streets, Fredericton; P4/2/104.

105  Queen Street decorated for the visit of Sir John A. MacDonald, Fredericton; P4/2/105.

106  Carriage at Edgecombe’s Carriage Factory; P4/2/106.

107  Fredericton streets, Northumberland and Brunswick, flooded in 1923; P4/2/107.

108  Fredericton bridge after fire had destroyed two middle spans.

109  Market in City Hall Square, Fredericton, about 1887; P4/2/109.

110  Military parade as seen from the Queen Hotel (with the Simcoe Saunders house in right background), Fredericton; P4/2/110.

111  Victoria Hotel, Saint John, 1877; P4/2/111.

112  Christ Church Cathedral, Fredericton; P4/2/112.

113  Saint John after the Great Fire of 1877; P4/2/113.

114  Camping scene showing Andy Stratton, Allen Randolph, D. Lee Babbitt, Charles G.D. Roberts and Bliss Carman, near Edmundston; P4/2/114 and P5/603.

115  Kings College (Arts Building) Fredericton; P4/2/115.

116  Glasier Manor near the mouth of the Nerepis River; P4/2/116.

117  Stratton house, River Road between Springhill and Island View, York County; P4/2/117.

118  Church street between King and Queen Streets, Fredericton; P4/2/118.

119  Old Mount House, Grimross Island, Gagetown; P1/32.

120   Government House, Fredericton; P1/33.

121  House opposite covered bridge at Rusagonis, Sunbury County; P4/2/121.

122  Hatch House, Oromocto; P4/2/122.

123  Griffiths house, Keswick Ridge, York County; P4/2/123.

124  Oscar Sharpe house, Scotch Settlement; P4/2/124.

125  Oscar Sharpe house, Scotch Settlement; P4/2/125.

126  Smith house, Rusagonis; P4/2/126.

127  Out building at Smith farm, French Lake, Sunbury County; P4/2/127.

128  Fredericton City Rugby Team, 1898; P/2/128.

129  Fredericton High School Football Team, 1897; P4/2/129.

130  Fredericton Football Team, 1900; P4/2/130.

131  Fredericton Football Team, 1901; P4/2/131.

132  Fredericton City Rugby Team, early 1900’s; P4/2/132.

Fredericton doctors meet Chatham baseball team at Scully's Grove, Fredericton; P4/2/133

133  Fredericton doctors meet Chatham baseball team at Scully’s Grove, Fredericton; P4/2/133.

134  Group of U.N.B. athletes; P4/2/134.

135  Hunting party on the Portobello, early 1900’s; P4/2/135.

136  Hatch house, Oromocto; P4/2/136.

137  Hatch house, Oromocto; P4/2/137.

138  Hatch house, Oromocto; P4/2/138.

139  Stone building once occupied by the Knights of Columbus, Fredericton; P4/2/139.

140  Group of soldiers at rear of barracks, Fredericton, c. 1884; P37/327.

141  Canadian volunteers to the South African War including William Fielders; P1/2.

142  Bliss Carman house, Shore St., Fredericton; P1/3.

143  Group of young men, Fredericton, c. 1900; P1/4 and P5/75.

Exhibition building, Fredericton, pre-1907; P1/5

144  Exhibition building, Fredericton, pre-1907; P1/5.

145  Hay scow and tugboat, 1907; P1/6.

146  Souvenirs made from bird’s-eye maple and deer horns; P1/7a.

147  The mouth of the Matapedia River, Quebec; P1/7b.

148  The Grand Falls gorge, Madawaska County; P1/7c.

149  The Grand Falls gorge; P1/7d.

150  The Grand Falls gorge; P1/7e.

151  The Grand Falls gorge; P1/7f.

152  The hydropower house at the foot of the Grand Falls gorge; P1/7g.

153  Hydro dam at the head of the Grand Falls gorge; P1/7h.

154  Bridge over the Restigouche River into Matapedia, Quebec; P1/7i.

155  “Morrissey Rock”, from the Restigouche River; P1/7j.         

Morrissey Rock showing the tunnel; P1-7k

156  “Morrissey Rock”, showing the tunnel; P1/7k.

157  The Restigouche River from Morrissey Rock; P1/7l.

158  The Restigouche River from “Morrissey Rock” (Sugarloaf Mountain, Campbellton in the distance); P1/7m.

159  Lord Baden-Powell in Saint John for a Boy Scout Rally; P1/8.

160  Waverly and Lorne Hotels after fire, Fredericton, 1938; P1/9.

161  “Wangan” supply boat for river drive near the Water Works, Fredericton, 1948; P1/10.

162  Silver tankard and candlesticks brought from Plymouth, Mass., by Edward Winslow; P1/11.

163  Steamer “Hampstead” leaving the Star Line wharf, Fredericton, c. 1900; P1/34.

164  Royal Regiment of Canadian Infantry officer’s quarters, Fredericton, c. 1900; P1/35.

165  Normal School and City Hall, Fredericton, c. 1900; P1/36.

166  Kings Head Tavern, Grimross, Queens County; P1/37.

167  Locomotive No. 2 “St. Stephen”; P2/1.

168  Edmundston, c. 1880; P2/2 and P5/554.

169  Fredericton from Brick Hill with C.A. Taylor in foreground, 1897; P2/3 and P5/305b.

Male choir from Fredericton Fire Dept. on stage at City Hall, 1899; P2/4

170  Male choir from Fredericton Fire Dept. on stage at City Hall, 1899; P2/4.

171  Silsby Steam Engine Co., Fredericton Fire Department, c. 1900; P2/5.

172  Central Hose Station No. 2, Fredericton Fire Department, c. 1900; P2/6.

Hugh O'Neill with Canada's last fire horses, Fredericton, 1938; P2/7

173  Hugh O’Neill with Canada’s last fire horses, Fredericton, 1938; P2/7.         

174  Street scene in Oskosh, Wisconsin; P2/8.

175  Street scene in Oskosh, Wis.; P2/9.

176  Street scene in Oskosh, Wis.; P2/10.

177  Fredericton Brass Band, 1915, P37/111.

178  Automobile, Moncton, 1931; P2/12.

179  Arms of the City of Fredericton presented to “H.M.C.S.”, 1943;P2/13.

180  Building removed to make way for Playhouse, Fredericton; P2/133.

181  Building removed to make way for Playhouse, Fredericton; P2/134.

182  Buildings removed to make way for Playhouse, Fredericton; P2/135.

183  Buildings removed to make way for Playhouse, Fredericton; P2/136.

184  Soldier’s barracks, Fredericton; P2/137.

185  Government House, Fredericton; P2/138.

186  Queen Street, Fredericton; P2/139.

187  Officer’s Barracks, Fredericton; P2/140.

188  Four members of Fredericton Police Force, c. 1900; P3/2.

189  Fredericton birthday cake of snow, 1935; P3/3.

190  Infantry school corps including Col. Maunsell and Surgeon Brown, c. 1880’s; P132/1.

191  Camp Aldershot, 1893; P132/2.

192  Fort Selkirk, 1897; P132/3.

193  Band of the Infantry School Corps; P132/4.

194  Band of the Infantry School Corps; P132/5.

195  Group of officers; P132/6.     

196  Officer’s Quarters, Fredericton; P132/7.

197  Muster roll of unidentified militia unit, n.d.; P132/8 and P132/9.

198  Letter to Mrs. William R. Buswell, Centreville, on the death of her husband from Edward Doyle on behalf of the Number 4 Company Canadian Regiment of Infantry, Fredericton, June 13, 1892; P132/10.

199  Sketch of Charles McFarlane; P132/11.

200  Sketch of Benjamin Franklin Tibbets; P132/12.

201    Sketch of Henry McFarlane; P132/13.

202  Sketch of Mrs. McFarlane; P132/14.

203  Lottie Valentine Porter, daughter of William and Eliza Porter; P132/15.

204  Igraham Smith house, French Lake, Sunbury County, 1964; P132/16.

205  Ingraham Smith house; P132/17.

206  Captain John Barker, P132/76.

207  Sketch of the Baptist Academy and the Baptist Church, [Fredericton] 1847; P132/76.

208  Sketch of Queen Street, Fredericton, by William Crewdson, c. 1855; P132/77.

209  Sketch of the Parish Church with Christ Church Cathedral under construction by William Crewdson, c. 1850; P132/78.

210  Mrs. John Medley – died 1906 P.

211  Queen Victoria [circa 1890-1900] P132/144.

212  Cannons in Officer’s Square, Queen St., Fredericton. August 11, 1969 P.

213  Framed silhouette of C.P. Brennan, wife of Benjamin Wolhaupter, cut 1814.  See MS16/9 P ?

214  Timothy Lynch, see MS18/38.  (refer to Lynch History Research Enquiry blog post)

215  Lady Ashburnham’s Funeral, Fredericton, 1938.      

216  Inspection of Veterans by H.R.H. King Geo. VI, 1939.

217  World War I Training Aircraft.

218  General Montgomery decorating Robert B. Forbes.

219  Fort Hughes, Oromocto.

220  S.S. “Victoria”, 1897-1916 – St. John River Steamer.

221  Maritime 1948 Gilwell, Camp Buchan, P.E.I.

222  His Majesty’s 104th Regimental Tray, circa 1813.

223  Interior of Saint Dunstan’s Church, 1969.

224  Christ Church Cathedral after the fire.

225  Fiftieth reunion, St. Anne’s Boy Scouts, circa 1980.

226  York Sunbury Museum Country Fare Cafe.

227  Old Legislature Building, Fredericton.

228  Fred Coleman & Family in rowboat, photographed by A. Stoerger. (crack in photo)

229  Mr. & Mrs. Fred Coleman and Family on veranda of large house, c.1800? photographed by A. Stoerger.

230  Group of men some in a rowboat with fishing rods, some standing and sitting. (Chauncey Coleman, Gilmour Brown, Bob Barker, George Dibblee, Ron Coleman, Al McClaskey, Ned Allen, Fred Coleman and Nelson Campbell)

231  Group of men: One sitting, 3 standing with rifles and 3 up a pole (Ned Allen, Chauncey Coleman, Al McClaskey, Ronald Coleman. Fred Coleman, Nelson Campbell, Robert Barker and Gilmor Brown)


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