Programmes and Invitations

Fredericton, New Brunswick City hall

Fredericton City Hall (Image via Wikipedia)

If you are interested in any of these files then please contact the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick.

“This series has 82 entries, which include invitations, programmes, tickets canvasses, and orders of service, etc., for various functions and performances.  These performances include banquets, exhibitions, balls, church services, and other social gatherings.  This series measures approximately 15 cm.”

1  Programme of an Amateur Concert in aid of The Patriotic Fund; Fredericton, 1855.

2  Invitations to Mrs. Seery for functions including the Atlantic Telegraph Cable Celebration, 1858; the Calico Ball in aid of the poor of Fredericton, 1876; The Fredericton Curling Club ball, 1884; The U.N.B. Alumni Society ball, 1886 and the Social Quadrille Assemblies ball, n.d.

3  Programme for the Fredericton Choral Society; April 3, 1866.

4  Programme for the Fredericton Choral Society Concert to mark the opening of the new City Hall; Fredericton, May 22, 1869.

5  Programme for the Fredericton Choral Society; Fredericton, November 10, 1869.

6  Programme for the reception of the Governor-General and H.R.H. Princess Louise; Fredericton, August 9, 1879.

7  Invitation to a complimentary dinner given by John Pickard for Edward Blake at the Queen Hotel; Fredericton, July 20, 1881.

8  Order of Service for the “Thanksgiving for Victory”, in Christ Church Cathedral; Fredericton, May 12, 1945.

9  Six tickets of admission to the City Opera House; Fredericton, n.d.

10  Invitation to H.A. Cropley to the Celebration of the birthday of Senator David Wark; February 19, 1904.

11  Invitation to the Chief Superintendent of Education of New Brunswick from the Government of New Brunswick to attend a dinner in honour of the Governor-General of Canada; December 3, 1918.

12  Invitation to Mr. &  Mrs. Porter from Lieutenant-Governor Hugh McLean to a garden party at Government House; Rothesay, n.d.

13  Invitation to the Misses Corbett from the Social Dance Club to a series of dances; November 9, 1882.

14  Invitation to attend Convocation and the laying of the corner stone for the New Memorial Building, U.N.B.; Fredericton, n.d.

15  Programme of the Literary Association of Saint Andrew’s Church; April 8, 1881.

16  Programme of Her Majesty’s Opera Company [New York]; 1883.

17  Programme of the Alleghanians who are vocalists and Swiss Bell ringers; n.d.

18  Concert programme of [J.P.] Sousa and his band in the City Hall, Fredericton; n.d.

19  Menu (with signatures) for a U.N.B. Reunion Dinner; Fredericton, May 20, 1925.

20  Programme for the New Brunswick Provincial Celebration of the Diamond Jubilee of Confederation; Fredericton, 1927.

21  Programme of exercises commemorative of the early settlers; Fredericton, October 8, 1933.

22  Programme for unveiling the memorial to early settlers at “Elmcroft Cemetery”; Fredericton, August 19, 1934.

23  Engagement card for the King George V Silver Jubilee Ball; Fredericton, May 6, 1935.

24  Invitation to mark the centennial of the Waverley Hotel; Fredericton, March 29, 1938.

25  Programme for the Regatta at the Ship “Beaverbrook”; Fredericton, July 24, 1947.

26  List of paintings in the Fredericton Society of Artists exhibition; February-March, 1957.

27  Programme for the Unveiling of the Lord Beaverbrook Statue; Fredericton, August 28, 1957.

28  Invitation to the Presentation to the City of Fredericton of Dr. W. Austin Squires’ manuscript History of Fredericton; November 14, 1978.

29  Invitation and programme to a memorial service for the boys of Fredericton High School who died in World War II; May 21, 1948.

30  Programme for the graduating exercises of the Training School for nurses, Victoria Public Hospital; Fredericton, 1926.

31  Programme for “Fredericton’s 125th Birthday Celebrations”; July 1st – 7th, 1973.

32  Programme for “Trooping the Colours”, the Saint John Fusiliers; August 16, 1934.

33  Menu for “Banquet in honor of Carleton County South African Contingent “E” Battery”, Woodstock, January 17, 1901.

34  (a & b) Invitation to The Sergeant’s Mess, Camp Sussex, Social Evening; July 13, 1918, July 26, 1918.

35  Ticket to a Dance in the Vocational Building, N.B. Military Hospital; April 23, 1919.

36  Programme for “Celebration of the Coronation of His Majesty, King Edward VII”, Fredericton; August 9, 1902.

37  (a & b) Orders of Service for “Decoration Day Memorial Service”, Fredericton, August 24, 1947, August 14, 1949.

38  Order of Service for the Presentation of the Book of Remembrance to the Halifax Memorial Library, by the Silver Cross Women of Canada; May 29, 1955.

39  Programme on Founder’s Day at University of New Brunswick; 1957.

40  Programme on The One Hundredth Anniversary of the Consecration of St. Anne’s; March 18, 1847 – March 18, 1947.

41  Order of service for the commemoration of Rt. Hon. Lord Beaverbrook in Christ Church Cathedral; June 24, 1964.

42  Programme for Convocation, U.N.B.; October 18, 1956.

43  Programme for the inauguration of A.W. Trueman as President of U.N.B.; Oct. 13, 1948.

44  Programme for the unveiling ceremony of the memorial mural “In memory of the boys of Fredericton High School who made the supreme sacrifice during World War II”; May 21, 1948.

45  Order of service for the Sunday preceding the Coronation of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth in the Presbyterian Church of Canada; May 12, 1937.

46  Order of service for the consecration of Saint Margaret’s Chapel-of-Ease, Fredericton, March 19, 1947.

47  Order of service for Remembrance Day service at the Cenotaph, Fredericton; Nov. 11, 1946.

48  Programme for “Service of Thanksgiving V-E Day”, Fredericton Cenotaph; May 8, 1945.

49  Order of service for a Memorial Service for His Late Majesty, King George V, at Wilmot Church, Fredericton, January 28, 1936.  (Similar to MS48 #29)

50  Order of service for the Fredericton War Memorial dedication; Nov. 11, 1923.

51  Order of service for Harvest Festival, Calgary; Oct. 1, 1950.

52  Order of service for A Memorial Service on the day of the funeral of Her Late Majesty, Queen Victoria; Feb. 2, 1901./ (2 copies).

53  Order of service for a “Day of Humble Supplication on behalf of the Forces in South Africa”, Fredericton; Feb. 11, 1900.

54  Souvenir programme for “The Coronation of Their Majesties King George VI and Queen Elizabeth”; May 12, 1937.

55  Programme for “Soldiers” Joy Day and visit of H.R.H. the Prince of Wales”; August 14 and 15, 1919.

56  Order of service for Trinity Sunday, the Sunday preceding Her Majesty’s Coronation, Church of England; May 31, 1953.

57  Programme for graduation “Mount Allison Ladies’ Academy”; June 3, 1884.

58  Order of service for Brunswick Street Baptist Church, 125th Anniversary, Fredericton; Jan. 1, 1939.

59  Programme for a “Dramatic Concert”, Prince George, B.C.; Dec. 17, 1915.

60  Catalogue for exhibition of “Early Maritime Views”, Beaverbrook Art Gallery, Fredericton; n.d.

61  Programme for Maritime Firemen’s Tournament, Fredericton; July 25,26,27, 1933.

62  Souvenir Programme for “Silver Jubilee Review of the Fleet:  Spithead”; July 16, 1935.

63  Order of service for the Memorial Service for Bliss Carmen, Christ Church Cathedral, Fredericton, August 20, 1929.

64  Order of service for “The Order of the Empire Service”, Cathedral Church of Christ, Canterbury, England; June 15, 1935.  Includes a handwritten note that “…the Cross described herein, and now in Fredericton Cathedral, was dedicated…”

65  Order of service for a “Special Funeral Service” for Queen Victoria, St. Paul’s Church, Fredericton; Feb. 2, 1901.

66  Bulletin from the U.N.B. Film Society, includes a biographical sketch of Ivan the Terrible; and notes of coming films; Nov. 2, 1949.

67  Order of service for the day of the funeral of King George V, Diocese of Fredericton; Jan. 28, 1936.

68  Catalogue for an Exhibition of Paintings by Hazel Parks MacLeod, Fredericton, includes a biographical sketch of the artist; July 13-22, 1957.

69  Programme for Festival of St. Andrew, Halifax, N.S.; Nov. 30, 1921.

70  Brochure of historic sites and programme of events for Maugerville-Sheffield Bi-Centenary; August 23-25, 1963.

71  Programme for “Laying of the Corner Stone of the Lord Beaverbrook Hotel“, Fredericton; Nov. 12, 1946.

72  Order of service for “Rally Day Service”; Sept., 1943.

73  Order of service for “Decoration Day”, Knights of Pythias, Fredericton; Sept. 1, 1929.

74  Order of service for the Royal Visit of Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh to Christ Church Cathedral, Fredericton; Sept. 25, 1984.

75  Menu for “A” Squadron, Royal Canadian Dragoons, Christmas Dinner, Sicily; Dec. 25, 1943.

76  Souvenir Programme for Fredericton Centennial; July 25th to 31st, 1948.

77  Programme booklet for the Salvation Army Diamond Jubilee, Fredericton; Sept. 1-3, 1945.

78  Programme booklets and clippings on Christ Church Cathedral; 1877-1948.

79  Programme booklets and clippings on Christ Church Cathedral; 1954-1978.

80  Yearbook (1934) and funeral service on Saint Paul’s Church; Fredericton, N.B.

81  Souvenir of the reception tendered the “Right Rev. Timothy Casey, D.D.”, by the congregation of Saint Dunstan’s Church (1900).

82  Combined funds Canvassed, St. Dunstan’s Church; Fredericton, N.B.; Nov., 1959.

83  Clipping of Invitation-Dr. Everett Chalmers Hospital official Opening-August 1976.

84  Presentation of Colours to the Carleton & York Regiment and the Edmonton Regiment, 1941


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