Cemetery Papers

If you are interested in any of these files then please contact the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick.

“This series contains eleven items, which relate to various cemeteries in New Brunswick.  Included are several tombstone transcriptions and the Wintemberg report on the Government House graveyard excavation.  This series dates between 1878 and 1956.”

1  Rules and regulations for the “Old Public Burial Ground”; Fredericton, c. 1900.

2  Various items on the Old Burial Ground in Fredericton including transcriptions of stones and a petition of 1878.

3  Survey of St. John’s Anglican Church cemetery, Gagetown; 1935.

4  “Report on Excavations made in an Old [Indian] Cemetery on the Grounds of Government House, Fredericton, N.B.” by W.J. Wintemberg with a map of the grave-sites by D.M. Jamer and photographs of the skeletons; 1933.

 5  Transcriptions from the stones in the “White” cemetery on Robertson’s Point, Grand Lake, Queens County; August 15, 1956.

6  Transcriptions from the stones on the Loyalist cemetery in Saint John from the Loyalist Centennial Souvenir, 1883; n.d.

7  Transcriptions – Old Burial Ground – Fred.

8  Fanjoy’s Point Graveyard, July 1966

9  Notes on Christ Church Maugerville Graveyard

10  Notes on Robertson Point Graveyard

11  Notes “Memory of William A. Garrison


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