Government Records

Lemuel John Tweedie

Lemuel John Tweedie (Image via Wikipedia)

If you are interested in any of these files then please contact the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick.

“This series contains a listing of provincial and county government records, which are housed in the Government Records Section of the Provincial Archives.  The items included were created by or delivered to the government body responsible for the matter at hand.  Researchers must note that the “RS Number” following the item description is the code necessary to retrieving the item from Government Records.  The material in this series dates between 1788 and 1911.

1  York County Council Minutes, 1818-1827; RS160A1/1a.

2  York County Council Minutes, 1828-1829; RS160A1/1b.

3  York County Council Minutes, 1840-1850; RS160A1/1c.

4  Record of insolvent debtors of York County, 1858-1859; RS160. RS443B3a.

5  Minute book of Prerogative Court (Probate Court) of York County, 1825-1854; RS75C2.

6  Assessment book for the Parish and Town of Fredericton, 1846; RS160C1/1b.

7  Assessment book for statute labour on public roads in Fredericton,  1835-1836; RS160 C1/1c.

8  Circulars from the Provincial Secretary, William F. Odell, to George Dibblee, Clerk of the Peace for York County, 1841, 1842-1843, concerning returns of the Magistrate, and the Return of Writ served to Michael Fisher, who is being sued by John F. Taylor, 1841-1843. RS160 Bld. 1841-1844 RS443A Michael Fisher 1842.

9  Writ to the Sheriff of York County, for collection of debt and damages owed to Peter Watson by John and Samuel Larlee, signed by A.B. [Clopper], June 9, 1828. RS459A “1828 John Larlee”

10  Minute book of the Supreme Court of Judicature, held at Fredericton, York County, July 1788-July 1791; RS33/76.

11  Correspondence of the Secretary of State of Maine, pertaining to the case of Daniel Hopkins, resident of Maine, arrested in New Brunswick for horse theft, December 27, 1855; RS347/13.

12  Report approving the route explored by Richard Simonds for the Great Road from Fredericton to St. John, signed by John C. Vail, Samuel Nevers and L.B. Rainsford, May 20, 1826;  RS341A3.

13  Petition of Charles Tracy, the Magistrates, Parish Officers, and other inhabitants of the Parish of Blissville to Lieutenant-Governor Sir William Colebrooke protesting the residence of Charles Wetmore, Clerk of the Inferior Court of Sunbury County, being Fredericton rather than in Sunbury County, 1833; RS345B5.

14  Statement of monies paid by Thomas H. Peters, Deputy-Treasurer at Miramichi, for drawbacks of goods exported between November 30, 1836, and December 31, 1837; RS24.1838.

15  Record book used by the Crown Land Office to record timber cut without license and sums paid for its release, 1824, the King’s Casual Revenue in account with the Acting Receiver-General, 1824-1830, and to list monthly petitions for timber licenses, March-October, 1824; RS107/12/4/6.

16  Poll book for the election of members to the House of Assembly from Sunbury County, 1795; RS157J2/9.

17  Poll book for the election of members to the House of Assembly from Sunbury County; 1819; RS157 J2/10

18  Poll book and returns from the Parish of Kingsclear, York County, July 14, 1856; RS160J1j.

19  Visitors Book kept by Lieutenant-Governor Lemuel Tweedie, 1907-1911; RS360/1.

20  Minute books, ledgers and letterbooks of the Maritime Bank, which went bankrupt, 1873-1896; RS53C2.


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