H.F.G. Woodbridge Papers

If you are interested in any of these files then please contact the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick.

“Captain Frederick George Woodbridge (1877-1961) was born in Glasgow, Scotland, and at an early age moved to Fredericton with his family.  He joined the Canadian militia (71st York Regiment) in 1896, and enlisted for foreign service in 1914 as a Captain.  He served overseas during World War I with the 55th and 26th Battalions of the 71st; was wounded in 1916; subsequently served as a messing officer in England; was invalided to Canada in 1918; and served as a paymaster in Saint John.  He studied civil engineering at U.N.B. and dentistry at Harvard University.

When he returned to Fredericton he settled at “Uplands”, as his estate in the Forest Hill area was called.

Woodbridge has been called “one of Fredericton’s best known and colorful residents”.  He had a wide variety of interests including flight and the development of gliders; a sight-seeing steamboat service on the St. John River; and writing poetry. 

His home attracted a great deal of attention for he decorated outbuildings with mosaics made from colored sea shells.

For further information on Woodbridge, see MS2/144 for a paper delivered by him the York-Sunbury Historical Society in 1934.  Included is a clipping containing biographical data.

The Woodbridge Collection is very diverse, and dates from 1900 to 1955.  A large part of it is comprised of military material, which includes Woodbridge’s commissions and certificates, military correspondence and official forms, ledgers, returns and schedules.  Also in the collection are items, which reflect aspects of Woodbridge’s personal life:  correspondence, poetry, greeting cards, programmes, photographs, clippings, and maps.  The series measures 35 centimeters.

Photographs, which were among the Woodbridge Papers, are described in this series and have been transferred to the Photograph Section.  The researcher should also see the H.F.G. Woodbridge Photograph Collection (P32).”

1  Military commissions and certificates of H.F.G. Woodbridge; 1908-1919.

2  Military Papers.

a  Ration schedules, supply ledgers, target practice returns, inspection reports, pay lists, notes on the defense of Saint John and the proceedings of a Court of Inquiry; 1913-1918.

b  Service rolls of No. 4 Company, 71st Regiment, military notebooks, Record of Service, and inventories of clothing and equipment; 1901-1918.

3  Instructions to paymasters; 1917-1919.

4  Military correspondence; 1908-1928.

5  Personal correspondence; 1903-1953.

6  Bank books and notebooks listing expenditures; 1917.

7  Poetry by H.F.G. Woodbridge and others.

8  Various greeting cards sent for Christmas, Easter and special occasions.

9  Clippings kept by H.F.G. Woodbridge on various topics; c. 1938.

10  Various receipts and invoices; 1911-1918.

11  Exercise books of Addie B.J. Gregg used as scrapbooks which include some poetry [by Woodbridge].

12  Miscellaneous papers containing some biographical information on Woodbridge and statistics on the construction of his ‘shell house’ in Forest Hill, Fredericton; 1920-1947.

Printed material

13  General instructions by the Royal Visit Committee of the Fredericton Branch, Canadian Legion; n.d.

14  Order of Service for Empire Day; May 24, 1903.

15  Schedule for Christmas celebrations in the Parish of Fredericton; December 25, 1927.

16  Constitution and By-Laws of the British Empire Club; Boston, 1912.

17  “Songs and Cheers” for Harvard and Yale Universities; 1905.

18  Program for the 75th Anniversary Dinner of the Society of St. Andrew; St. Andrew’s Day, 1900.

19  A General Plan for the Use and Salutation of School of School Flags in New Brunswick Schools; n.d.

20  Liquor Permit Book, issued by the New Brunswick Liquor Control Board; 1945-1946.

21  Prize list for the Fredericton Exhibition; 1913.

22  Catalogue of photographic materials; n.d.

23  Recommendations For Spraying New Brunswick Apple Orchards; 1932.


24  Map of New Brunswick; 1940.

25  Military map of Sussex; 1905.

26  Map of New Brunswick; 1912.

27  Map showing granted and surveyed lots in the western sections of York and Sunbury Counties; 1936.

28  Map showing the “College Lands” of U.N.B.; n.d.

29  Map showing lands granted in the Burton and Gagetown area, Sunbury and Queens Counties; 1917.

30  Plan of survey showing property of the Fredericton School Board, Forest Hill Road, Fredericton; 1955.

31  Photographs of H.F.G. Woodbridge, several groups of soldiers, parades, Fredericton, Newcastle, the State Funeral of Sir Charles Tupper, and a group of costumed theatrical players in Fredericton; P132/45-P132/75.

32  Memorandum for Camps of Instruction, 1922.

33  Notes on Map Reading

34  Order Books

a  71st Regiment, 1904-1907

b  71st Regiment, 1909-1914

35  Notebook – Captain Woodbridge

36  Diary – Captain H.F.G. Woodbridge

37  Supplementary Physical Training Tables, 1915

38  Bayonet Training – Aldershot, 1916

39  Envelopes – 55th Canadians

40  Letter to Charles E. Jarius from John V. Dittemore regarding shrinkage of the Christian Science Publishing Society, 1921.

41  A story of faith told by Ashton W. Locke as experienced in Grand Manor shortly after W.W. I.

42  The Romance of Transportation; n.d.

43  Report on the Timberlands of the Estate of Louis Cabot by James Sewall, 1916.


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