Oromocto Pioneer Days

If you are interested in any of these files then please contact the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick.

Report on Oromocto Pioneer Days, 1974.  10cm.

1  Gerald P. Steacy

2  Oromocto Days – 1970

3  G.P. Steacy – Mayor Watling – Anne Murray

4  Papers regarding the Annual Oromocto Canoe Race, July 1, 1972-1975.    

a  Correspondence

b  Newspaper clippings and advertisements

c  Results of Canoe races

d  Critiques

e  Race information and entry forms

5  Papers regarding Pioneer Days, 1972-1974

a  General correspondence

b  Rodeo Show; 1974

c  Children’s pet show; 1974

d  Horse haul competition; 1973-1974

e  Moose calling competition

f  Rolling Pin Throwing Competition

g  Newspaper Clippings and Advertisements

h  Oromocto Pioneer Days – General Information

i  Oromocto Pioneer Days – Aircraft Competition

j  Oromocto Pioneer Days – Log Rolling

k  Oromocto Pioneer Days – Horse Show

6  R.D. Wilmot – Memorial – Oromocto

7  Black Watch Cairn – Oromocto

8  Fort Hughes – Oromocto

a  Background Information

b  Operations

9  Coat-of-Arms – Oromocto

10  G.P. Steacy – Oromocto

11  Steamships – St. John River

12  Indian Camp Site – Village of Wel-A-Mook-Took

13  River Boat – St. John River

14  Sailing Ships – Oromocto

15  Playground Supervisors – Oromocto


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