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Saint John River, Fredericton, NB

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P4-2-33 Trinity Church, Upper Maugerville. Burial place of the Carmens

A list a few York Sunbury Historical Society and Museum resources that might assist you if you’re researching the history of Maugerville and Sheffield.

Officers’ Quarters Articles:

If you are interested in acquiring copies or articles from previous editions, please check out what we have posted on our website.  We have posted information about our Past Issues or you can download the PDF of our article index.

Miles, Kate H., “Maugerville As It Was: A Farmer’s Diary”, Volume 17, Number 2 (Fall and Winter 2001) – A Publication of the York-Sunbury Historical Society, Inc., page 6.

This article discusses the many mediums of collecting history and in particular accounts of history from primary sources such as diaries of the people who lived through the historical time period being studied. Specifically, this article emphasizes this though its attention to the historical significance of Maugerville, New Brunswick.

Conrad, Margaret, “The New England Planters in the Saint John River Valley”, Volume 22 (Fall and Winter 2004) – The Origins of Central New Brunswick, page 12.

“Planters”, encouraged by the Governor of New England, moved into the Saint John River valley prior to 1783 and played an important role in shaping what would become New Brunswick. The article describes the military campaigns conducted by General Monckton to make the area safe for settlers. The article also explains settlement patterns in the river valley and the role played by several significant individuals of the time, including Alexander McNutt, Israel Perley, and Joshua Mauger. The article contains 2 photographs and 2 maps.

Archival Material:

Contact the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick for copies of the MC 300 – York Sunbury Historical Society Archival Collection material and P4-2 York Sunbury Historical Society Photographs.

P4-2 York Sunbury Historical Society Photographs:

33  Trinity Church, Upper Maugerville. Burial place of the Carmen’s (P4-2-33) (also found in Photographs and Pictures)

56  Stone house built by Lieut. Thomas Gill, Upper Maugerville (P4-2-56) (also found in Photographs and Pictures)

94  Burpee house, Maugerville (P4-2-94)

95  Burpee house, Maugerville (P4-2-95)

MC 300 – York Sunbury Historical Society Archival Collection

Photographs and Pictures:

90  Burpee house, Sheffield; P4/2/90.

91  Burpee house, Sheffield; P4/2/91.

92  Burpee house; P4/2/92.

93  Cornerstone of Burpee house; P4/2/93.

94  Burpee house; P4/2/94.

95  Burpee house; P4/2/95.

Cemetery Papers:  9  Notes on Christ Church Maugerville Graveyard.

Printed Matter:

19  Brochure for the bi-centennial of Sheffield and Maugerville; 1963.

247  Picture of Sheffield Congregational Church and boats on St. John River – 1899.

Programmes and Invitations:  70  Brochure of historic sites and programme of events for Maugerville-Sheffield Bi-Centenary; August 23-25, 1963.

Maps and Plans:  68 ”Plan showing copy of Maugerville Grant County of Sunbury, N.B.”; MC300-203.8-1928.

Business Records:

6  General Ledger of Moses Pickard Jr. which was used for accounting or agricultural produce, dry goods, and general merchandise sold; accounting of monies received and expended on the meeting house, 1819-1820; accounting of livestock loaned at interest; accounting of monies borrowed and loaned; and recording genealogical data on the births, deaths, and marriages of the Pickard and Brill families; Maugerville, Sunbury County. 1799-1833.

Hazen, White and Company Records:

“… The Company, trading through Newburyport and Boston in New England extended its operation up the St. John River establishing out-posts at Gagetown, Maugerville and St. Anne’s Point (where Benjamin Atherton was in charge).  The business interests …”

Mortgages:  4  Mortgage of Gabriel de Veber, Lancaster Parish, to Jacob Vail, Maugerville; February 16, 1801.


6  Deed of sale from Nicholas Rideout, Maugerville, to Jacob Vail, St. John, for land in Maugerville; August 4, 1795.

7  Deed of sale from Jacob Veal (Vail), Maugerville, to Gabriel de Veber, Lancaster, for land in Maugerville; July 14, 1800.

8  Fragment of a deed of sale from Raper Milner to Frederick Abraham D’Veber for land in Maugerville; February 4, 1833.

Clippings (MS19 – 378 to 404):  402  Clipping and photo of 1958 flood of St. John River, Maugerville

Clippings (MS19 – 298 to 351):  256   Clipping from The Daily Gleaner, “The Burpee-Bridges Home:  200 Years in the Same Family”, The pre-Loyalist built Burpee-Bridges House at Sheffield, February 24, 1973.

Clippings (MS19 – 104 to 157):  117  Clipping on the Sheffield House, Market Square, Saint John; n.d.

Clippings (MS19 – 19A):  94  Giant Vegetable Patch-Sheffield, Sunbury County (68)

Clippings (MS19 – 1 to 18):  15  Clippings of G.A. Good on papers presented to the York-Sunbury Historical Society on such topics as Maugerville, St. Anne’s Point, and Old Fredericton; 1942-1945.

Miscellaneous Correspondence:   42  Letter from George McBeath, N.B. Museum, to C.H. Foss, Red Cross Society, re. the founding of Maugerville; 1961.

Whelpley Collection:

2  Receipt to James Clark from Simonds & White; Maugerville, November 8, 1776.

80 Receipt to James Cook from Moses Newman; Maugerville, November 9, 1773.

Benjamin Atherton Records:

“… Atherton was placed as manager of a truck-house at St. Anne’s Point, in competition with John Anderson, who was established at the mouth of the Nashwaak River.  He refused to join the rebel movement in Maugerville during the American Revolution.  After the War, …”

6  Affidavit of inquisition held at Maugerville before Coroner Benjamin Atherton into the death of Robert Lewis formerly of the Queen’s Rangers.  The twelve-man jury was composed of George Ormond, John Atcheson, William Desmund, Jeremiah Tracey, William Read, Benjamin Rix, Samuel Rix, William Broawn, Abraham Buscork (?), Jacob Barker Jr., Henry Link, and Benjamin Broawn; October 5, 1784.

Burpee Family Papers:

Charles Sidney Burpee was born in Sheffield, Sunbury County, New Brunswick, on June 18, 1817, the son of Jeremiah Burpee and Elizabeth Stickney.  He was educated at the common school in Sheffield, and … Burpee died November 29, 1909, at Sheffield.  He was survived by two sons.”

16 Letter from C.B. Barker to Charles Burpee giving news from home, and discussing McGee’s death and the Fenians; Sheffield, April 20, 1868.

23 Letter from R. Hoben to Charles Burpee asking for the position of fishery warden mentioning Glazier, Perley, George Estabrooks; and commenting on the road money for Sheffield mentioning Moses Cobourne, John Townsend, Charles Upton and Samuel Ferguson; and on their candidate in the next election, mentioning George Morrow, John Glazier and others; [Burton], May 4, 1868.

44 Letter from C.L.B. Miles to Charles Burpee seeking Burpee’s aid in getting a position as engineer on “some good road”; Maugerville, February 22, 1878.

48 Letter from C.B. Harrison to his uncle, Charles Burpee, discussing the applications for the lighthouse and the prospects for the next election mentioning Gerhardus K. Clowes, Brennan, McLean, Currie, Perley, Covert, and Sterling; Maugerville, March 1, 1878.

51 Letter from Hanford Brown to Charles Burpee sending a good deal of political news from home mentioning the Perley Party, Dell Perley, Covert, William Deveber, Hamilton, Calvin Tapley, Launchlan McLean, G.S. Brown, Charles Clowes, Captain Alexander, Brennan, Terry McAlroy, and others; Maugerville, March 4, 1878.

53 Letter from Hanford Brown to Charles Burpee concentrating on the political alignments in the county, mentioning Thomas Sterling, George Brown, the Dykemans, Dell Perley, Mrs. Hazen, and others; Maugerville, March 5, 1878.

73 Letter from Rosella —–, a child, to Grandma —– relating familial news; Upper Sheffield, March 12, 1882.

74 Letter from David Burpee to his mother, Mrs. P.E. Burpee, Bangor, relating domestic and familial news; Upper Sheffield, March 30, 1883.

75 Letter from David Burpee to his mother, Mrs. P.E. Burpee, Bangor, bearing news from home mentioning John Pickard’s death, cousin Hannah, Willie and Maggie Alexander, and several family members; Upper Sheffield, December 23, 1883.

81 Letter from John Quinton, grandson of Hugh Quinton, to [Charles Burpee] describing the early settlement of Maugerville, and the “renegade Allan”, and asking Burpee’s moral & literary backing to produce “Pioneer Days of New Brunswick, 1762-1783…”; Saint John, December 9, 1884.

82 Letter from William N. Allen to Thomas P. Burpee concerning a parcel of land; Sheffield, January 22, 1885.

83 Letter from Charles Burpee to Mr. Wilson concerning several memoranda on a mortgage; Sheffield, March 23, 1888.

130 Letter from Premier J.D. Hazen to Charles Burpee accepting his resignation as Commissioner for the Parish of Sheffield Civil Court; Saint John, April 22, 1910.

132 Letter from Lizzie B. George to Mr. ? Burpee answering a query on teachers at the Sheffield Grammar School; Upper Sackville, September 29, 1934.

140 Thirty-nine summons issued by C. Sidney Burpee as Commissioner for the Parish of Sheffield Civil Court; 1903-1909.

146 A sketch of the Sheffield Academy, two lists prepared in 1919 of Academy men, and a notebook containing information in the academy.

147 Sheffield Parish Voters’ List; 1920.

150 Minute book of the Total Abstinence Society of Sheffield, 1846-1850; (includes Society constitution, membership and activities).

Tape Recordings:  54  Mr. & Mrs. George Miles – Concerning wagons and sawmills, Sheffield; Oct. 13, 1966.

Probate Papers:

2  Will of Abigail Kimbal mentioning Thomas Jewett, David Jewett, and her daughters, Sarah Day, Abigail Clarke, Isabel Stuart, Lydia Cleveland, and Hannah Boynton; Sheffield, Sunbury County, August 8, 1831.

3  Will of Ethel D. Bridges, wife of Jonathan Bridges, mentioning Harry Jonathan Bridges, Emma H. Babbit, Lilian Bridges, Maurice Bridges, The York-Sunbury Historical Society, and Gwen Davies; Parish of Sheffield, Sunbury County, June 3, 1955.

Vital Statistics:  36  Copy of the record book kept by the town clerk of Sheffield, Sunbury County, which includes marriages, births, deaths, marks for cattle and sheep, and the obituary of David Burpe Jr.; 1767-1845.

Indentures of Sale:   5  Indenture of sale of Marcus and Frances Peters, Sheffield, to William Peters, Hampstead, for Great Musquash Island; 1806.

Historical Essays and Research Notes:

5  Part of an essay on the history of the Congregational Church, Sheffield, with biographical sketches of Rev. Archibald McCallum and Rev. Jacob Whitman Coy; n.d.

12  Typescript list of young men and women who attended Sheffield Academy, Sunbury County, 1867-1874.


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