FAA Artists in Residence Brian Dykeman & Tony Robinson Smith

FAA Artists in Residence 2010 Summer Series

 July 10-16 2010

Fredericton Arts Alliance Artist in Residence Brian Dykeman

Brian Dykeman, Woodland Creations ... creating in front of the York Sunbury Museum!


The series presents local professional artists and fine craftspeople for one- to two-week residencies.  Artists create a studio space and provide the public with a wonderful opportunity to talk with the artists, learn about their inspiration and creation and witness professional art in the making.  The residencies will be located at York Sunbury Museum, 571 Queen Street (Fredericton, New Brunswick).  

Brian Dykeman is a wildlife sculptor/carver.  Working in wood, Dykeman strives for highly realistic, yet unique compositions that are both challenging for the artist and exciting for the viewer.  He will be displaying pieces at all stages of development, from design, pattern development, rough carving, fine carving, and painting.  Dykeman will work primarily on fine carving and painting throughout the week.  He is also prepared to give carving demonstrations outside the museum.
Fredericton Arts Alliance Artist in Residence Tony Robinson-Smith

Travel writer Tony Robinson-Smith telling travel tales in front of the York Sunbury Museum during the Museum's Open House!


Tony Robinson-Smith is a travel writer.  He has published a book of his world travels and several travel stories.  Robinson-Smith is currently working on a travel book on the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan, a project supported by ArtsNB.  During his residency, he will be working on an article for Perceptive Travel, an award winning travel magazine, describing a bizarre Buddhist purification ceremony in a tiny Bhutanese village.  On display will be authentic religious artefacts, a travel journal and photographs.  

The York Sunbury Museum is the home of the famous Coleman Frog, the world’s largest frog and is a gateway into the exciting history and diverse heritage of central New Brunswick and Fredericton.  The York Sunbury Museum has almost a dozen galleries featuring the history of the Acadians, Loyalists, Natives, Boss Gibson and St. Mary’s Ferry!  

Fredericton Arts Alliance Artists in Residence Summer Series 2010 Schedule


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