Ichabod Smith

A call came to the York Sunbury Museum office not long ago from a gentleman in Ontario asking about Ichabod Smith in Maugerville.  I haven’t been able to find too much information about him but I don’t have a lot of time to devote to research.  I don’t think this gentleman was looking for birth, death and marriage information but for more detailed information about the early settlement of his ancestors in Maugerville.  If anyone can help, please leave your comments here!  Thanks!  

Found on Family Tree Maker:  

Ichabod Smith died date unknown in Parish of Maugerville, Sunbury County, N.B., Canada. He married Mehatable.  

Smith, Ichabod. Parish of Maugerville, Sunbury Co, Esquire. Will dated 6 Feb 1823, proved 21 September 1823. Wife MEHATABLE estate for life for support of herself and such of my daughters as m(a)y remain with her until their marriage. Son ROBERT lower half of Lot 78 in Maugerville. Son STEPHEN 10 p(o)unds. Son SAMUEL CORNALL 150 pounds to be paid upon his wife Jane’s death or upon his obtaining a Judgement of Divorce against her. Daugher FREELOVE 25 pounds. Grandson DUNCAN SMITH D’VEBER 25 pounds when of age. Daughters MARY AMELIA and SARAH CAROLINE each 100 pounds six months after marriage. Residue after wife’s death to be divided among son ROBERT and daughters MARY AMELIA, SUSANAH, and SARAH CAROLINE. Wife MEHATABLE and friends ODBER MILES of Maugerville and JACOB ALLAN of Woodstock executors. Witnesses: A. Allan, Ed.D. Street, S.D. Street. (source: Early NB. Probate Records, 1785-1835, W.Hale, pu. 1989).  

Children of Ichabod Smith and Mehatable are:  

  1. Freelove Smith, b. 1785, N.B., Canada, d. January 1858, Maugerville, Sunbury County, N.B., Canada.
  2. Robert Smith, d. date unknown.
  3. Stephen Smith, d. date unknown.
  4. Samuel Cornal Smith, d. date unknown.
  5. Mary Amelia Smith, d. date unknown.
  6. Susanah Smith, d. date unknown.
  7. Sarah Caroline Smith, d. date unknown.

Civil Commissions

MC300-MS52 York-Sunbury Historical Society Collection Description  (page 261)  

If you are interested in a copy of this  file then please contact the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick.  

1  Appointment of Justices of the Peace for Sunbury County including Jonathan Bliss, John Saunders, Ward Chipman, John Murray Bliss, George Howard, Christopher Billopp, John Coffin, John Robinson, William Black, Samuel Denny Street, Anthony Lockwood, George Shore, Thomas Wetmore, William Botsford, Samuel Peabody, Elijah Miles, David Burpe, Isaac Hubbard, John Hazen, Ichabod Smith, Clapman Smith, Stephen Peabody, Charles F. Street and Thomas Odber Miles; August 2, 1822.  

Daniel F. Johnson Newspaper Transcriptions

Daniel F. Johnson: Volume 30 Number 1913

Date: April 3 1871
County: York
Place: Fredericton
Newspaper: Colonial Farmer 

d. Friday 17th Feb., at his residence Maugerville (Sunbury Co.) Robert SMITH, age 90.; d. Thursday 9th ult., at his residence Maugerville, Samuel C. SMITH, age 82. The deceased were brothers, sons of Capt. Ichabod SMITH, a prominent Loyalist who arrived in New Brunswick in 1783 and settled in Maugerville where he raised a large family. Robert, the eldest son, was born at Flatbush, Long Island, State of New York and was two years of age when his father arrived at Maugerville. The farm upon which Ichabod SMITH, Esq. first settled is still in the hands of his descendants.  

Daniel F. Johnson: Volume 2 Number 1733

Date: September 27 1823
County: Saint John
Place: Saint John
Newspaper: New Brunswick Courier

d. Maugerville, Tuesday 16th inst., age 67, Ichabod SMITH, formerly Capt. 2nd Batt., General Delancey’s Brigade. CG  

Daniel F. Johnson: Volume 2 Number 1751

Date: October 14 1823
County: York
Place: Fredericton
Newspaper: The New Brunswick Royal Gazette

Est. Ichabod SMITH, Maugerville; Exec.: Mehetible SMITH, I.O. MILES, Jacob ALLAN, 9 Oct.  

Daniel F. Johnson: Volume 14 Number 249

Date: September 25 1852
County: Saint John
Place: Saint John
Newspaper: New Brunswick Courier

m. St. Luke’s Church, Thursday morn., by Rev. Wm. Harrison, James T. HANFORD, Esq. / S. Caroline SMITH d/o late Ichabod SMITH, Esq., Maugerville (Sunbury Co.)  

Daniel F. Johnson: Volume 2 Number 1509

Date: January 23 1823
County: Saint John
Place: Saint John
Newspaper: New Brunswick Courier

m. Maugerville, 12th Jan., by Rev. R. MIlNER, Dr. P. GUIMARIN / Susannah fifth d/o Ichabod SMITH, Esq. CG NBRG 


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