New Jersey Loyalists

Another treasure from Daniel F. Johnson’s New Brunswick Newspaper Vital Statistics.  Thanks to the Province of New Brunswick Archives for making this database available on-line. 

Volume 62 Number 306
Date: February 23 1884
County: Saint John
Place: Saint John
Newspaper: The Daily Sun

Transcribed by Daniel F. Johnson.

The following list contains the names of prominent Loyalists of New Jersey against whom proceedings were instituted in the counties named during the Revolutionary war for the purpose of confiscating their property for joining the New Jersey Royal Volunteers or for giving aid and comfort to the adherents of the Crown. Lawrence A. ACKERMAN, Derrick ACKERMAN, David D. ACKERMAN, John J. ACKERMAN, all of Bergen; Vincent Pearse ASHFIELD, Essex; Benjamin ALLWOOD, David ALLSTON, Louis ALLSTON, Jonathan ALLSTON, John AUTEN, all of Middlesex; Thomas BRUEN, Benj. BOOTH, Josiah BANKS, Peter BROWNE, Rev. Isaac BROWNE, Ichabod Best BARNET, Thomas BURROWES, James BLUNDELL, Wm BROWNINGTON, Luther BALDWIN, all of Essex; Charles BAKEMAN, Bergen; James BOGGS, Isreal BRITON, Gerardus BEEKMAN, John BROWNE, Thomas BILLS, Joseph BAILEY, all of Monmouth; Wm BURTON, Somerset; Ezekiel BEACH, Richard BOWLESBY, John BOWLESBY, Edward BOWLESBY, Lawrence BUSKIRK, all of Morris; Wm BLANE, Ellis BARRON, Isaac BUNNELL, Jacob BOICE, all of Middlesex; Peter CLOPPER, Duncan CAMPBELL, John J. CRANE, John COLONY, all of Essex; Richard COCHRAN, Somerset; Daniel COXE, Hunterdon; Joseph CONLIFFE, Morris; Jonathan CLAWSON, Dennis COMBS, jr., Isaac CODDINGTON, all of Middlesex; John COUGLE, Sussex; Joseph CLAYTON, John COTTRELL, Samuel COOK, Jas. CURLIS, Alexander CLARK, Thomas CROWELL, Richard COLE, Asael CHANDLER, all of Monmouth; Moses DUNHAM, Isaac DUNHAM, Benjamin DRAKE, Henry DUGAN, Edward V. DUNGAN, John DOVE, all of Middlesex; Robert DRUMMOND, Essex; Asher DUNHAM, Jacob DEMEREST, Wm DUMAYNE, all of Morris; Daniel S. DEMEREST, John DERYEA, Orey DEMEREST, Thomas DUNGAN, Peter DURYEA, John DEMITT, Hendrick DOREMUS, all of Bergen; John EDDY, Sussex; Barent EURSE, Bergen; Jacob EMMONS, Monmouth; Hendrick FOX, Jacobus FOX, Hendrick FREDERICKS, Conrad FREDERICKS, all of Bergen; John FALKER, Stephen FARRAND, James FRAZIER, Joseph FRENCH, all of Essex; Ebenezer FOSTER, John FORD, Oswald FORD, all of Middlesex; Thos. GALBRAITH, Lewis GREENFIELD, Garrabrant GARRABRAMTS, all of Essex; Philip GACH, Wm GOUBERS, all of Middlesex; Wm GREEN, Sussex; Benamin GIBERSON, Gilbert GIBERSON, Benjamin GROVER, Joseph GROVER, Barzilla GROVER, Thomas GROVER, Wm GROVER, Wm GIBERSON, jr., Mallakeath GIBERSON, all of Monmouth; Joseph HALLETT, John Smith HETFIELD, James HETFIELD, Sheffield HOWARD, all of Essex; John C. HERRING, Peter J. HERRING, Henry J. HARRISON, Jacob HIMSON, Hendrick HIMSON, Adam HIMSON, all of Bergen; John HONEYMAN, John HARRIS, Somerset; William HOWARD, Isaac HORNBECK, Morris; Nathaniel HARNED, John HARNED, Peter HILTON, John HEARD, Jeremiah HEMSTED, all of Middlesex; Conrad HENDRICKS, John HANKINSON, John HORNER, Berzeor HINKSON, John HAMPTON, Fuller HORNER, all of Monmouth; John IRONS, Monmouth; David JAQUITH, Heathcot JOHNSON, Hendrick JOHNSON, all of Middlesex; Griffin JENKINS, James JAUNCEY, Cavalier JEWETT, all of Essex; Edward JONES, Bergen; Mathias KENSET, Bergen; David KENT, Wm KENT, all of Middlesex; Joseph KINGSLAND, John Tabor KEMP, all of Essex; Thomas KICKER, Monmouth; William LUCE, Isaac LONGWORTH, Thomas LONGWORTH, all of Essex; Thomas LYON, Abram LENT, Peter LENT, Timothy LEWIS, all of Bergen; William LURTON, Richard LENNOX, David LENNOX, Stacey LISK, all of Middlesex; John Leonard, John LEONARD, jr., Joseph LEONARD, Thomas LEONARD, Samuel LEONARD, Daniel LAFTRE, William LAWRENCE, John LONGSTREET, jr., Richard LIPPENCOTT, all of Monmouth; Jacob MERCELIS, Lewis MILLENBERG, David MASTERSON, Alex. McCOY, all of Bergen; Thomas MILLEDGE, Morris; William MAXWELL, Peter MOURISON, Richard MILLER, James MOORE, Daniel MOORE, John MORSE, all of Essex; Joseph MUNDAY, Hopewell MUNDAY, John MUNDAY, jr., Jonathan MUNDAY, jr., Benjamin MARSH, Mathias MAN, Nicholas MURRAY, jr., Samuel MORSE, all of Middlesex; John MORRIS, John MOUNT, Robert MORRIS, James MOUNT, all of Monmouth; Peter NIX, Isaac NOBLE, all of Bergen; Thomas OLDWATER, Bergen; John OKESON, Samuel OAKERSON, all of Monmouth; David OGDEN, David OGDEN, jr., Isaac OGDEN, Nicholas OGDEN, Jonathan OLIVER, David OLIVER, all of Essex; John PREY, Middlesex; Philip PEAKES, Wm PEAKER, Jacobus PEAK, Christian PULISALT, all of Bergen; James PRICE, William PRICE, Michael PRICE, John PINTARD, jr., John PERRINE, Nathaniel PARKER, James PEW, John POLHEMUS, jr., all of Monmouth; Abm. A. QUACKENBUSH, Bergen; Robert F. RANDOLPH, David F. RANDOLPH, all of Middlesex; Charles ROBERTS, Somerset; Samuel RYERSON, Morris; Nathaniel RICHARDS, Broughtin REYNOLDS, all of Essex; Abel RIDNER, Martin RUTH, John RIDNER, John ROBERTSON, Hendrick RIDNER, John F. RYERSON, Richard RUCKMAN, Martin ROELOFFE, all of Bergen; Wm STYLES, Stephen SKINNER, Jonathan SAYRES, Richard STANTON, Caleb SAYRES, Derrick SCHUYLER, Samuel SMITH, Isaac STANBURY, Cornelius STAGER, Miles SHERBROOK, all of Essex; John STEWART, Stephen SKINNER, all of Morris; Michael STOR, Bergen; Jacob STOCKTON, Somerset; Joseph STEVENS, Wm SMITH, Stephen SKINNER, Cortlandt SKINNER, Thomas SMITH, James SHOTWELL, Cecil SARGEANT, all of Middlesex; James STILLWEL, Samuel STILLELL, William SMITH, David SMITH, Richard STOUT, Timothy SCOBEY, all of Monmouth; Jacob TOOKER, Essex; Peter Tice, John TISE, all of Bergen; John TROOP, Joseph THORNBURN, all of Morris; William TERRILL, Joseph THORNE, John THOMPSON, all of Middlesex; John TAYLOR, George TAYLOR, jr., Joseph TAYLOR, Morford TAYLOR, Thomas THORNE, Ezekiel TILTON, Christopher TALLMAN, Clayton TILTON, Oliver TALLMAN, John THROCKMORTON, all of Monmouth; Peter VROOM, John VROOM, all of Middlesex; John VANWAGGMER, Abram VANGLESON, Henry VANDEHOFF, all of Essex; John H. VANHOUTEN, Hendrick VANBLARCOM, Harrison VANBLARCOM, Peter J. VANBLARCOM, Jacob VANWICKLE, James VANBUREN, John L. VANBUSKIRK, Gabriel VANORDEN, David VANBUSKIRK, all of Bergen; John VANDYKE, Somerset; Philip VANCORTLANDT, Laurence VANBUSKIRK, all of Morris; Hendrick VANMATER, Daniel VANMATER, Peter VANNOTE, all of Monmouth; Uzal WARD, Ebenezer WARD, John WHEELER, Nathl. WILLIAMS, Garret WOUTERS, Peter WOODS, George WELLES, Thomas WHITE, Hugh WALLACE, James WILSON, George WARNER all od Essex; Peter D. WIEN, Bergen; Benjamin WORTH, Somerset; Alexander WATSON, Thomas WALKER, John WILSON, all of Middlesex; John WILLIAMS, jr., Peter WARDELL, Josiah WHITE, Benjamin WOOLLEY, John WILLIAMS, John WARDELL, Ebenezer WARDELL, Britton WHITE, all of Monmouth; Richard YATES, Essex.


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