Lemont & Sons, 338 Queen Street

Fredericton storefront: Lemont and Sons - Crockery, 1894 (PANB P61-303 Miscellaneous Collection)

Volume 86 Number 41
Date December 6 1893
County York
Place Fredericton
Newspaper New Brunswick Reporter and Fredericton Advertiser

Transcribed by Daniel F. Johnson.

One of the old time business establishments of Fredericton is that of Lemont & Sons, 338 Queen street. The founder of the house was the late Martin LEMONT, a native of Bath, Maine, who came to Fredericton in 1843 and went into business the next year with S.A. AKERLY in the Slason property, now Sharkey’s block. In 1844 he went into business on his own account and established Lemont’s cariety store, the first in the province. Both his store and residence were destroyed by fire in 1850. He opened again on the Pheonix Square, only to be burned out again in 1854. He then moved to Coy’s block, and here in 1859 the fire again scourged him. The present premises were then erected and have since been occupied, though fire destroyed the back store in 1874, His son, William LEMONT, the present senior member of the firm, was taken into partnership April 1, 1862. Martin Lemont died in 1881 and the business has been carried on by his sons, William and Martin Lemont, the latter having entered the firm April 1st, 1874.


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