1866 Fenian Raid Veterans Reunion in 1896 Fredericton

Entry found in Daniel F. Johnson’s New Brunswick Newspaper Vital Statistics pertaining to the 1866 Fenian Raid Veterans Reunion in 1896.  Thanks to the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick for making this database available on-line! 

Transcribed by Daniel F. Johnson.

Volume 102 Number 557 
Date April 11 1896
County York
Place Fredericton
Newspaper The Gleaner

The veterans of Fredericton who went to the front at the time of the Fenian raid in 1866 held their second annual reunion in the W.C.T.U. coffee room last night. The following guests were present: H.F. McLEOD, Joshua CHAPPELLE, H.C. RUTTER, R.P. ALLEN, Sgt. R. COCHRAN, W.D. BAILEY, S.S. THOMPSON. Sectretary A.D. Thomas called the roll and the following veterans answered to their names: Capt. J.D. PERKINS, John F. PAYNE, Wm LOCKHART, Fred TODD, Jas. RODGERS, A.D. Thomas, Major LIPSETT, Wm McLAUGHLIN and Thomas SMITH. The other surviving veterans not present at the reunion are Lt. Jas. McCAUSLAND, Ensign Edward CARTER, Sgt. Fred SKENE, Sgt. Chas. HARTT, Richard K. PINDER, G. Fred COY, Ashley WILMOT, Edwin HANINGTON, Thos. SAMPSON, Wm CROSBY, G.N. BABBITT, Jas. RUEL, Wm SWADE, Hiram ROSS, James HUMPHRISH, John CORBETT, James KELLY, Benjamin CLOSE, Joseph DRUM, Michael McSORLEY. Those numbered with the dead are: Major Edward SYMONDS, Color Sgt. Thomas FOWLER, Sgt. Isaac SIMMONS, Cpl. Archie WELSH, Lance Cpl. Daniel FOWLER, Privates: John ALLEN, John STRATTON, Alex. ANDERSON, Alex. WRIGHT, George R. SEELY, Dugald STEWART and James DEVIN. Of these Color Sgt. Fowler, Sgt. Simmonds and Alex. Anderson died during the past year.

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