York Sunbury Historical Society January & February Programs

Out of Ruins by Betty Cluthé

This novel is Betty Cluthé's first entry into the publishing world.

The York Sunbury Historical Society hosts a lecture on the third Thursday of each month, for most months.  All evening programs will take place at Old Government House (51 Woodstock Road, Fredericton).  We can park on site and come in the side entrance and programs are free and open to the public!

January 20th @ 7pm – The York Sunbury Historical Society welcomes Betty Cluthé, author or the recently published novel, Out of Ruins.  Based on her family history, Out of Ruins is a fictional account of a young woman’s life based on true personal and historical events.  Her journey crosses the Russian Revolution, Nazi Germany and World War II.  Throughout it all she remains under the watchful eye of a mysterious man named Boris, who seems to guide her life – and her passion.  Her road to maturity is full of many adventures and stories, some mysterious, and some too fantastical to explain.  Reality and dreams roam side by side in this stimulating tale about love, history and survival.

Betty CluthéBorn in Germany, author Betty E. Cluthé lived through World War II, surviving bombardments, invasion and the collapse of the country.  After her mother’s death she followed her sister, as promised, to Canada.  Eighteen years later, leaving blissful country living behind, she went back to university and completed her Bachelor of Arts degree.  The author lives in Fredericton, New Brunswick, close to her sister.  She enjoys the quieter pace of this charming Maritime Province and the vivid artistic presence of the town.  The novel was published by Lightening Demand Press and copies will be available for purchase.

February 17th @ 7:30pm – Society Treasurer and Collections Chairperson, Brian Hallett, will be sharing his research on the York Sunbury Historical Society and Science Club fieldtrip to Savage Island (aka Aukpaque Island) in 1940 led by Professors Alfred Bailey and R. H. Wright.  In December 2009, the island was renamed Eqpahak Island.  The word eqpahak means “place where the tide stops coming in.”


One response to “York Sunbury Historical Society January & February Programs

  1. Chapters in Regent Mall will be hosting a book signing with Betty Cluthé on February 5th, 2 to 4pm.

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