York Sunbury Historical Society April Program

Government House, Fredericton

Government House on Woodstock Road

The Program Committee is pleased to announce the following presentation for the York-Sunbury Historical Society. Join us in the basement of Government House (51 Woodstock Road) starting at 7:30pm. All presentations are free and open to the public, with a reception following each one.

Speaker: Brent Wilson, Gregg Centre
Date: April 16th, 2015
Topic: Into Battle: New Brunswickers and the Second Battle of Ypres

In April 1915, about 500 New Brunswickers entered into large-scale battle for the first time when the Germans attacked the 1st Canadian Division at Ypres. By the time the Canadians were withdrawn a week later, they had suffered almost 6,000 casualties. This talk will look at how these New Brunswickers experienced the battle and examine the effects the fighting had back home. Among these local soldiers was Driver Abner Belyea, who was an early member of the York-Sunbury Historical Society.


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