The Historical Society Recognizes Robert Guthrie, Curator Emeritus


Robert Guthrie receiving his award from The Honourable Jocelyne Roy-Vienneau, Lieutenant-Governor of New Brunswick.

Following is the citation that the York Sunbury Historical Society President read during our award presentation last night.

The Curator Emeritus Award is being presented tonight in recognition of the service of the first full time paid curator/ manager of the York-Sunbury Historical Society’s Museum.  That gentleman is Robert Guthrie and we are pleased to be able to honour him in person tonight.

Mr. Guthrie’s curatorial profession began in 1968 when he was hired by the York-Sunbury Historical Society.  The Society had been collecting since 1932, 36 years, and had amassed approximately 10,000 artefacts and an additional 20,000 archival items.  Robert Guthrie had accepted a monumental task when he took on the curatorial/manager position.

In addition to operating the museum, Mr. Guthrie professionally led a cataloguing team that successfully produced a valuable record of those artefacts.  It is on this body of work and research that the York-Sunbury Historical Society’s Collection Management stands firm today as the basis of the current computer data base.  During his tenure at the Society’s museum, Mr. Guthrie also curated and installed 8,000 square feet of exhibits that endured with only minor updates for 40 years.

Mr. Guthrie continued his curatorial profession by joining the Kings Landing construction project as Chief Curator to assume responsibility for the cataloguing, care, and control of the artefacts to be used in furnishing the 60 structures of the finished historical village.

Mr. Guthrie then became Registrar of Collections for the Province of New Brunswick’s major artefact collection, which was the responsibility of the NB Heritage Branch.  This included the province’s large and modern artefact warehouse and most of the artefacts in the Heritage Branch’s numerous operating museums and heritage farm sites.

Robert Guthrie has now retired and is being recognized by this award for his dedication to excellence, and his commitment to completing professional curatorial work that is above reproach, and has left a valuable legacy for all the citizens of the province.

It gives me great pleasure to invite Her Honour Jocelyne Roy-Vienneau to come forward to present the award to Robert Guthrie.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Robert Guthrie, Curator Emeritus!


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