York-Sunbury Historical Society Award of Merit Presented last Month!

Tim Richardson receiving award from Maxine Campbell

Tim Richardson receiving the York-Sunbury Historical Society, Ltd. Award of Merit from Maxine Campbell, Past President of the Society.

The following citation was written and presented by Maxine Campbell, Past President of the York-Sunbury Historical Society, Ltd.

The York-Sunbury Historical Society Award of Merit is accorded to an individual who has made a significant contribution to the conservation, preservation and presentation of the history of New Brunswick.

Timothy Richardson is such a person.

The link between our Society and the office of the Lieutenant-Governor began to evolve when Lieutenant-Governor George Stanley honoured the York-Sunbury Historical Society and the Museum by becoming the official Society Patron.

With the appointment of Lieutenant-Governor Marilyn Trenholme Counsell in 1997, and the restoration of Government House in 1999, the Historical Society was invited to hold the historical presentations in a Government House meeting room. Lieutenant-Governor Counsell stated that Government House was restored as a historical building of and for New Brunswick citizens, and that having the building used to host public historical presentations by our community historical organization was a most appropriate use of the building and consistent with the reasons for its restoration.

Tim Richardson, in his role of Principal Secretary, became a positive, active, and integral partner of the historical society program activities. He continues to support the mandate of the Society which is to preserve and present the history of central New Brunswick for the citizens of New Brunswick. He also consistently brings forward ideas for historical programmes and for special theme exhibits to be held at Government House.

Mr. Richardson not only ensures that the Historical Society has a room in the building for the regular historical lecture programmes, but also actively encourages the Society to hold special social events at Government House. He often goes beyond his regular responsibilities by providing guidance and direction to volunteer committee members. He takes care of many technical details and makes certain that Society members and guests are well served.

It is always a wonderful occasion to be welcomed into this beautiful building by the Honourable Lieutenant-Governor and to experience the preservation and exhibition of the history of NB in such an atmosphere. Mr. Richardson’s administrative and organizational skills ensure that the functions proceed smoothly from beginning to end.

This award recognizes Mr. Richardson’s partnering and leadership in more than 100 activities that preserved and presented many notable aspects of New Brunswick’s history. Some of those events may have gone unnoticed had it not been for these lectures, exhibits and social events.

He has invited and allowed us to showcase our representation of the history of the York and Sunbury region in concert with the Society values of integrity, heritage, community, and leadership. Tim Richardson embodies these values as he goes about his duties as Principal Secretary to the Lieutenant-Governor, as he searches for antiques and artefacts which serve to compliment this historical building, and as he encourages groups such as ours to learn about and appreciate the history around us. And he does all of this and more with passion, energy, excitement, knowledge, devotion, and commitment.

It is my pleasure and my honour to present this Award of Merit to Timothy Richardson.


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