Annual Members Art Exhibition Invitation to Display Works

Call for submissions for September 2017

Each year, the York-Sunbury Historical Society, Ltd. invites member artists and artisans to participate in our Annual Members Art Exhibition.  This unique art show allows member artists the opportunity to exhibit and sell their current work in the Fredericton Region Museum and to use the museum space to inspire new works.

Visual artists who are members of the York-Sunbury Historical Society exhibit and offer their work for sale on consignment in the museum’s seasonal flex gallery on the main floor during the months of September and October.

To Participate
Email the Executive Director with the following between June 1st and the third Friday in August:
– Contact information
– A short bio (100-150 words)
– At least two (2) images of your work (300DPI in jpeg format)
– Dimensions of work (so that we can plan the space)
– Artist photo (300DPI in jpeg format)
– A short description of your work

If Selected You
– Give permission to the Fredericton Region Museum to use your biography, name, likeness and artwork for media information and publicity purposes
– Certify that the artwork submitted is original artwork created by you
– Agree to abide by the rules and guidelines laid out
– Recognize that any insurance coverage of the artwork is your full responsibility

– The artist must be a member in good standing of the York-Sunbury Historical Society, Ltd.
– All works must be original to the participating artist and not assisted, imported or manufactured by others.
– It is up to the artist to price the submitted work.
– The artwork being shown will be limited to two to four (2 to 4) pieces per artist depending on size and space.
– Artwork must be able to attach to the Centre’s installed hanging system.
– Participants will not hold the YSHS responsible for breakage or damage of work.
– The YSHS earns a 20% consignment rate on all works sold while on display at the museum.

Artists will be contacted about any sales enquiries during the exhibition.

First YSHS Members Art Exhibit

The York-Sunbury Historical Society’s member art exhibit held at the Fredericton Region Museum in 2016.


2 responses to “Annual Members Art Exhibition Invitation to Display Works

  1. I would like to email you a poster for the John Mckendy Memorial Lecture at St Thomas University what address should I send it to?

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