Volume 10, Number 3 (Summer 1994) – The Royal Tour of 1939

Officers' Quarterly Volume 10, Number 3 (Summer 1994) - The Royal Tour of 1939

Officers’ Quarterly Volume 10, Number 3 (Summer 1994) – The Royal Tour of 1939

“Letter from the Editor …” by Ted Jones (page 3)

“Curator’s Corner” by Kelly McKay (page 4)

“Titanic Update!” (page 4)

“The Officers’ Bookcase: History with a personal touch ~ Fascinating Houses & Beautiful Doorways of Saint Andrews, New Brunswick by Mary W. Hashey” review by Anita Jones (page 5)

“Feature Article: The Little Chapel and its Abiding Influence” by Jean Elizabeth Liston (page 6)

“The Lynch Gate” (page 7)

“The Martha J. Harvey Award of Distinction by Ted Jones (page 8)

“Summer Exhibits and Programs for 1994” (page 9)

“Summer Guide to Fredericton’s Military Compound: National Historic Site Since 1965” thanks to Cynthia Wallace-Casey and Anita Jones for their assistance in preparing this guide (page 10)

“Cover Story: They Won the Hearts of all New Brunswickers” by Ted Jones (page 12)

“Beyond York-Sunbury: Mexico versus Ontario” by Fred White (page 14)

“Poetry Pavilion” the original Officers’ Quarters was called the Pavilion by M. Travis Lane(page 15)

Poems: Officers Square; Needham Street; Odell Park; Riverside Drive; Loyalist Graveyard, Roberta’s Wood Path; Picnic by the River Light; and Fredericton Junction

“Books from the Barracks; A Commanding Bestseller Captivates a Twelve-Year-Old Boy ~ Nicholas and Alexandra by Robert K. Massie” review by Jonathan MacFarlane (page 16)

“Garrison Ghosts” (page 17)

“Passing Through: A Profusion of Tarts, Pies and Sweetmeats” by Linda Squiers Hansen (page 18)

“Recipes from the Pioneer Kitchen … York-Sunbury Style”by Pat Flemming (page 19)

Recipes include: Boiled Salmon with Egg Sauce, Old Native Recipe for Fiddleheads and Dandelion Wine

“The Last Word: Challenging Times” by Bob Dallison (back cover page 20)


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