Volume 7, Numbers 1 & 2 (Fall & Winter 1991) – May the spirit of the old christmas time keep you merry

Officers' Quarterly Volume 7, Numbers 1 & 2 (Fall & Winter 1991) - May the spirit of the old christmas time keep you merry

Officers’ Quarterly Volume 7, Numbers 1 & 2 (Fall & Winter 1991) – May the spirit of the old christmas time keep you merry

Editorial Team:
Peter Malmberg (Editor)
Fred White (Chair)
Paul O’Connell
Dr. Christopher Turnbull
Dr. Murray Young
Elizabeth Earl

“President’s Perspective” by Donna Wallace (page 4)

Wallace gave an overview of the previous year both globally and locally. The York Sunbury Museum exhibits included one on the Barker House and Doris Norman gave rug-hooking classes that coincided with a rug-hooking exhibit. Wallace thanked the volunteers that assisted during the previous months as well as Board members and committee members. Wallace summarized a change in staff and the creation of a Diamond Anniversary Committee.

“Change at the Port of Fredericton, 1890 to 1930” by Peter Malmberg (page 6)

A study of the rise and fall of the City of Fredericton wharves and steamer industry from 1890 to 1930 using the Fredericton City council minutes. This article is an extract of Malmberg’s Masters Report (1990 – MALMBERG, Peter Cronk – Steam Transportation on the Saint John River 1816-1946).

“October 1691, Landing at the Nashwaak – excerpts from DeVillebon’s diary” by John C. Webster and D. Murray Young (page 8)

A brief examination of the French fort located at the mouth of the Nashwaak River, the “headquarters of French military power in Acadia” using DeVillebon’s journal entries. The journal entries used in this article encompasses October 13, 1691 to October 25, 1692 and Young included 2 diagrams of the Nashwaak Fort.

“The Salt Box House” by Robert Dallison (page 13)

Dallison retells the story of the Saltbox’s move to King’s Landing, the challenges met by Fredericton Heritage Trust as the worked to save the building. Dallison included a brief history of the house and the families that resided in it.

“Curator’s Corner” by Kelly McKay (page 16)

McKay lists the events and activities at the York Sunbury Museum including the “TERRA” exhibit, Christmas decorating, First Night ’92, StoryFest, Heritage Day and “Dining Out On Culture” as well as a summary of the changes in Museum staff.

“The Last Word” by Peter Malmberg (page 20)

Malmberg summarizes the current issue of the Quarters, noted the 300th anniversary of recorded European settlement in Fredericton, the preservation of the city’s trails and the effects of the recession on heritage.


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