Volume 8, Numbers 1 & 2 (Spring & Summer 1992) – York Sunbury Historical Society 60th Anniversary 1932-1992

Officers' Quarterly Volume 8, Numbers 1 & 2 (Spring & Summer 1992) - York Sunbury Historical Society 60th Anniversary 1932-1992

Officers’ Quarterly Volume 8, Numbers 1 & 2 (Spring & Summer 1992) – York Sunbury Historical Society 60th Anniversary 1932-1992

Editorial Team
Fred White (Committee Chair)
Peter Malmberg (Editor)
Paul O’Connell
Dr. Christopher Turnbull
Dr. Murray Young
Elizabeth Earl

“President’s Perspective” by Tanya Davis (page 4)

Society President, Tanya Davis, outlines some of the plans for 1992 including a marketing plan, plans for a gift shop and exhibits.

“Our City Hall City Officers from the 1840’s Onward” by Dr. Lillian Maxwell (page 5)

A history of Fredericton’s city hall from the first building that burned in 1850 to the most recent and fourth building erected in 1875-77. Included is some early history of the York County Council, the first City Council who named Phoenix Square and Fredericton’s incorporation. The article is base on the first lecture delivered to the Society in February 1932.

“W. W. Hubbard – An Early Vice-President of the York-Sunbury Historical Society” by Fred Hubbard (page 8) [Reprinted in Volume 27, Number 1 (Fall & Winter 2009) – 75/50 Anniversary Edition]

A brief description of William Woodbridge Hubbard’s (1866-1955) life by his nephew, Fred Hubbard.

“Mr. Alden Clark Remembers – Early Days of the Historical Society” (page 10)

Alden Clark had been a member of the Society for 50 years at the time of publication and recalls some of the early activities and milestones of the Society such as the Museum’s move into the Officers’ Quarters and the clean up of the Old Sheffield Church. Included is an excerpt from Lillian Maxwell’s research on the York Sunbury Historical Society.

“A Loyalist Officer’s Fall From Favour” by Robert Dallison (page 13)

Dallison recounts the story of Loyalist Alexander Campbell who was accused of spying for the Rebels and later acquitted.

“From Athletics to Aviation” by Fred White (page 15)

White, inspired by a 1932 newspaper article and chance meeting retells the story of Rudolph Eardley, athlete, Western Union employee, father and RCAF technician who died during World War II. The article includes photographs and a copy of newspaper articles.

“Curator’s Corner” by Kelly McKay (page 20)

McKay describes some of the activities at the York Sunbury Museum, the exhibits, the collection and recognition of the work done by the Museum volunteers.

“The Last Word” by Peter Malmberg (page 25)

After examining the Society’s personal manuscripts, Malmberg gives an account of the beginnings of the York Sunbury Historic Society, mandate, obstacles and some of the founding members. Malmberg provides a list of the Society’s first Officers.


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