Volume 11, Number 3 (Summer 1995) – Mary Grannan (1900-1975)

Officers' Quarterly Volume 11, Number 3 (Summer 1995) - Mary Grannan (1900-1975)

Officers’ Quarterly Volume 11, Number 3 (Summer 1995) – Mary Grannan (1900-1975)


“Letter from the Editor …” by Ted Jones (page 3)

“Burpee Family Update” (page 4)

“Curator’s Corner …” by Bruce Lynch (page 5)

“Books from the Barracks … Sunbury County Author Enjoys Doing Research: A First Person Account” by Eugene Campbell (page 6)

“Beyond York-Sunbury … The Information Highway – 90 Years Ago” by Allan Penman (page 9)

“Passing Through … From Town Hall to Opera House” by Patricia Belier (page 10)

“Poetry Pavilion” The original Officers’ Quarters was called the Pavilion by Michael O. Nowlan (page 13)

Poems include: Midsummer Night, Naive, On Stopping to View The Coastline, To be a Child, Beyond the Farm Woods and Mayflowers

“Feature Article … Patterson Settlement Historical Society”by Harlan Nason (page 14)

“Garrison Ghosts” (page 16 & cont. on page 17)

“Letter to the Editor” by Dr. Emerson Moffitt of Halifax, NS (page 17)

“Recipes from the Pioneer Kitchen … York-Sunbury Style”by Pat Flemming (page 19)

Recipes include: Old-Fashioned Potato Salad, country Salad Dressing, Cooked Sandwich Filling, Wild Strawberry Pie and Never Fail Pastry

“The Officers’ Bookcase … Discovering Canada’s Picture Province – Roads to Remember: The Insider’s Guide to New Brunswick by Colleen Whitney Thompson” review by Anita Jones (page 19)

“Cover Story … Remembering Mary Grannan” by Don Roberts (page 20)

“The Last Word” with Sir Charles G.D. Roberts (page 24)

“Administrator’s Report” by Lynn Frizzell (page 26)


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