Volume 11, Number 4 (Fall 1995) – Fifty Years Ago They Came Home

Officers' Quarterly Volume 11, Number 4 (Fall 1995) - Fifty Years Ago They Came Home

Officers’ Quarterly Volume 11, Number 4 (Fall 1995) – Fifty Years Ago They Came Home


“Letter from the Editor ..” by Ted Jones (page 3)

“Letter to the Editor” by Professor Howard McFarlane of Fredericton (page 4)

“Curator’s Corner …” by Bruce Lynch (page 5)

“Remembering Ben Medjuck”(page 5)

“Books from the Barracks … Young Victims of War – No Time to Wave Goodbye and The Day They Took the Children by Ben Wicks” review by Anita Jones (page 6)

“Museum Administration Report” by Michelle Ramsay (page 7)

“Flashback Article … The Barker House: Fredericton’s Phoenix” by Roger Farr (page 8)

“Beyond York-Sunbury: From Cole’s Island to Holland” by Dorothy Wilson (page 10)

“Poetry Pavilions” the original Officers’ Quarters was called the Pavilion by Elisabeth Harvor (page 12)

Poem: Burning Hammock, 1917

“Featuring Article … The IODE at 95: Patriotism through Service” by Helen Baker (page 13)

“IODE Presidents Provincial Chapter of New Brunswick 1900-1995” (page 15)

“Passing Through When the Circus Came to Town …” by James O’Neill (page 15)

“The Officers’ Bookcase … Remembrance Day Tragedy in Fredericton, 1945: A First-Person Narrative ~ Bryan Priestman – A Biographical Sketch by Ted Jones” by Ted Jones (page 18)

“Priestman Lecturers” 1951 to 1996 (page 22)

“Recipes from the Pioneer Kitchen … York-Sunbury Style”by Pat Flemming (page 23)

Recipes include: Stuffed Liver Roll, Baked Stuffed Potatoes, Succotash, War Cake and Overseas Chocolate Cake

“Garrison Ghosts” (page 24)

“The Last Word” poems from the Fredericton Local Branch #4 of the Royal Canadian Legion writing contest for Fredericton-area schools.

Poems include: A child’s Day of Remembrance by Jennifer Gillis (1st place); The Greatest Tribute by Scott Daley (2nd place); War Visions by Jodi McIsaac (honourable mention); and Remembrance by Erie MacIntosh (honourable mention)


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