Volume 12, Number 4 (Fall 1996) -New Brunswick’s Sesquicentennial Stamp

Officers' Quarterly Volume 12, Number 4 (Fall 1996) -New Brunswick's Sesquicentennial Stamp

Officers’ Quarterly Volume 12, Number 4 (Fall 1996) -New Brunswick’s Sesquicentennial Stamp


“Letter from the Editor … The Most Powerful Office in the Nation” by Ted Jones (page 3)

“Prime Minister of Canada (with dates of administrations)” (page 5)

“Curator’s Corner … History in Name Only” by Bruce Lynch (page 6)

“Letter to the Editor: A Former Student of Mary Grannan Remembers” by Mae (Savage) Nicholson from Montpelier, Vermont (page 8)

“Books from the Barracks … In the Spirit of Collaboration: A First Person Narrative” by Robert M. Leavitt (page 9)

“Poetry Pavilion” The original Officers’ Quarters was called the Pavilion (page 12)

Poems include: Memories and Dark Flowers by Liam McKendy (1st place); Remembrance Fades by Kathleen Didyk (honourable mention); One Brave Soldier by Jody Anderson (2nd place); What is War? by Malinda Revie (honourable mention)

“Special Feature: Letters from Alden Nowlanedited by Carolyn Atkinson (page 13)

“Beyond York-Sunbury: New Brunswick’s Postal History … Part Three: New Brunswick’s Sesquicentennial” by Michael O. Nowlan (page 17)

“The Officers’ Bookcase … An Intimate Look at Early New Brunswick; Canada Home: Juliana Horatia Ewing’s Fredericton Letters, 1867-1869 edited by Margaret Howard Blom and Thomas E. Blom” by Anita Jones (page 20)

“Garrison Ghosts … from 60 years ago” (page 23)

“FLASHBACK ARTICLE: The Wreck of the Empress of Ireland (The Fredericton Connection)” by Ted Jones (page 25)

“Passing Through: Oscar Wilde in Fredericton …” by Patricia Belier (page 29)

“Recipes from the Pioneer Kitchen … York-Sunbury Style” by Pat Flemming (page 32)

Apple & Turnip Casserole, Waldorf Salad, Baked Apple Dumplings, Chunky Apple Coffee Cake, Crabapple Relish, Apple Crumble and Hot Mulled Cider.

“Letter to the Editor: The First Battalion of Maryland Loyalists Remembered …” by Robert L. Dallison (page 33 & cont. on page 31)

“The Last Word … Letters from Bob” by Ruth Scott (page 35 & cont. on page 19)


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