Volume 13, Number 3 (Summer 1997) – 65th Anniversary 1932-1997

Officers' Quarterly Volume 13, Number 3 (Summer 1997) - 65th Anniversary 1932-1997

Officers’ Quarterly Volume 13, Number 3 (Summer 1997) – 65th Anniversary 1932-1997


“Letter from the Editors …” by E. A MacDougall and Brent Wilson (page 3)

A few notes on the events at the York Sunbury Museum and a short history about the Chestnuts, who first arrived in Fredericton in the 1830s.

“President’s Perspective …” by Helen Hutchison (page 4)

A summary of recent exhibits held at the Museum, funding, Museum programs and Museum staff.

“Curator’s Corner …” by Bruce Lynch (page 5)

This was Lynch’s final “Curator’s Corner” before leaving his employment at the York Sunbury Museum. In it, he considers the increasing demands on museums and the need to adapt. He also thanks the many people who he worked with and urged people to support their local museum.

“Featured Article … Loyalist Anthony Allaire” by Ruth Scott (page 6 & cont. on page 17)

A four page article with pictures about New York Loyalist Anthony Allaire who settled in Douglas, New Brunswick. The article mentions Major Patrick Ferguson and the Robinson Family who settled near the Allaire property.

“Beyond York-Sunbury: New Brunswick’s Decimal Coinage …” by Robert Hirsch (page 10)

A history of New Brunswick coins starting prior to 1860 to 1870 with images and notes on collecting.

“Anniversary Exhibit Opening …” by Helen Hutchison (page 12)

A transcription of Hutchison’s speech from the opening of the Anniversary exhibit.

“Museum World … Scale Model of the New Brunswick Internment Camp: A Realistic View of Life Behind Barbed Wire” by Wesley Clarke (page 13)

A brief history of the New Brunswick Internment Camp, the Museum that remembers the camp and the scale model created by Minto Elementary and Junior High students.

“Remembering The Hon. Muriel MacQueen Fergusson, O.C., P.C., Q.C. …” by C. Anne Crocker

A description of the life of Muriel MacQueen Fergusson, Fredericton’s first female City Councillor, first Fredericton Deputy Mayor, a Senator of Canada and the first woman Speaker of the Senate.

“Remembering Richard J. Bagley” (page 15)

Bagley was a former Museum employee, society member and had served on the Board of Directors and Executive.

“The Officers’ Bookcase … The Story of the Chestnut Canoe: 150 Years of Canadian Canoe Building by Kenneth Solway” by Harry Quinlan (page 16)

A book review.

“From the Archives” by Kenneth R. Chestnut (page 18)

A transcribed copy of a letter to Lillian Maxwell from K. R. Chestnut (Kenneth R.) dated January 1952.

“Garrison Ghosts” (page 19)

A description of the life of Lillian Mary Beckwith Maxwell (1877-1956), former teacher, historian, genealogist, writer, York Sunbury Historical Society member and the list goes on.


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