Volume 15, Number 1 & 2 (Spring and Summer 1999) – A Publication of the York-Sunbury Historical Society, Inc.

Officers' Quarterly Volume 15, Number 1 & 2 (Spring and Summer 1999) - A Publication of the York-Sunbury Historical Society, Inc.

Officers’ Quarterly Volume 15, Number 1 & 2 (Spring and Summer 1999) – A Publication of the York-Sunbury Historical Society, Inc.

Editorial Committee
Fred White (Editor)
Carolyn Atkinson
Katrina Dewitt
Dr. T. W. Acheson

“Museum in Focus …” (page 3) and “Important Compound Information” by Antoinette Duplisea (page 4)

A history of the British military compound in Fredericton and Thomas Carleton’s decision to locate the British military in Fredericton.

“Julia May Walker …” by Ruth Scott and “Museum News …” (page 5)

A memorial for Julia May Walker (Whitehead), a former member of the York Sunbury Historical Society, teacher and a founding member of the Fredericton branch of the United Empire Loyalist Association.

“When the Methodists Stole the Church …” by Dr. Murray Young (page 6)

The history of a church located along the River Tay in Taymouth. Originally used by all denominations, the church was eventually taken over by Methodists, who held the deed for the property and would not allow other denominations hold service within. The church was eventually converted into a schoolhouse and congregations combined into a United Church.

“New Brunswick and the Trent Affair of 1861 …” by Gary Campbell (page 9)

Campbell examines the movement of British troops across British North America, particularly, the colony of Nova Scotia, during the winter of 1861/2 after the Trent Affair.

“Congratulations Ruth Scott! …” by Ted Jones (page 15)

Ruth Scott was the 1998 recipient of the Martha J. Harvey Award of Distinction. Jones describes her work and dedication to the history of central New Brunswick and the York Sunbury Historical Society.

“Book Review … The Little-Known Leader of Russia Michael and Natasha, The Life and Love of the Last Tsar of Russia by Rosemary and Donald Crawford” by Anita Jones (page 15)

Anita Jones gives a positive review of the Crawford’s book about the Russian ruling family.

“Elizabeth Secord …” by Katherine Dewitt & Norma Alexander (page 17)

A brief description of the life of Dr. Elizabeth Secord (1841-1916), an early woman medical doctor from central New Brunswick.

“Higher Education in Fredericton … Or: Making a Mountain out of a Molehill: The History of Higher Education in Fredericton” by Kim Bernard (page 18)

An account of the development of higher education in Fredericton after the settlement of the Loyalists.

“Recipes from the Pioneer Kitchen” by Pat Flemming (page 19)

York Sunbury Style: Recounting the wedding of Margaret Josephine Coleman Murray and Bradstreet Tompkins in July 1926. Recipes include Tea Party Rolled Sandwiches: Chicken Croquettes. As well as Banana and Orange Salad, Parker House Rolls, Bride’s Cake, Almond Icing for Bride’s Cake, Bridegroom’s Cake. Ice Cream and Sherbets: Orange Ice. Liquid Refreshments: Raspberry Sparkler and Blueberry Wine. A note on Weddings and Engagements.

“Collector’s Room …” by Katrina A. Dewitt (page 21)

Dewitt discusses the hobby of collecting and the development of heritage preservation in Canada after 1967. She discusses Chelsea porcelain, R.S. Prussia dishes, Depression glass, carnival glass, Victorian furniture and warns about reproductions as well as a summary of the usefulness of Museums, libraries, magazines, antique collectible price guides and the internet in research for collecting. Dewitt also included a few words about appraisals and valuations.

“York-Sunbury Historical Museum Word Search” created by using words that a class from the multicultural center brainstormed after a visit (page 23)


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