Volume 17 Number 1 (Spring and Summer 2001) – A Publication of the York Sunbury Historical Society, Inc.

Officers' Quarterly Volume 17 Number 1 (Spring and Summer 2001) - A Publication of the York Sunbury Historical Society, Inc.

Officers’ Quarterly Volume 17 Number 1 (Spring and Summer 2001) – A Publication of the York Sunbury Historical Society, Inc.

Editorial Comment” by Koral LaVorgna (page 3)

History Alive: Children’s Workshops” (page 4)

Logs and Bogs or Masts for the King’s Navy, Part II” by Susan Katherine Squires (page 5)

This article recounts information documented in the1700’s about the use of pine trees near the St. John River for ship’s mast. It discusses the use of the timber for the King’s Navy and how the commercialization evolved by those who took advantage of the demand for timber as a business opportunity.

The Collector’s Room: Victoriana” by Katrina Dewitt (page 9)

This article describes typical furnishings in the Victorian era and attributes their style to that of the very popular monarch, Queen Victoria. It depicts the particular organization of the furniture in each room as well as detailed descriptions of their unique style that continue to be popular among collectors today.

Behind Every Successful Woman: The Story of Alexander Ewing” by Gary Campbell (page 13)

This article recounts the story of Alexander Ewing of the British Army. It documents his military career, including his service in the Crimean War and wars in China in the mid 1800’s. It also discusses his assignment in Fredericton as the Commissariat Office and then his various military postings throughout the world.

The Royal Canadian Regiment in Fredericton” by C. W. Clark (page 17)

This article discusses the birth of the RCR after Canada replaced Imperial troops with it’s own military defense. Men were trained at what is now the Barracks on Queen Street and were sent to the Rebellion of 1885; the Klondike as well as the Great War- proving Canada could provide a capable defense.

Fredericton’s ‘Scarr’ ed Architecture” by Koral LaVorgna (page 20)

This article presents the construction work of William Scarr, a builder and contractor in the city of Fredericton. He built several houses and was also contracted to build the Fredericton Exhibition Center in early 1900. Mysteriously, Scarr disappeared, perhaps because of financial difficulty from being low bidder on many projects.

Recipes from the Pioneer Kitchen” by Pat Flemming (page 23)

Meat and Oat Loaf, Potato Stew, Buttermilk Biscuits and Rhubarb Meringue Pie.


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