Volume 20 (Spring and Summer 2003) – The Several Lives of Martin Butler

Officers' Quarters Volume 20 (Spring and Summer 2003) - The Several Lives of Martin Butler

Officers’ Quarters Volume 20 (Spring and Summer 2003) – The Several Lives of Martin Butler

“The Several Lives of Martin Butler” by David Frank (page 3)

The life of Martin Butler was ripe with tragedy but throughout it all he continued to press forward. He attempted to make a living by being a peddler. Butler was a writer who published letters, stories, verse, and managed his own small monthly newspaper. He also had a political life, which involved endorsing a Canadian republic, fighting for a Canadian flag, and opposing imperialism among others.

“Family Relations at the Old Rectory” by Lisa Alward (page 13)

The Old Rectory of Fredericton, located on George Street epitomizes the Victorian aesthetic. This article chronicles the life of Charles G.D. Robert’s, his wife Mary or May Fenety, and his sister, Jane while living in the house.

“Old House Hold Memories” by Murray Young (page 19)

This article chronicles the old buildings in Fredericton that were related to Duncan McLeod and Peter Fraser who were running mates in an 1802 election for the provincial assembly. Other individuals mentioned are Premiers J.J Fraser (1878-1882) and Andrew Blair (1883-1896).

“Home Is Where The Heart Is” by Pat Flemming (page 24)

When the Mactaquac Dam was constructed many buildings were moved to the area known as King’s Landing. The old Hoyt homestead which was built more then 150 years ago was donated to King’s Landing.

“In Memorium” by Ted Jones (page 26)

A memoriam for society member Dr. George Stanley who passed away on September 13, 2002. Born in Calgary, Stanley was a Rhode Scholar, Lieutenant-Governor of New Brunswick, the head of the History Department of the Royal Military College, an author and designer of the Canadian flag.


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