Volume 21 (Spring and Summer 2004) – Childhood Remembrances of Christmas

Officers' Quarters Volume 21 (Spring and Summer 2004) - Childhood Remembrances of Christmas

Officers’ Quarters Volume 21 (Spring and Summer 2004) – Childhood Remembrances of Christmas

“From the Editors Desk” (page 3)

“A Fredericton Christmas in the Twenties” by Mona MacMillan (page 4)

Mona MacMillan remembers Christmases, especially when she was eight years old. These memories include cleaning the silver before Christmas, decorating the Christmas tree and some of the presents she and family members received. One Christmas when money was tight was also remembered.

“Remembrances of Christmas” by Don Roberts as told to Pat Flemming (page 5)

Don Roberts remembers Fredericton children’s parties and other city activities and describes Christmas presents, family entertainment and family baking.

“My Childhood Memories of Christmas” by Donna Wallace (page 6)

Donna Wallace describes decorating the house, Christmas dinner and Christmas morning.

“A New Brunswick Child’s Christmas Tree and Its Origins” by Katrina Dewitt (page 7)

Katrina DeWitt reflects on her own memories of decorating the family Christmas tree and the place of decorated Christmas trees in North American life.

“My Childhood Memories of Christmas” by Pat Flemming (page 9)

Pat Flemming describes choosing a tree and the presents received on Christmas Days in the late 1930s and 1940s, as one of a family of nine children.

“Christmas at the Morrisons” by Pat Flemming (page 10) see below to download

“Christmas in Fredericton in the 1940s” by Margery Acheson (page 11)

Margery Acheson’s memories of Christmas focus on the shortages of the war years and how those shortages affected all aspects of life, including Christmas concerts and parties, Christmas dinner, the presents under the tree and family celebrations.

“A Child’s Christmas in Fredericton in the 70’s” by Susan Acheson (page 13)

“It was great to be a kid.” Susan Acheson describes family Christmas traditions in the 1970s.

“Childhood Memories of Christmas” by Anita Jones (page 15)

Anita Jones’ memories include looking at Eaton’s and Sears’ Catalogues, making Christmas goodies and sending Christmas cards. Two examples of Victorian Christmas cards are included.

“Christmas at Peebles Hydro” by Gillian Lienburg (page 16)

Gillian Liebenburg remembers spending Christmases in an elegant hotel in the Scottish borders during the First World War. She describes her Christmas stocking and winning a fancy dress competition, dressed as a Christmas cracker.

“Childhood Christmas Memories From Quebec” by Suzanne Scott (page 17)

Suzanne Scott’s memories of Christmases in Quebec in the 1930’s include receiving turkeys from Winnipeg and traveling to Montreal on the 1:00 am train to watch the Santa Claus parade.

“An American Chistmas in the Early 1940’s” by Vincent Erickson (page 18)

Vincent Erickson recalls Christmases spent with an extended family in Washington State from the perspective of a young boy. The article includes descriptions of Swedish Christmas food and family traditions.

“Martin Butler on the Nashwaak” by Murray Young (page 23)


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