Volume 22 (Fall and Winter 2004) – The Origins of Central New Brunswick

Officers' Quarters Volume 22 (Fall and Winter 2004) - The Origins of Central New Brunswick

Officers’ Quarters Volume 22 (Fall and Winter 2004) – The Origins of Central New Brunswick

“From the Editors Desk” (page 3)

“A Message from Our President” by Fred White (page 4)

“Johan Tiarcks’ Observations of Relationships Between Native Peoples and Acadians in New Brunswick” by Vincent Erickson (page 5)

Johan Tiark describes the lives of ordinary people in the upper Saint John River valley in 1820 and how the Native peoples and Acadians influenced one another in their daily lives, through exchanges of products, ideas and language. The article contains illustrations.

“The New England Planters in the Saint John River Valley” by Margaret Conrad (page 12)

“Planters”, encouraged by the Governor of New England, moved into the Saint John River valley prior to 1783 and played an important role in shaping what would become New Brunswick. The article describes the military campaigns conducted by General Monckton to make the area safe for settlers. The article also explains settlement patterns in the river valley and the role played by several significant individuals of the time, including Alexander McNutt, Israel Perley, and Joshua Mauger. The article contains 2 photographs and 2 maps.

“The Loyalist Settlement in Central New Brunswick” by Bill Acheson (page 18)

After the American Revolution was over the colonists who remained loyal to the British monarchy needed a safe haven to escape from the retaliation and terrorism of the rebels. This article outlines the steps taken to provide a safe place to live for the Loyalists and the challenges that faced them as they settled into what was to become central New Brunswick. The article contains photographs.

“Tommy, Clayton and the Frogs’Chorus” by Murray Young (page 23)

“The Morrisons Celebrate Their 65th Wedding Anniversary” by Pat Flemming (page 24)

“Our Contributors” (page 26)


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