Volume 24, Number 2 (Fall and Winter 2007) – The York Sunbury Historical Museum Past, Present and Future

Officers' Quarters Volume 24, Number 2 (Fall and Winter 2007) - The York Sunbury Historical Museum Past, Present and Future

Officers’ Quarters Volume 24, Number 2 (Fall and Winter 2007) – The York Sunbury Historical Museum Past, Present and Future

“A Word from our President” by Doug Wright

“A Word from our Manager” by Penny Pacey

“Around the Society” by Donna Wallace

“Architectural Study of Upgrading Officers Barracks Building and the Potential for a New Annex Completed” by Fred White

“The Planning Report for 2006 to 2009” by Bill Acheson

Through a series of meetings the Board was attempting to determine the purpose of the Society. There were three proposed plans: first involves remaining a local history society which provides programs, a magazine, and a museum (seasonal basis), second would require permanent staff and be open year round, and lastly, the society would confine itself to programs, publications, and social activities while allowing the city to take control of the museum which would be a year round civic institution.

“Three Maliseet Artefacts: A Celebration of Their Return from the Museum of Civilization” by Vincent Erickson

The Clovis or Kingsclear point: To date, this is the only Clovis point found on the Saint John River. In near pristine condition, and is speculated to date somewhere between 10,900 and 10,600 years. In order to use the point it would have been inserted into a wooden shaft producing a spear or lance which was use by hunters.

“Nineteenth Century New Brunswick Gallery” by David R. Staples

The exhibit includes nine portraits done in oils, one engraving, and five pieces of fine furniture. The article provides a description of some of the included pieces that are displayed in the museum, which includes: the painting of Edward Winslow Miller, Miss Smith, John Simcoe Saunders, a sofa and fire screen from the Late Regency or William IV.

“Acadians in the Fredericton Area” by Sheila Andrew

The Godins family settled in the area prior to 1689 and stayed in the area after many other Acadians left with Governor Villebon to farm in Ste-Anne’s Point. By 1861, other Acadians began returning to the Fredericton area including Adolphus Crock, John Munro, William B. Phair, and Andre Laforest. The article also discusses Acadians in Education and the French culture becoming a part of the community.

“MUSEUM A Stepping Stone for First Official Curator” by Pat Flemming

Bob Guthrie was hired in 1969 as the first full time paid curator of the museum. In 1972, he left the position to accept a position with the New Brunswick Department of Historical and Cultural Resources. In 1973 he became supervisor of the Provincial Inventory Project with Historical Resources Administration. He has held a variety of positions since then including curator of Kings Landing.


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