Volume 32, Number 2 & Volume 33, Number 1 (2015 & 2016) – Special Edition: Art and Entertainment Issue


Officers’ Quarters Volume 32, Number 2 & Volume 33, Number 1 (2015 & 2016) – Special Edition: Art and Entertainment Issue

Publication Committee: Ian Andrews (Chair)
Virginia Bjerkelund
Eugene Campbell
Fred White
Bill Acheson
Doug Wright

Contents: From the Editorial Team” (page 1)

Fredericton’s Beaverbrook Art Gallery:  The War Connection in New Brunswick” by Ian Andrews (page 2)

Remember the Go-Fastinator” by Patrick Hirtle (page 6)

40 Years of the Fredericton Concert and Marching Band” by Heather Fyffe-Dunham (page 8)

From Maritime Folk to Hip-Hop Stardom:  the Vibrant Career of David Myles” by Alexandra Fox (page 10)

Sound by Glen Glenn” by John Wood (page 12)

Equestrian Sport in Central New Brunswick” by Evelyn Fiddler (page 14)

Molly Lamb Bobak” by Mandy Foran (page 16)

Cottage in Winter” by M. Travis Lane (page 18)

Excerpt from ‘Blind Contour Drawings’” by Joe Blades (page 18)

The UNB Art Centre Celebrates 75 years” by Sarah King (page 19)

Music, Entertainment & Artist’s Tale” by Nick deVries (page 24)

James Hogg (1800-1866)” by E. C. (Gene) Campbell (page 26)

New England Planters and Mrs. Bartlett’s Painting” by Ruth Murgatroyd (page 27)

Multiculturalism and Stan Rogers:  A Look at Canadian Nationalism” by Nathan Gavin (page 29)

Edward John Russell, a New Brunswick Artist” by John Wood (page 32)

Crafting in New Brunswick:  The Interdisciplinary Career of Dr. Ivan H. Crowell” by Mandy Foran (page 33)

The Silvertones” by Mitch Stewart (page 36)