York Sunbury Historical Society September Program

The Program Committee is pleased to announce the following presentation for the York-Sunbury Historical Society.  Presentations take place at 7:30pm in the basement of Government House (51 Woodstock Road). A reception follows each presentation and are free and open to the public.

Speaker: Mary Louise McCarthy
Topic:   1815-2015…a brief history of Black Refugees arrival to NB
Date:  September 17, 2015

Government House, Fredericton

Government House on Woodstock Road

Mary Louise McCarthy is the Executive President of the New Brunswick Black History Society.  She is a fourth-year doctoral student in the Department of Social Justice at the University of Toronto’s Ontario Institute for Studies in Education.  She currently lives and works in Fredericton, New Brunswick and her doctoral research focuses on uncovering the stories, bonds and relationships between the early African settlers and the Maliseet First Nation communities in New Brunswick.

Open House at the Fredericton Region Museum

The Fredericton Region Museum would like to invite everyone and their families for a free  fun-filled day at the Museum on August 2nd from 10:00AM until 5:00PM.

Every year our Open House event gets bigger and better and we are certain that this year will be the best yet. This is the only day on our calendar that the admission fees are waived at the museum. That’s right, FREE ADMISSION! To top it all off there will be plenty of free activities and live music for everyone to enjoy!

This year’s theme is “Playing with History” and to suit our theme we’ve hired a toymaker to build us a collection of historically accurate antique styled games, such as Battledore and Graces. Guests of all ages are welcome to come and play with these marvelous handmade toys.

There will also be a guessing game where a collection of strange unidentified artifacts will be on display and pens and paper will be available so that guests can leave a guess as to what the item was used for.

Another aspect of the day that is exclusive to this event will be access to the workrooms of the third floor of our building. The third floor workrooms are where all incoming and outgoing artefacts are handled and processed. The third floor is restricted to all but staff except for this one day each year.

And of course the Icing on the Cake will be live entertainment on our Balcony. SONA, a marvelous local folk band will be playing English, French and Celtic music for all in Officers’ Square to hear. Hannah’s Tea Place will also be open on the balcony, where Benjamin Ingraham will be selling scrumptious tea and cookies.

Don’t forget, all admission and activities are FREE August 2nd. We can’t wait to see all of you for this, the biggest event on our Calendar.

Artist in Wonderland

Our current artist-in-residence Marsha Clark is working on a Wonderland-inspired gallery which is displayed at the Fredericton Region Museum in our artist-in-residence room.

Our current artist-in-residence Marsha Clark is working on a Wonderland-inspired gallery which is displayed at the Fredericton Region Museum in our artist-in-residence room. 

Ms. Clark will be using artefacts from our very own collections in designing her collages and for her Mad Hatter tea party. She is an absolutely amazing artist who is more than happy to speak with visitors as they come by.

The Region Museum will be hosting her until July 17th, so visitors will certainly want to see her artwork in person before she departs.

Down the Historical Rabbit Hole


Fredericton Artists travel to Wonderland2015-07-02 16.17.28_resized

‘Local artists combine talent at Fredericton Museum’.

On the 22nd of July at 5:00 pm, there will be the artists in residence reception at the Fredericton Region Museum, (FRM) 571 Queens Street, for Ms. Marsha Clark and Ms. Samantha Brittany. This gathering will be for these two talented artists combing their artwork to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the timeless classic, ‘Alice in Wonderland’, and will be creating a Victorian and fairy-tale themed exhibit for invited guests to enjoy and interact with.

Ms. Clark and Ms. Brittany’s pieces will be displayed in the artist-in-residence room at the FRM; Ms. Brittany will allow guests to aid her in embellishing a dress she has been working on, as well as observe the process of corset making. She bases majority of her fashion designs on actual historical dresses and corsets. Ms. Brittany believes, ‘fashion is like a forest, you either get lost or follow the trail!’

Ms. Clark will be hosting a tea party in true Lewis Carol fashion on the balcony of the museum, complete with Mad Hatter, tea, and cookies. Artefacts from our very own collections inspire some of her paintings, as well as drawing muse from her fiancé to create the theme of, ‘artist in Wonderland’. Her collages make for a colourful and eye-catching experience.

The artist-in-residence program has been successful these past two years in helping to inspire artists with the FRM’s rich and vast collections, and pulling the public closer to what the museum does through art medium. The experience for invited guests this July will be one that is personal and exclusive: working with Ms. Brittany to finish her dress as well as being close to the museum’s collection of teacups with Ms. Clark.

Both artists are very excited to exhibit their pieces, and the FRM is proud to host them this summer; the combined talent and artwork creates a colourful and beautiful exhibit, which guests will certainly not want to miss out on. The event will welcome Ms. Brittany as well as act as a farewell and to Ms. Clark, and allows guests to experience first hand the hard work that goes into corset and dress design, as well as observe the painstaking process of painting and collage work.

The Fredericton Region Museum is a non-profit organization founded by the York Sunbury Historical Society in 1934. The FRM found permanent residence in the centre of downtown Fredericton, (571 Queens Street). The museum relies on numerous volunteers and a small paid staff.

The York Sunbury Historical Society wishes to express their appreciation to the city of Fredericton’s Arts, Culture & Heritage Project by whom this project was made possible.

Eleanor Waite,

Collections and Social Media



Tel: (506) 455-6041

Hannah’s Tea Place is Becoming a Family Affair

The Fredericton Region Museum is excited to announce the launch of the 5th annual Hannah’s Tea Place – but this year there’s a twist! Since Hannah is out of town for the summer visiting her aunt, her father will be looking after the Tea Place. Join Benjamin Ingraham at the Officers’ Quarters for an afternoon of irresistible iced tea, scrumptious snickerdoodle cookies, and engaging tales of life as a Loyalist in Ste. Anne’s Point. If you’re feeling crafty, you can even try your hand at rug hooking, one of Benjamin’s favourite pass times. Hannah’s dad will be at the Museum all summer long, and would love to have you drop by to enjoy some tasty treats, unique crafts, and stories about the life of a New Brunswick Loyalist.

Hannah’s Tea Place runs every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday afternoon from 1:00 to 4:00 PM for the months of July and August. You can find Benjamin upstairs on the balcony of the Fredericton Region Museum, located at 571 Queen Street on the edge of Officers’ Square. As part of a community social project, all of Benjamin’s rug hooking projects will be donated to the Greener Village Community Food Centre. Any donations of yarn or burlap would be much appreciated (contact us at 455-6041).

Discover more about Hannah’s Tea Place at facebook.com/hannahsteaplace.

Ben hopes you'll be able to join him at Hannah's Tea Place this summer!

Benjamin Ingraham hopes you’ll be able to join him at Hannah’s Tea Place this summer!

York Sunbury Historical Society 2014 Annual General Meeting

Government House, Fredericton

Government House on Woodstock Road

Please join us for the Annual General Meeting of the York-Sunbury Historical Society:

Thursday, 21 May 2015, 7:30pm
Government House, 51 Woodstock Road
With Sean Dunbar, Picaroons Brewery

The evening will begin with our guest speaker, Sean Dunbar.  The Annual General Meeting and a reception will follow.

York Sunbury Historical Society April Program

Government House, Fredericton

Government House on Woodstock Road

The Program Committee is pleased to announce the following presentation for the York-Sunbury Historical Society. Join us in the basement of Government House (51 Woodstock Road) starting at 7:30pm. All presentations are free and open to the public, with a reception following each one.

Speaker: Brent Wilson, Gregg Centre
Date: April 16th, 2015
Topic: Into Battle: New Brunswickers and the Second Battle of Ypres

In April 1915, about 500 New Brunswickers entered into large-scale battle for the first time when the Germans attacked the 1st Canadian Division at Ypres. By the time the Canadians were withdrawn a week later, they had suffered almost 6,000 casualties. This talk will look at how these New Brunswickers experienced the battle and examine the effects the fighting had back home. Among these local soldiers was Driver Abner Belyea, who was an early member of the York-Sunbury Historical Society.