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Military Papers

If you are interested in any of these files then please contact the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick.

“This series contains 48 items relating to the British and Canadian military and militia in New Brunswick.  Included are muster rolls, order books, research notes, etc.  These items date between 1799 and 1956.  It measures approximately 35 cm.”

1  Notes and formulae for the prevention of fever among the troops; 1817.

2  Notes on the York Regiment of Infantry; 1933.

3  Letter from the British War Office on the formation of the New Brunswick Cavalry; March 29, 1866.

4  Notes on the staff of the Nova Scotia Militia; 1863.

5  “Return of Target-Practice for Seventy-First Regiment at Camp Sussex” with remarks on musketry by F.A. Good on the reverse; 1914.

6  Programme of “the Non-Permanent Active Militia’s Participation in the exercises commemorative of Early Settlers; Fredericton, 1933.

7  Book of regimental orders of Lieutenant-Colonel Otty commanding the Saint John Volunteer Militia; 1866.

8  List of properties expropriated for the establishment of Camp Gagetown, Sunbury County, 1954-1957; n.d.

9  Nominal roll of No. 5 Company Division, York County Militia; 1873.

10 Notebook of general and garrison orders [by Lieutenant Jenkins], Kings New Brunswick Regiment; 1799-1800.

11  Muster rolls of various militia divisions; 1869-1875.

12  Papers on a training exercise at Camp Gagetown; February, 1964.

13  Muster roll of the 104th Regiment; c. 1817.

14  Muster roll and return book for the First Battalion, York County Militia; 1825-1849.

15  Contractors’ tickets from J.R. Tupper for the conveyance of troops and baggage from Fredericton to the Little Falls [Edmundston] during the Fenian troubles; 1862.

16  Clippings on the Anglo-Canadian war effort during World War I.

17  Scrapbook on the Anglo-Canadian war effort during 1941.

18  List of volunteers from Fredericton who fought in World War I; 1914.

19  Notes and correspondence on the Royal New Brunswick Regiment; 1956.

20  “Brown Bess”

a  Musket for the British Military Forces

b  History of the Gun by Dr. MacBeth, 1815

21  “Do Your Bit” – toilet paper – World War I.

22  Orderly Book – York County Militia

23  Registration Card, 1918

24  Canadian Pacific Railway Ticket

25  Militia General Orders – Fredericton, 1827

26  Letter of Sympathy & donations – Widow of William R. Buswell

27  Regulations respecting Guards & other Duties

28  Letterhead – Canadian Legion War Services

29  Musketry Regulations, Part I, 1909 – Various editions

30  Musketry Regulations, Part II – 1921

31  Aldershot – Musketry Instructions, 1915

32  Canadian List of Changes – War Material

33   Field Service Pocket Books – 1913

34  Examples of Ranging, 1914

35  Ross Rifle, 1914

36  Notes on Field Defences, 1915

37  Handbook of Military Hygiene

38  Nominal Roll – 64th Battalion – C.E.F.

39  What About Girls? – Public Affairs Committees

40  Manual of Elementary Drill

41  “Back to Civil Life”

42  “When the Boys Come Home”

43  “A Farm on RR #1”   

44  “Science Serves the Farmer”

45  “Canadian Army Training Pamphlet #1”

46  “Recalled to Life” – re-education of Sailors and Soldiers

47  Camps of Instruction, 1922

48  Letter to Lieutenant-Colonel Henry Booth, K.H. Commanding, Her Majesty’s 43rd Light Infantry, (1837)


Historical Essays and Research Notes

L'honorable Samuel Leonard Tilley, député; Sai...

The Honorable Samuel Leonard Tilley (Image via Wikipedia)

MC300-MS22 York-Sunbury Historical Society Collection Description (page 179)

If you are interested in any of these files then please contact the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick.

“This series contains sixty-one items that were produced as essays on a topic or the notes used to write an essay.  These “notes” include typescripts of original documents made for research purposes.  ‘Provenance’ dictates that the typescripts be placed by themselves rather than with the original.  The series measures approximately 15cm.”

1  Biographical sketches of the eight Fathers of Confederation from New Brunswick:  via John H. Gray, John M. Johnson, Charles Fisher, Peter Mitchell, Samuel L. Tilley, Wilmot, Edward Chandler, and William H. Steeves; n.d.

2  Two typescript copies of an essay about John Dryden, by W. Bliss Carman, University of New Brunswick; December 2, 1879.

3  “The Spirit of ’67:  The Life and Times of New Brunswick in The Confederation Era, 1850-1875”, being a New Brunswick Summer Exhibit at the New Brunswick Museum, Saint John.  This typescript contains a brief history of New Brunswick life in 1867 and notes on the New Brunswick Fathers of Confederation.

4  Pamphlets and correspondence of The United Empire Loyalists Association of Canada, 1931-33, and a Bill to Incorporate the New Brunswick Loyalists Society; n.d.

5  Part of an essay on the history of the Congregational Church, Sheffield, with biographical sketches of Rev. Archibald McCallum and Rev. Jacob Whitman Coy; n.d.

6  Typescript on the Legislative Library, Fredericton; n.d.

7  Typescript about Major Frank Atwood Good, 1866-1942.

8  Letter from Alec D. MacLean to a Mrs. MacKinnon giving biographical information on Sir John D.S. Thompson including an extract from History of Canada by Withrow; Iona, January 9, 1959.

9   Typescript of the Royal Commission to Governor Carleton, August 16, 1784 and typescript of the “Royal Instructions to Governor Carleton Respecting the Customs, Trade and Navigation”, August 18, 1784.

10  Typescript of a letter to Dugal Campbell ordering him to lay out a town on St. Anne’s Point; April 12, 1784.

11  Typescript of a dispatch from Viscount March to the Earl of Carnarvon concerning the proposed union of the British North American Provinces; Quebec, September 25, 1866.

12  Typescript list of young men and women who attended Sheffield Academy, Sunbury County, 1867-1874.

13  Copy of a note on “The Arms of New Brunswick”, from the Ontario Historical Society Papers, Vol. XLV, pp. 144-145; n.d.

14  Copy of a summons to various individuals to testify to the trial of Isabel Carr for the murder of Mary Clark; September 20, 1930.

15  Transcriptions of historical documents addressed to Gabriel De Veber and the Reverend Rapier Milner.  [1766-1830]

16  Typescript and handwritten notes on the cannons placed in Officers Square, Queen St., Fredericton; August 11, 1969.  Pictures of the cannons from A.A. Dodge transferred to MS44/221.

17  Typewritten notes on Artillery commands of the 17th century.  [c. 1848]

18  Copy of an essay by “Bill” Simcock titled “Down Memory Lane”, in the bulletin of the Fredericton Legion, Branch No. 4; May, 1956.

19  Typescript of an essay on the 104th Regiment, including a list of its members.

20  Typescript of orders to Lieutenant Dixon from Jeff. Amherst of New York; November, 1763.

21  Copy of an essay on the military history of Fredericton and York County; n.d.

22  Photocopy of the “Reminiscences of Hannah Ingraham“. [1772-1868]

23  Notes and history of the Carleton and York Regiment (1787-1946); December 20, 1978.

24  Typescript in French with handwritten translation of the “Ratification of the Concession of a Terrain between Medoctec and the Long Sault on the St. John River in favour of Sire Rene D’Amours of Clignancourt.”; May 24, 1689.

25  Handwritten essay on “Reaction to Confederation in New Brunswick, 1864-1866”; April 1, 1975.

26  Copy of a News Release of an address by Prof. D.C. Harvey, Nova Scotia archivist, on the life of Jean Pierre Roma, who established a base for the development of the Gulf of St. Lawrence fisheries; Sept. 7, 1936.

27  Handwritten notes on Lucifer matches and grain cradles by Wm. H. Moore; [1948]

28  Typescript of an interview with Miss Margaret Wilkinson re. her early life in Baie de Vin; 1969.

29  Typescript of notes on the Queen’s Rangers; n.d.

30  Typescript of an essay “A Legend of the St. John River” or “A Night With the Lord Bishop of Oromocto”; March 15, 1884.

31  Typescript of information on the pre-Confederation history of railway construction and transportation and coal mining in Nova Scotia, prepared primarily for the descendents of George Taylor and James Hudson; n.d.

32  Notes on Railway Engines by Mrs. S.S. Miller; n.d.

33  Typescript of an essay “Steamboat A-Comin'” by Fred H. Phillips; [mid. 1930’s]

34  Typescript of “Survey of River St. John” – excerpt from the Journal of the House of Assembly; Nov. 12, 1849.

35  Handwritten notes on the steamboat “Aberdeen” by Russell T. Morrison; Aug. 14, 1963.

36  Handwritten notes and typed Narration Manuscript of the Historical Pageant of Fredericton – a project by the students and staff of the Devon School (1603-1939); [c. 1950’s]

37  Typescript of “Some Railway History of New Brunswick” by Major C.W. Anderson; n.d.

38  Typed notes on Alma Balmain, Indians, Gagetown and Jemseg; August 2nd and 4th, 1962.

39  Essay on “Folksongs of the Miramichi” by Susan Grattan; March, 1970.

40  Typescript of notes on “The McGinn Model” Locomotive by C. Warren Anderson; May 8, 1954.

41  Handwritten essay on “The Fredericton Fire Brigade, 1800-1900”; April 20, 1983.

42  Essay on “The Changing Nature of the Fredericton Medical Profession”; April 12, 1983.

43  Notes on “Medical History of Fredericton – Victoria Public Hospital”, Mary Myles, R.N.

44  Essay on “The Loyalists:  Who Were They?”; March, 1974.

45  Essay on “The Military Career of a Virginia Loyalist:  Captain John Saunders 1776-1782”; May 1, 1972.

46  Handwritten essay on “Lumbering on the Miramichi River”; March, 1975.

47  Copy of a paper presented at ACI Colloquiam:  “Interiors:  Cultural Patterns in the Atlantic Canadian Home” by T.G. Dilworth on Thomas Nisbet, 19th century N.B. cabinetmaker; Sept. 25, 1981.

48  Essay on “The St. John River”; March 26, 1974.

49  Typescript of a list of vessels built and registered at Miramichi in 18609 and 1862, as published in the Journals of the House of Assembly, 1861 and 1863.

50  Handwritten essay on “The Story of the Chestnut Canoe Company”; n.d.

51  Handwritten essay on “New Brunswick – A Province of Unrest”, by (Miss) Sherry Parks; n.d.

52  Essay on Water Pollution in New Brunswick by Sandra Dunham, 1969.

53  Essay “Growth of an Institution” on the history of schools in Fredericton; March 23, 1970.

54  Essay on “The New Brunswick Schools Question and the Caraquet ‘Riots’: Their History and Significance”; March, 1971.

55  Essay on “A Study of Responsible Government in New Brunswick From 1848-857”; April 2, 976.

56  Essay on “Fredericton Bridge Study”; April 1, 1975.

57  Essay on “New Brunswick and Confederation:  A Conflict of Interest”; n.d.

58  Essay on “Merchant in Planter’s Clothing:  A Motivational Study of Captain John Saunders, Virginia Loyalist” by Robert Rankin; April, 1975.

59  Essay on “The Amalgamation of Fredericton and Devon 1944-1945”; n.d.

60  Handwritten Essay on “The Boundary Dispute of the St. Croix”; March 23, 1970.

61  Typescript of C.B.C. Radio drama “The White Empire”, script #2; #6; #11; Nov. 21, 1945, Dec. 19, 1945, Jan. 23/46.

Harold Markham Military Collection

MC300-MS15 York-Sunbury Historical Society Collection Description (page 130)

If you are interested in any of these files then please contact the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick.

“This series contains the research notes and compilations of G. Harold Markham, of Saint John, who is numbered with those New Brunswick historians of the mid-twentieth century such as Maxwell and Manny who contributed so much to the preservation of the history of the Province.  The items here reflect a great deal of meticulous research as well as writing, and establish Markham as one who could vie for the title “New Brunswick’s Military Historian”.

Markham’s biographical notes on the New Brunswick Fencibles and the 104th Regiment should be of particular interest to genealogists, while his work on the regiments, their activities, quarters, and history should be of use to the military historians in general.  This series measures 25 centimeters.”

1  Typed manuscript of “The New Brunswick Fencibles” by G.H. Markham, (398 pp.); November 9, 1955.

2  Lists of the officers, non-commissioned officers, and privates of the Kings New Brunswick Regiment, the New Brunswick Regiment Fencible Infantry, and the 104th Regiment in 1812.

3  Biographical notes, lists, and historical sketches of the Officers of the New Brunswick Regiment of Fencible Infantry of the 104th New Brunswick Regiment.

4  Additional biographical notes, lists, and historical sketches of the officers of the 104th New Brunswick Regiment.

5  Book of “Biographical Gleanings” of the 104th Regiment.

6  Biographical notes and historical sketches on the 104th Regiment including extracts from official records.

7  Casualty list of the 104th Regiment for March 5, 1813 to November 18, 1814.

8  Extracts from the pay list of the 104th Regiment from September 25, 1812 to March 24, 1813.

9  Biographical notes, lists, and historical sketches of the Kings New Brunswick Regiment (The New Brunswick Fencibles).

10  Biographical notes, extracts from official documents, and historical sketches on the Kings New Brunswick Regiment.

11  Biographical notes, etc., on the New Brunswick Fencibles.

12  Miscellaneous notes on the New Brunswick Fencibles.

13  Extracts of the official correspondence of the New Brunswick Regiment of Fencible Infantry.

14  Index of the military officers from the Royal Kalendar of 1789.

15  Index of the military officers from the Royal Kalendar of 1807.

16  Index to the army lists in the Royal Kalendar of 1817.

17  Addenda and errata for Service of British Regiment In Canada and North America by Charles H. Stewart, 1964.

18  List of Commanders-in-Chief of the British Army, 1674-1842; and of British Secretaries-at-War, 1661-1846.

19  List of the staff of the British Army in the Provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and their dependencies including the islands of Newfoundland, Cape Breton, Prince Edward, and Bermuda, under the command of Lieutenant-General Sir John Coape Sherbrooke, 1814-1815.

20  A list of His Majesty’s Forces serving in Upper and Lower Canada from the Quebec Almanack and the British American Royal Kalendar of 1815.

21  Letter from Mrs. Wales C. Brewster to G.H. Markham containing genealogical information on Dr. Charles Earle and the Earle family; January 1956.

22  Papers on General Francis Cockburn and the Cockburn Family including letter on the General from the Phillimore & Co. Ltd. Record Searchers, chronology of the career of the General, a historical sketch of Lieutenant-Colonel Francis Cockburn, and a chart of Cockburn genealogy.

23  Papers on Lieutenant-Colonel William Drummond of Keltie including extracts from A Genealogical Memoir of the…House of Drummond by David Malcolm.  1808; a letter from the Registrar of Births, Edinburgh, 1954; a letter from Phillimore & Co., Records Searchers, 1939; and various other notes on the Lt.-Col. Drummond.

24  Papers on Captain Noah Freer and his family.

25  Papers on Captain John Jenkins, which also includes excerpts from Sir George Head’s Forest Scenes and Incidents in the Wilds of North America.

26  Papers on Lieutenant-Colonel Robert Moodie and his family.

27  List of the officers of the 104th Regiment.

28  List that compares the 104th Regiment with the St. John Militia giving biographical detail on many of the men mentioned.

29  List that compares the 104th Regiment with the grantees of Kings County.

30  List of the recorded desertions in the 104th Regiment for 1815, 1816 and 1817 giving place of desertion, date, name, commander’s name, and rank.

31  Extracts showing payments made for deserters and for recruiting of the 104th.

32  Annotated copy of the petition of Daniel Haycook and ten others belonging to the late American Legion asking for a grant on land on Grand Bay; April 22, 1785.

33  Copy of the petition of Corporal George Perkins of the Kings New Brunswick Regiment concerning land title withheld from him by David Moore; August 4, 1796.

34  Annotated copy of the petition of George Hardaker of Newcastle Parish, Northumberland County, asking for a grant of land; May 28, 1819.

35  Article on “Shiphouse Point, Smallest Naval Base” [New York State, War of 1812-1814.]

36  Article on Sacketts Harbour, New York State, includes a map.

37  Typescript of a letter from Colonel A.W. Playfair to the British Standard describing the general conditions endured by the 104th Regiment of which he was a member on their march of 1813; Bathurst, January 20, 1862.

38  A comparison of the march of the 104th Regiment and other troop movements over the same route during the “Trent Affair” of 1861-1862.

39  Note on the uniform worn by the 104th Regiment on the 1813 march to Quebec.

40  Letter from G. Harold Markham to Dr. G. Alvah Good discussing the march of the 104th; Saint John, August 8, 1957.

41   Extracts from Recollections of the War of 1812 by Surgeon William Dunlop of the 89th Regiment of Foot.

42  Unidentified extract on the battle of Lundy’s Lane.

43  Letter from G. Harold Markham to Dr. Lilian Maxwell (on a letter to him) discussing his research on the War of 1812; Saint John, October 10, 1951.

44  Manuscript plans of the battlefield and notes on the battle of Lundy’s Lane by G.H. Markham.

45  Article from the Niagara Falls Evening Review, September 11, 1941, entitled “Canadians at Lundy’s Lane” by Ernest Green.  This article was read before the Royal Society of Canada in May 1940.

46  Notes on the military quarters at Sydney, N.S.

47  Excerpt from John Stewart’s An Account of Prince Edward Island, 1806, on the defenses of Charlottetown.

48  Transcript of a “Report of all the barracks, batteries, block houses and other government buildings in the Province of New Brunswick in the year 1825”.  From Rev. W.O. Raymond scrapbook, vol. 7, page 150, in Saint John Public Library.

49  An account of Fort Ingalls at Cabano, Quebec, by Leo Bigue.

50  Transcription of “The Old Garrisons at Presqu’Isle and Grand Falls” from Rev. W.O. Raymond’s scrapbook, vol. 3, p. 247, in the Saint John Public Library.

51  Notes on the quarters of the 104th Regiment after the War of 1812.

52  Transcripts of the Regimental song, “A Soldier’s Ambition”, of the 104th Regiment written by Rev. Jonathan Odell and set to a score by David Garrick.

53  Excerpt from J.W. Lawrence’s The Judges of New Brunswick and Their Times, concerning the Trafalgar Ball given by Maj.-Gen. Hunter at the Province Hall, Fredericton in February 14, 1806.

54  Chronology of events in New Brunswick history, 1785-1851.

55  Article by G.H. Markham entitled “New Brunswick and the Gold Colony”.

56  Excerpt on the Quebec Bank, Quebec, for Mrs. Daniel MacPherson’s Old Memories, Amusing and Historical.

57  Clippings and notes on military fortifications, uniforms, personnel, and routes.

  a  Clipping re. “Sword for Col. Fowler of 104th; 1915.

  b  Christmas card with color print of “Officer of the 10th Hussars; 1835.

58  Research notes, letters, and lists on the 104th Regiment and other military subjects related to the War of 1812.

59  Letter to Lillian Maxwell re. 104th Regiment; Thomas Leonard, Sproule, and Moodie Family genealogies; 1941.

60  Pictures, photos and postcards re. March of 104th (all from Prov. of Quebec).