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McAlpine’s York and Carleton Counties Directory for 1884-85 Page 66

Page 66 of the McAlpine's York and Carleton Counties Directory for 1884-85

Page 66 of the McAlpine's York and Carleton Counties Directory for 1884-85

[ABBREVIATIONS (found on page 17)  –ab above; adv advertisement; asst assistant; bds boards; cor corner; do same place or same street; dept department; e s east side; h house; n near; n s north side; opp opposite; r rear; rev reverend; s s south side; wid widow; w s west side; n north; s south; e east; w west; bet between.]




Seery Edward, tailor, Brunswick
Seery Miss Mary E, milliner, Queen, h Brunswick
Segee Edward, mill hand, h Saunders
Segee Jane, wid William B, h Saunders
Segee Lucy, wid George N, h George
Segee Robert, boot and shoemaker, King, h do
Sewell Odber, laborer, h Victoria Lane
Sewell William, h Queen w
Seymour Lydian, wid William, h Union
SHARKEY JAMES T, Barrister and Notary, Queen, h do  See adv above
SHARKEY OWEN, Dry Goods and Clothier, Queen, h do  See adv opp
Sharkey, Thomas A, salesman, h Queen e
Sharpe A E, of Hayes & Sharpe, h Brunswick
Sharpe Emiline, wid William, h Brunswick
Sharpe Hedley N, salesman, h Brunswick
Shaw Henry, carriage maker, bds Albion Hotel
Shea Dennis, tinsmith, bds Queen
Shehan John, marble worker, bds Commercial hotel
Shephard Edward, laborer, h Chancery Lane
Shephard William, laborer, h Chancery Lane
SHERMAN LOUIS W, com and lum mer, Queen, h St John
Sherwood Joseph, carpenter, h Westmorland
Shute Fanny B, wid Zethune, h St John
SHUTE S FULLER, Watchmaker and Jeweller, Fancy Goods, Queen, h St John  See adv opp
Sills Anna, wid James, h George
Sims W Y T, h Needham
Simonds John, second hand store, Regent, h do

Clothes made to order at Gunn’s, Queen Street, Fredericton.

[McAlpine’s York and Carleton Counties Directory for 1884-85 Page 13 – Index]

[McAlpine’s York and Carleton Counties Directory for 1884-85 Page 5 – Title Page]

A York Sunbury Museum project … exhibiting the history of Fredericton and central New Brunswick!


McAlpine’s York and Carleton Counties Directory for 1884-85 Page 65

Page 65 of the McAlpine's York and Carleton Counties Directory for 1884-85

Page 65 of the McAlpine's York and Carleton Counties Directory for 1884-85

[ABBREVIATIONS (found on page 17)  –ab above; adv advertisement; asst assistant; bds boards; cor corner; do same place or same street; dept department; e s east side; h house; n near; n s north side; opp opposite; r rear; rev reverend; s s south side; wid widow; w s west side; n north; s south; e east; w west; bet between.]



A Full Stock of Mountings, &c.

Perfect Fitting Garments, First-Class Workmanship,
Moderate Prices, Give me a Call
Wilmot’s Alley, off Queen Street, Fredericton.

Groceries and Provisions
Goods Delivered Free of Charge.
Regent Street, Fredericton, N. B.

SCHELEYER GEO W, photographer & fcy goods, Queen, h Charlotte
Schleyer John, gunsmith, Charlotte, h do
Schleyer John W, engineer, h Charlotte
Scully Charles, blacksmith, King, h George
Scully William, boot and shoe maker, King, h do
SCULLY WILLIAM H, Grocer, Regent, h do  See adv above
Sealy George E, lumberman, h George
Searle George, laborer, h King
SEERY WILLIAM E, Merchant Tailor, Wilmot alley, h Brunswick  See adv above

Grey and White Shirting at Tennant, Davies & Co., Fredericton.

[McAlpine’s York and Carleton Counties Directory for 1884-85 Page 13 – Index]

[McAlpine’s York and Carleton Counties Directory for 1884-85 Page 5 – Title Page]

A York Sunbury Museum project … exhibiting the history of Fredericton and central New Brunswick!

The names of physicians in practice in New Brunswick and places where they reside in 1892


P4-2-0133 YORK SUNBURY HISTORICAL SOCIETY PHOTOGRAPHS - Fredericton Doctor’s meet Chatham Baseball Team at Scully’s Grove, Fredericton. The proceeds of $400.00 going towards the first x-ray machine at Victoria Public Hospital, Fredericton. The team front row, left to right: Harry F. McLeod, “Doc” Kelly, Dr. Seery, Fred B. Edgecombe, C. Fred Chestnut, T. Carleton Allen, Fred Hilyard, Dr. James Bridges, Brad Winslow, A.F. Street, James H. Hawthorne and Matthew Tennant. Second row, left to right: James T. Sharkey, Dr. George McNally, Dr. W.C. Crockett, John Palmer, R.W.L. Tibbets, James H. Crockett, Albert Edgecombe, Dr. Fred Gunter, R.P. Foster, George Y. Dibblee and L.C. McNutt. Back row, left to right: D. Lee Babbitt, John Kilburn and F. St. J. Bliss, ca. 1902.

Entry found in Daniel F. Johnson’s New Brunswick Newspaper Vital Statistics pertaining to the physicians in New Brunswick in 1892.  I thought that I would share references to New Brunswick’s medical history since we are installing our medical history exhibit at the York Sunbury Museum!  Thanks to the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick for making this database available on-line! 

Transcribed by Daniel F. Johnson.

Volume 83 Number 3207 
Date May 2 1892
County Saint John
Place Saint John
Newspaper The Daily Telegraph

The names of physicians in practice in New Brunswick and places where they reside: Henry G. ADDY, St. John; Geo. A.B. ADDY, St. John; Carretto Arthur ALLAN, Bayfield (West. Co.); Lucius Carey ALLISON, St. John; Mark ALWARD, Elgin (Albert Co.); Joseph ANDREWS, St. John; Adam F. ARMSTRONG, Johnston (Queens Co.); James G. ATKINSON, Oak Hill (Charlotte Co.); Marcus C. ATKINSON, Bristol (Carleton Co.); I.W.N. BAKER, Centreville; Charles Leander BARNES, Dorchester; George O. BAXTER, Barnesville; James McGregor BAXTER, Chatham; William BAYARD, Saint John; J. BEAIRSTO, Hartland; George BEDELL, Musquash; John W. BEGG, Dalhousie; Dudley J. BELL, Fort Fairfield, Me.; John Stafford BENSON, Chatham; Joseph Black BENSON, Chatham; John BERRYMAN, St. John; D.E. BERRYMAN, St. John; Charles A. BLACK, Westmorland; Frank I. BLAIR, St. Stephen; David BLEAKNEY, Petitcodiac; Sherman W. BOONE, Presque Isle, Me.; Louis Napoleon BOURQUE, Moncton; Thos. J. BOURQUE, Richibucto; Jas. Whiteside BRIDGES, Oromocto; Edward James BRODERICK, St. John; Frank Mansor BROWN, Fredericton; T.C. BROWN, Fredericton; Murdock Fraser BRUCE, St. John; Joshua Upham BURNETT, Sussex; William M. CALDWELL, Fairville; J.O. CALKIN, Sackville; George R. CAMP, Sheffield; James A. CASWELL, Gagetown; A. Henry CHANDLER, Moncton; Edward B. CHANDLER, Moncton; Jas. CHRISTIE, St. John; Wm CHRISTIE, Portland; J. Elbert CHURCH, Moncton; Augustus Tupper CLARKE, Calais, Me.; Benjamin COBURN, Bright; Geo. H. COBURN, Fredericton; Peter White CODY, Forest City, Me.; Newton Ramsay COLTER, Woodstock; Francis Xavier COMEAU, Caraquet; Henry Hicks COLEMAN, Sackville; George E. COULTHARD, Fredericton; Gustavus R.J. CRAWFORD, St. John; William Caldwell CROCKET, Fredericton; Isaac B. CURTIS, Hartland; John Z. CURRIE, Fredericton; John Waterhouse DANIEL, St. John; William McKay DEINSTADT, St. Stephen; Francis John DESMOND, Newcastle; Thomas DICK, St. George; George O. DIBBLEE, Moore’s Mills; William G. DISBROW, Dalhousie; H.L. DOBSON, Hartland; Isaac Wilson DOHERTY, Kingston (Kent Co.); William Woodbury DOHERTY, Campbellton; Nathaniel DUFFY, Lubec, Me.; Gideon Mitchell DUNCAN, Bathurst; George H. DUNLAP, Moncton; Thomas J. Otty EARLE, Young’s Cove; Alban F. EMERY, St. John; Francis Gordon ESSEN, St. John; John J. GAYNOR, Grand Harbor, Grand Manan; Edward T. GAUDET, St. Joseph (West. Co.); John GILCHRIST, Portland; John Brewer GILCHRIST, St. John; Henry Edward GILLMOR, St. Martins; Harry GOVE, St. Andrews; Samuel Tilley GOVE, St. Andrews; James H. GRAY, Fairville; Adolphus G. GUY, Edmundston; Richard HARRISON, St. John; Hugh Burns HAY, Young’s Cove; George A. HETHERINGTON, St. John; Judson Egbert HETHERINGTON, St. John; Charles HOLDEN, St. John; James HUTCHISON, St. John; P. Robertson INCHES, St. John; Chas. H.L. JOHNSTON, St. John; George F. JOHNSON, Sussex; John Mariner JONAH, Eastport, Me.; Perley Taylor KEIRSTEAD, Woodstock; Bauman Newton KEITH, Harvey Station; Melbourne Franklin KEITH, Welford; Frank Lincol KENNEY, St. John; Wallace G. KING, Buctouche; Joseph A. LANGIS, Buctouche; James Douglas LAWSON, St. Stephen; John James LAWSON, Norton Station; William James LEWIS, Hillsborough; Robert LIMOND, Campobello; Henry LUMAN, Campbellton; Malcolm C. MacDONALD, Cambridge; Donald D. MacDONALD, Petitcodiac; Matthew Law MacFARLAND, Fairville; Murray MacLAREN, St. John; Chas. G. MAIN, Edmundston; John Edgar MARCH, St. John; Bliss A. MARVEN, Hillsborough; Geo. Girvan MELVIN, Alma; Alex. Cowan MOFFAT, Kilburn (Victoria Co.); David R. MOORE, Stanley; Edmund MOORE, Salisbury; Oscar T. MOREHOUSE, Keswick; Wm Somerville MORRISON, St. John; John C. MOTT, Prince William; Angus John MURRAY, Greenwich; Charles MURRAY, Studholm; Daniel MURRAY, Campbellton; Duncan Barbour MYSHARLL, Calais, Me.; Lemuel A.W. McALPINE, St. John; Oscar J. McCULLY, Moncton; Manfred H. McDONALD, Wickham; John McDONALD, Chatham; F. McFARLAND, St. John; James Peterson McINERNEY, St. John; Robert McLEARN, Fredericton; Beverly N. McLEARY, Portland; Harry Daniel McMANUS, Bath; Robert NICHOLSON, Newcastle; John G. NUGENT, Brigg’s Corner; Rufina Augustino OLLOQUI, Kingston (Kent Co.); James Edward O’NEIL, Fairville; John Gabriel OWENS, Millville; Alfred Hunt PECK, Petitcodiac; Martin Luther PORTER, Danforth, Me.; Clinton Tremaine PURDY, Moncton; Silas PURDY, Hopewell; George Howard RAYMOND, Sussex; Ethelbert REAVELY, Canterbury Station; Edward C. RANDALL, Hillsborough; Wm Donald RANKINE, Woodstock; Harlan P. REYNOLDS, Lepreaux; James Duncan ROSS, Moncton; Robert K. ROSS, St. Stephen; John H. RYAN, Sussex; Frederick Joseph SEERY, Fredericton; Elizabeth SECORD, Blissville; Isaac Clarence SHARP, Marysville; Mason SHEFFIELD, St. John; John Alexander SIMON, St. John; Felix C. SIROIS, Fort Kent, Me.; Alfred Corbett SMITH, Newcastle; Gaius T. SMITH, Moncton; James R.N. SMITH, Milltown, Me.; Joshua Newton SMITH, Hampton; Stephen SMITH, Woodstock; Thomas Farmer SPRAGUE, Woodstock; Edward Omar STEEVES, Moncton; James T. STEEVES, Fairville; James Albert E. STEEVES, Fairville; Charles E. SWAN, Calais, Me.; Henry Iangster TAYLOR, St. George; John Francis TEED, Dorchester; Bliss S. THORNE, Sackville; William H. TODD, St. Stephen; George F. TOWNSEND, Calais, Me.; John Boyle TRAVERS, St. John; Harmon S. TRUEMAN, Sackville; Walter L. TURNER, Canterbury; George Cutler UPHAM, Van Buren, Me.; George Clowes VANWART, Fredericton; Victor J.A. VENNER, Campbellton; Edwin H. VOSE, Calais, Me.; John Roger WADE, Grand Falls; Joseph Armour WADE, St. Andrews; Thomas WALKER, St. John; Percy Heber WARNEFORD, Hampton; Frederick N. WELLING, aNDOVER; Frederick Henry WETMORE, Hampton; Frederick J. WHITE, Shediac; Jacob D. WHITE, Carleton; Wilsey Hatfield WHITE, St. Stephen; James SMITH WHITE, Hodgson, Me.; Walter Woodworth WHITE, St. John; John WIER, Doaktown; Robert M.B. WILEY, Andover; John Herbert WILSON, Petitcodiac; Samuel F. WILSON, St. John; Alonzo Pomeroy WYMAN, Upper Wicklow; Melvin Leonard YOUNG, Vanceboro, Me.
Dr. Elizabeth Secord

Dr. Elizabeth Secord from the Hartt Family website.

Note:  Dr. Elizabeth Secord was the first qualified and registered female Doctor in New Brunswick and one of the first in Canada.  She studied at Keokuk College, Michigan where she received her MD in 1881 and then trained at the Women’s College Hospital until 1882.  Secord registered in New Brunswick in 1883 and two years later took post graduate training in Dublin Lying-In Hospital and received her License in Midwifery in 1885.

Volume 90 Number 1916

Date March 30 1894
County Kings
Place Sussex
Newspaper Kings County Record

The Fredericton Junction (Sunbury Co.) correspondent of the ‘Telegraph’ says that the only lady practitioner in the province, Dr. E.C. SECORD has left that place and removed to Norton (Kings Co.)

Volume 94 Number 2937

Date March 23 1894
County Saint John
Place Saint John
Newspaper The Daily Sun

Dr. E.C. SECORD has removed from Fredericton Junction (Sunbury Co.) to Norton (Kings Co.). Previous to her departure, Dr. Secord was presented by the Loyal Tekperance Legion, of which she was promoter and patron, with an address and handsome bible. The legion also made a suitable gidt to her sister, Miss SMITH, who accompanies Dr. Secord to her new field of labor.

Volume 93 Number 2937

Date September 10 1894
County Saint John
Place Saint John
Newspaper The Daily Telegraph

Miss SMITH of Norton (Kings Co.), sister of Dr. SECORD was brought to this city yesterday morn. and taken to the General Public Hospital. She injured herself very dangerously a few days ago. Drs. Christie and Lawson, after consulting, advised her removal. Her condition was unchanged early this morn.

Volume 89 Number 2354

Date March 4 1893
County Saint John
Place Saint John
Newspaper The Daily Sun

Blissville (Sunbury Co.) March 2 – J. Hewrbert SECORD, B.A., who went to New Mexico last autumn on account of failing health, writes that his condition is apparently unchanged. He started for San Antonia, Texas last week. He is the only s/o Dr. E. SECORD of Fredericton Junction.

Volume 86 Number 542

Date September 2 1893
County York
Place Fredericton
Newspaper The Gleaner

J. Herbert SECORD, B.A., s/o Dr. E.C. SECORD of Fredericton Junction (Sunbury Co.) died at 8 o’clock a.m. yesterday at his mother’s residence. He graduated from Acadia in June 1891. The funeral takes place 2 p.m. tomorrow.

P4-2 York Sunbury Historical Society Photographs

A second York Sunbury Historical Society finding aid at the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick is a photograph collection.  Some of these photographs are listed in the MC300 MS44.  Copies of these images can be ordered from the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick

You can download a PDF version here. 

P4-2-01 - Old Mount House, Grimross Island, St. John River at Gagetown

1  Old Mount House, Grimross Island, St. John River at Gagetown (P4-2-01

2  Copy of watercolor of Fredericton, 1818 (P4-2-02

3  Old Legislative Council Chamber, Legislative Assembly Building 

4  Part of an early Market House, Phoenix Square, Fredericton, 1863 (P4-2-04

5  Halls of the Arts Building, UNB, with a view of box stove (P4-2-05)

6  Alexander Gibson in his sawmill in Marysville (P4-2-06

7  University Avenue in the spring freshet of 1887, Fredericton (P4-2-07

P4-2-07 University Avenue in the spring freshet of 1887, Fredericton

8  Officers Barracks, Fredericton, seen from the  St. John River during flood of 1887 (P4-2-08

9  Risteen’s Factory, built in former George J. Dibblee home, Queen and Smythe Streets, Fredericton (P4-2-09

10  No. 1 Hose Co., Fredericton Fire Department, June 20, 1887  (P4-2-10

11  Methodist Church at Marysville, built by Alexander Gibson, and dedicated January 6, 1873.  This church was destroyed by fire; photo January 29, 1911  (T- 58) 

12  Small Methodist Church on Carleton Street, 1840.  This church burned in 1850; Copy of a watercolor (P4-2-12

P4-2-13 Aberdeen Mill, Fredericton west end, burned August 1905

13  Aberdeen Mill, Fredericton west end, burned August 1905  (P4-2-13).   

14  View from home of Sir George Perkins, on site later occupied by CNR Station.  Picture shows Collegiate School and Christ Church Cathedral.   

15  Church Street, Fredericton – between George and Charlotte Streets (P4-2-15

16  Lovers Lanes, Rookwood – in winter (P4-2-16

17  View from main house, Rookwood – Fredericton (P4-2-17

18  Caretaker’s cottage (early Acadian), Rookwood – Fredericton (P4-2-18)

P4-2-18 Caretaker’s cottage (early Acadian), Rookwood – Fredericton

19  Main house, Rookwood – Fredericton (P4-2-19)

20  Main house, Rookwood – Fredericton (P4-2-20

21  Old barn, Rookwood, seen through an arch – Fredericton (P4-2-21)

22  Base stone from old grist mill, for grinding grain 

23  Barns and covered entrance, Rookwood – Fredericton (P4-2-23)

24  Ox-cart which belongs to Gov. Thomas Carleton (P4-2-24)

25  Root house (P4-2-25)

26  Home of Lieut. Samuel Denys Street (P4-2-26)

27  Ox-cart (P4-2-27)

28  Belmont, Lower Lincoln – built by John Murray Bliss 

P4-2-29 Home of Capt. Benjamin Glasier, Lincoln. Built about 1800, by Capt. Benjamin, the father of John Glasier.

29  Home of Capt. Benjamin Glasier, Lincoln.  Built about 1800, by Capt. Benjamin, the father of John Glasier. The first house on the same site was burned by Indians (P4-2-29)

30  Home of Col. John Simcoe Saunders, 752 King Street – Fredericton (P4-2-30)

31  Home of William Garden, United Empire Loyalist, Springhill – built 1790 (P4-2-31)

32  Rainsford House on Rainsford Lane, Old Road – near Fredericton (P4-2-32)

33  Trinity Church, Upper Maugerville. Burial place of the Carmen’s (P4-2-33)

34  Old Rectory, George Street, Fredericton; once home of the Roberts family (P4-2-34)

P4-2-35 Stephen Glasier home, Lincoln – built about 1777 and torn down 1944.

35  Stephen Glasier home, Lincoln – built about 1777 and torn down 1944.  Stephen was the bachelor brother of Lt. Col. Glasier (P4-2-35)

36  John Hazen house, built 1776 (P4-2-36)

37  Barker home at Barker’s Point, Fredericton – built by Lieut. Stair Agnew, torn down about 1954 (P4-2-37)

38  One-time home of Hon. Thomas Wetmore, Atty-Gen. 1809 – Queen Street west of Northumberland Street, Fredericton (P4-2-38)

39  Rear view of house on Shore Street, Fredericton.  Built by Col. Shore and once the home of Bliss Carman (P4-2-39)

40  Stone house built by Capt. Thomas Pepper at Lower St. Marys, 1826 (P4-2-40)

41  Woolford cottage, Regent Street – Fredericton 

42  King’s Coffee House, Lower Queen Street – Fredericton; where Legislature first met in the Capital, July 18, 1788.  Ward Chipman house far left, opened 1785 by Vanderbeck and Ackerman.  Torn down for Playhouse, 1958 or early 1960’s (P4-2-42)

43  View of Rookwood House, Fredericton (P4-2-43)

44  Faculty and students, UNB – 1879 (P4-2-44

P4-2-45 View of Rookwood House, Fredericton

45  View of Rookwood House, Fredericton (P4-2-45

46  House at Queen and St. John Streets, Fredericton – built by Henry Winslow Miller and leased to Ward Chipman, 1836.  House at right built by Edward Miller; birthplace of Francis Sherman (P4-2-46)

47  Rear view of Ward Chipman house in P4–2- 46 (P4-2-47)

48  Modern appearance of King’s American Coffee House (P4-2-42).  Torn down the summer of 1958 or (1961?) to make way for the Playhouse.  Front view of Inn where NB Legislature first met 

49  Rear view of house in P4 – 48.  1945 view modernized building where legislature first met 

50  Rear view of house built by Edward Winslow  Miller, between 1812 and 1820 (P4-2-50)

51  House at King and St. John Streets, Fredericton.  Built by Edward Winslow Miller between 1812 and 1820, housed Central Bank of New Brunswick in 1836 and was occupied for many years by New Brunswick Department of Agriculture.  Torn down late 1967 (P4-2-51)

52  Brick building on St. John Street, Fredericton – between King and Queen Streets.  Was office of Edward Winslow Miller and Henry Smith; later was residence of R.P. Allen, long editor of the “Daily Mail”. New Brunswick Travel Bureau was first housed here, 1927 – afterwards occupied by Highway Engineers Branch, New Brunswick Department of Public Works; torn down to make way for the Playhouse (P4-2-52)

P4-2-53 Golden Hall Inn, Waterloo Row – Fredericton

53  Golden Hall Inn, Waterloo Row – Fredericton (P4-2-53)

54  European and National American Railway Station, St. John  (P4-2-54)

55  Odell House, Rookwood – Fredericton (P4-2-55)

56  Stone house built by Lieut. Thomas Gill, Upper Maugerville (P4-2-56)

57  Last of the old Provincial Normal School, Fredericton.  Early stages of the fire of Sunday – May 5, 1929 (P4-2-57)

58  Odell House, Rookwood – Fredericton (P4-2-58)

P4-2-59 Odell House, Rookwood – Fredericton

59  Odell House, Rookwood – Fredericton (P4-2-59)

60  Winter view of house, New Brunswick Agriculture Building, 1944, built by George Winslow Miller.  Same house in P4–2- 50 and P4-2- 51  (P4-2-60)

61  “Frogmore” built by Chief Justice Carter, Maryland Hill – Fredericton (P4-2-61)

62  Woolford cottage, Regent Street – Fredericton 

63  Old Rectory, Oromocto (P4-2-63)

64  Sleigh at Legislative Assembly Building bearing Lieut- Gov. William F. Todd and Col. W.P. Osborne (P4-2-64)

65  Stone engraved by Timothy O’Connor of the New Brunswick Crown Land Office showing “The Hermitage”, the home of Hon. Thomas Baillie, Commissioner of Crown Lands, 1824 – 1839 

P4-2-66 Shore house, Shore’s Island

66  Shore house, Shore’s Island (P4-2-66)

67  Sunbury County Court House, Burton – built about 1825 (P4-2-67)

68  Home of Gerhardus Clows, Oromocto, “Loyalists” (P4-2-68)

69  Shore house, Shore’s Island – as at present (P4-2-69)

70  Christ Church Cathedral, Fredericton (P4-2-70)

71  Horse powered craft at Lunt’s Ferry, c 1900 (P4-2-71)

P4-2-69 Shore house, Shore’s Island – as at present

72  Victoria Mill (Fraser’s), Fredericton east, from up-river (P4-2-72)

73  Victoria Mill (Fraser’s), Fredericton east, from lumber yard (P4-2-73)

74  Victoria Mill (Fraser’s), Fredericton east, from down-river (P4-2-74)

75  Victoria Mill (Fraser’s), Fredericton east, from railway (P4-2-75)

76  Victoria Mill (Fraser’s), Fredericton east, from down-river by the shore (P4-2-76)

77  Old Wainwright house, St. John and Queen Streets, Fredericton; in first stage of demolition to make way for the Lord Beaverbrook Hotel, 1946 (P4-2-77)

P4-2-71 Horse powered craft at Lunt’s Ferry, c 1900

78  Old Wainwright house (as above), actual collapse (P4-2-78)

79  Rubble marks site of old Wainwright house (as above) (P4-2-79)

80  Old McCaffery house, east side of Queen Street, first stage of demolition to make way for the Lord Beaverbrook Hotel, 1946 (P4-2-80)

81  Old McCaffery house (as above), actual dynamite blast (P4-2-81)

82  First steel rises for the Lord Beaverbrook Hotel, Fredericton (P4-2-82)

83  Lord Beaverbrook Hotel, Fredericton – with the old Rainsford house partly demolished at left centre (P4-2-83)

84  Old McCaffery house, Queen Street east – Fredericton, just prior to demolition to make way for the Lord Beaverbrook Hotel, 1946 (P4-2-84)

85  Old McCaffery house (as above), demolition proceeds (P4-2-85)

86  Old McCaffery house (as above), demolition proceeds (P4-2-86)

87  Front view of the old Rainsford house, Queen Street east, Fredericton – demolished to make way for the Lord Beaverbrook Hotel, 1946 (P4-2-87)

88  Old Rainsford house (as above), final stage of demolition (P4-2-88)

P4-2-89 Inter-colonial Railway yards, Moncton, 1877

89  Inter-colonial Railway yards, Moncton, 1877.  Moncton was incorporated as a town in 1855 when shipbuilding was the main industry.  However, the advent of steam and iron ships soon brought the prosperity to an end, and Moncton reverted to village status in 1862.  Almost 10 years later, Moncton became the Atlantic regional headquarters for the Intercolonial Railway and in 1875 became a town once more.  This revival explains the civic motto, ‘Resurgo’, which means ‘I rise again’.  Moncton became a city on April 23, 1890 (P4-2-89)

90  Burpee house, Burton – built 1813 (P4-2-90)

91  Burpee house, Burton – built 1813 

92  Burpee house, Burton- view of one end (P4-2-92)

93  Corner stone of Burpee house, Burton – incised “E.B. May 1813” (P4-2-93)

94  Burpee house, Maugerville (P4-2-94)

95  Burpee house, Maugerville (P4-2-95)

96  West house, Long’s Creek (P4-2-96)

P4-2-96 West house, Long’s Creek

97  West house, Long’s Creek (P4-2-97)

98  West house, Long’s Creek (P4-2-98)

99  Smythe house, French Lake (P4-2-99)

100  Smythe house, French Lake (also spelled Smith) (P4-2-100)

101  Interior of old skating rink, corner  of York and Saunders Streets, Fredericton – burned 1881.  

102  Home of Jowett family – Elizabeth, New Jersey    

103  Old round house at South Devon, built for Northern and Western Railway, 1887 (Canada Eastern – Inter-colonial – CNR); abandoned for new facilities farther east after destruction of first railway by ice the night of March 19, 1936. Later used as workshops by Ashley Colter Enterprises.   Photo taken Sept. 1, 1947 

104  Old Odell House, now deanery of Christ Church Cathedral, corner of Church and Brunswick Streets – Fredericton.  Picture taken about 1930, shows well, since removed.    

P4-2-0105 Queen Street, Fredericton – decorated for visit of Sir John A. MacDonald

105  Queen Street, Fredericton – decorated for visit of Sir John A. MacDonald (P4-2-0105)

106  Two-seated carriage (good shot), built at Edgecombe’s Carriage Factory.  

107  Northumberland and Brunswick Streets, Fredericton – showing hack of flooded street during freshet of 1923.  

108  Wooden highway bridge over St. John River at Fredericton after fire had destroyed two middle spans. (T-891).     

109  Market in City Hall Square, Fredericton – about 1887.    

110  Queen Street below Regent Street in Fredericton, seen from the Queen Hotel. Military parade coming down street, good shot of John Simcoe Saunders house in right background.     

111  Victoria Hotel, Saint John – 1877.  

P4-2-54 European and National American Railway Station St. John

112  Christ Church Cathedral, Fredericton (poor shot).   

113  Scene in Saint John after fire of 1877.   

114  Camping scene near Edmundston. Left to right: Andy Stratton, Allen Randolph, D. Lee Babbitt, Charles G.D. Roberts and Bliss Carman  (T-603).   

115  Very early shot of Arts Building, UNB – Fredericton (poor shot).   

116  Glasier Manor near the mouth of the Nerepis, built about 1765.   

117  Stratton House on River Road between Springhill and Island View.   

118  Early view of Church Street between King and Queen Streets, Fredericton, (Medley and Miller).   



121  House opposite covered bridge at Rusagonis, part of the Peabody grant, bricks stamped “Peabody”.     

122  Old Hatch House in Oromocto.   

123  Griffiths house at Keswick Ridge.   

124  Oscar Sharp house in Scotch Settlement. 

125  Oscar Sharp house in Scotch Settlement.   

126  Smith house at the top of the hill by the new bridge in Rusagonis, said to be very old.  Photo taken Aug. 1964 

127  Chicken house at the Smith farm, French Lake.  Photo taken March 1964 

128  Fredericton City Rugby Team, 1898 – names with proof print 

129  Fredericton High School Football Team, 1897 – names with proof print 

130  Fredericton Football Team, 1900, names with proof print 

131  Fredericton Football Team, 1901, names with proof print 

132  Fredericton City Rugby Team, 1900’s, names with proof print 

133  Fredericton Doctor’s meet Chatham Baseball Team at Scully’s Grove, Fredericton. The  proceeds of $400.00 going towards the first x-ray machine at Victoria Public Hospital, Fredericton.  The team front row, left to right – Harry F. McLeod, “Doc” Kelly, Dr. Seery, Fred B. Edgecombe, C. Fred Chestnut, T. Carleton Allen, Fred Hilyard, Dr. James Bridges, Brad Winslow, A.F. Street, James H. Hawthorne and Matthew Tennant.  Second row, left to right – James T. Sharkey, Dr. George McNally, Dr. W.C. Crockett, John Palmer, R.W.L. Tibbets, James H. Crockett, Albert Edgecombe, Dr. Fred Gunter, R.P. Foster, George Y. Dibblee and L.C. McNutt.  Back row, left to right – D. Lee Babbitt, John Kilburn and F. St. J. Bliss, ca. 1902 (P4-2-0133)

134  Group of UNB athletes, nothing further known 

135  Hunting party on the Portobello, early 1900’s, name with proof print 

136  Old Hatch house in Oromocto 

137  Old Hatch house in Oromocto 

138  Old Hatch house in Oromocto 

139  Stone building on Regent Street, Fredericton – formerly occupied by the Knights of Columbus.  On back stone from the Rainsford Quarry, old Army Building on Regent Street

Programmes and Invitations

Fredericton, New Brunswick City hall

Fredericton City Hall (Image via Wikipedia)

If you are interested in any of these files then please contact the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick.

“This series has 82 entries, which include invitations, programmes, tickets canvasses, and orders of service, etc., for various functions and performances.  These performances include banquets, exhibitions, balls, church services, and other social gatherings.  This series measures approximately 15 cm.”

1  Programme of an Amateur Concert in aid of The Patriotic Fund; Fredericton, 1855.

2  Invitations to Mrs. Seery for functions including the Atlantic Telegraph Cable Celebration, 1858; the Calico Ball in aid of the poor of Fredericton, 1876; The Fredericton Curling Club ball, 1884; The U.N.B. Alumni Society ball, 1886 and the Social Quadrille Assemblies ball, n.d.

3  Programme for the Fredericton Choral Society; April 3, 1866.

4  Programme for the Fredericton Choral Society Concert to mark the opening of the new City Hall; Fredericton, May 22, 1869.

5  Programme for the Fredericton Choral Society; Fredericton, November 10, 1869.

6  Programme for the reception of the Governor-General and H.R.H. Princess Louise; Fredericton, August 9, 1879.

7  Invitation to a complimentary dinner given by John Pickard for Edward Blake at the Queen Hotel; Fredericton, July 20, 1881.

8  Order of Service for the “Thanksgiving for Victory”, in Christ Church Cathedral; Fredericton, May 12, 1945.

9  Six tickets of admission to the City Opera House; Fredericton, n.d.

10  Invitation to H.A. Cropley to the Celebration of the birthday of Senator David Wark; February 19, 1904.

11  Invitation to the Chief Superintendent of Education of New Brunswick from the Government of New Brunswick to attend a dinner in honour of the Governor-General of Canada; December 3, 1918.

12  Invitation to Mr. &  Mrs. Porter from Lieutenant-Governor Hugh McLean to a garden party at Government House; Rothesay, n.d.

13  Invitation to the Misses Corbett from the Social Dance Club to a series of dances; November 9, 1882.

14  Invitation to attend Convocation and the laying of the corner stone for the New Memorial Building, U.N.B.; Fredericton, n.d.

15  Programme of the Literary Association of Saint Andrew’s Church; April 8, 1881.

16  Programme of Her Majesty’s Opera Company [New York]; 1883.

17  Programme of the Alleghanians who are vocalists and Swiss Bell ringers; n.d.

18  Concert programme of [J.P.] Sousa and his band in the City Hall, Fredericton; n.d.

19  Menu (with signatures) for a U.N.B. Reunion Dinner; Fredericton, May 20, 1925.

20  Programme for the New Brunswick Provincial Celebration of the Diamond Jubilee of Confederation; Fredericton, 1927.

21  Programme of exercises commemorative of the early settlers; Fredericton, October 8, 1933.

22  Programme for unveiling the memorial to early settlers at “Elmcroft Cemetery”; Fredericton, August 19, 1934.

23  Engagement card for the King George V Silver Jubilee Ball; Fredericton, May 6, 1935.

24  Invitation to mark the centennial of the Waverley Hotel; Fredericton, March 29, 1938.

25  Programme for the Regatta at the Ship “Beaverbrook”; Fredericton, July 24, 1947.

26  List of paintings in the Fredericton Society of Artists exhibition; February-March, 1957.

27  Programme for the Unveiling of the Lord Beaverbrook Statue; Fredericton, August 28, 1957.

28  Invitation to the Presentation to the City of Fredericton of Dr. W. Austin Squires’ manuscript History of Fredericton; November 14, 1978.

29  Invitation and programme to a memorial service for the boys of Fredericton High School who died in World War II; May 21, 1948.

30  Programme for the graduating exercises of the Training School for nurses, Victoria Public Hospital; Fredericton, 1926.

31  Programme for “Fredericton’s 125th Birthday Celebrations”; July 1st – 7th, 1973.

32  Programme for “Trooping the Colours”, the Saint John Fusiliers; August 16, 1934.

33  Menu for “Banquet in honor of Carleton County South African Contingent “E” Battery”, Woodstock, January 17, 1901.

34  (a & b) Invitation to The Sergeant’s Mess, Camp Sussex, Social Evening; July 13, 1918, July 26, 1918.

35  Ticket to a Dance in the Vocational Building, N.B. Military Hospital; April 23, 1919.

36  Programme for “Celebration of the Coronation of His Majesty, King Edward VII”, Fredericton; August 9, 1902.

37  (a & b) Orders of Service for “Decoration Day Memorial Service”, Fredericton, August 24, 1947, August 14, 1949.

38  Order of Service for the Presentation of the Book of Remembrance to the Halifax Memorial Library, by the Silver Cross Women of Canada; May 29, 1955.

39  Programme on Founder’s Day at University of New Brunswick; 1957.

40  Programme on The One Hundredth Anniversary of the Consecration of St. Anne’s; March 18, 1847 – March 18, 1947.

41  Order of service for the commemoration of Rt. Hon. Lord Beaverbrook in Christ Church Cathedral; June 24, 1964.

42  Programme for Convocation, U.N.B.; October 18, 1956.

43  Programme for the inauguration of A.W. Trueman as President of U.N.B.; Oct. 13, 1948.

44  Programme for the unveiling ceremony of the memorial mural “In memory of the boys of Fredericton High School who made the supreme sacrifice during World War II”; May 21, 1948.

45  Order of service for the Sunday preceding the Coronation of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth in the Presbyterian Church of Canada; May 12, 1937.

46  Order of service for the consecration of Saint Margaret’s Chapel-of-Ease, Fredericton, March 19, 1947.

47  Order of service for Remembrance Day service at the Cenotaph, Fredericton; Nov. 11, 1946.

48  Programme for “Service of Thanksgiving V-E Day”, Fredericton Cenotaph; May 8, 1945.

49  Order of service for a Memorial Service for His Late Majesty, King George V, at Wilmot Church, Fredericton, January 28, 1936.  (Similar to MS48 #29)

50  Order of service for the Fredericton War Memorial dedication; Nov. 11, 1923.

51  Order of service for Harvest Festival, Calgary; Oct. 1, 1950.

52  Order of service for A Memorial Service on the day of the funeral of Her Late Majesty, Queen Victoria; Feb. 2, 1901./ (2 copies).

53  Order of service for a “Day of Humble Supplication on behalf of the Forces in South Africa”, Fredericton; Feb. 11, 1900.

54  Souvenir programme for “The Coronation of Their Majesties King George VI and Queen Elizabeth”; May 12, 1937.

55  Programme for “Soldiers” Joy Day and visit of H.R.H. the Prince of Wales”; August 14 and 15, 1919.

56  Order of service for Trinity Sunday, the Sunday preceding Her Majesty’s Coronation, Church of England; May 31, 1953.

57  Programme for graduation “Mount Allison Ladies’ Academy”; June 3, 1884.

58  Order of service for Brunswick Street Baptist Church, 125th Anniversary, Fredericton; Jan. 1, 1939.

59  Programme for a “Dramatic Concert”, Prince George, B.C.; Dec. 17, 1915.

60  Catalogue for exhibition of “Early Maritime Views”, Beaverbrook Art Gallery, Fredericton; n.d.

61  Programme for Maritime Firemen’s Tournament, Fredericton; July 25,26,27, 1933.

62  Souvenir Programme for “Silver Jubilee Review of the Fleet:  Spithead”; July 16, 1935.

63  Order of service for the Memorial Service for Bliss Carmen, Christ Church Cathedral, Fredericton, August 20, 1929.

64  Order of service for “The Order of the Empire Service”, Cathedral Church of Christ, Canterbury, England; June 15, 1935.  Includes a handwritten note that “…the Cross described herein, and now in Fredericton Cathedral, was dedicated…”

65  Order of service for a “Special Funeral Service” for Queen Victoria, St. Paul’s Church, Fredericton; Feb. 2, 1901.

66  Bulletin from the U.N.B. Film Society, includes a biographical sketch of Ivan the Terrible; and notes of coming films; Nov. 2, 1949.

67  Order of service for the day of the funeral of King George V, Diocese of Fredericton; Jan. 28, 1936.

68  Catalogue for an Exhibition of Paintings by Hazel Parks MacLeod, Fredericton, includes a biographical sketch of the artist; July 13-22, 1957.

69  Programme for Festival of St. Andrew, Halifax, N.S.; Nov. 30, 1921.

70  Brochure of historic sites and programme of events for Maugerville-Sheffield Bi-Centenary; August 23-25, 1963.

71  Programme for “Laying of the Corner Stone of the Lord Beaverbrook Hotel“, Fredericton; Nov. 12, 1946.

72  Order of service for “Rally Day Service”; Sept., 1943.

73  Order of service for “Decoration Day”, Knights of Pythias, Fredericton; Sept. 1, 1929.

74  Order of service for the Royal Visit of Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh to Christ Church Cathedral, Fredericton; Sept. 25, 1984.

75  Menu for “A” Squadron, Royal Canadian Dragoons, Christmas Dinner, Sicily; Dec. 25, 1943.

76  Souvenir Programme for Fredericton Centennial; July 25th to 31st, 1948.

77  Programme booklet for the Salvation Army Diamond Jubilee, Fredericton; Sept. 1-3, 1945.

78  Programme booklets and clippings on Christ Church Cathedral; 1877-1948.

79  Programme booklets and clippings on Christ Church Cathedral; 1954-1978.

80  Yearbook (1934) and funeral service on Saint Paul’s Church; Fredericton, N.B.

81  Souvenir of the reception tendered the “Right Rev. Timothy Casey, D.D.”, by the congregation of Saint Dunstan’s Church (1900).

82  Combined funds Canvassed, St. Dunstan’s Church; Fredericton, N.B.; Nov., 1959.

83  Clipping of Invitation-Dr. Everett Chalmers Hospital official Opening-August 1976.

84  Presentation of Colours to the Carleton & York Regiment and the Edmonton Regiment, 1941