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Coming soon …. War Brides Part 2 Officers’ Quarters!

Cover Page of the War Brides Part 2 of the Officers' Quarters

The preliminary cover of the Officers' Quarters War Brides Part 2 issue

Fredericton, New Brunswick (June 7, 2011) – The York Sunbury Historical Society, through a partnership with the Stepping Stones Writers Group, is getting ready to launch their latest issue of the Officers’ Quarters

Edited by Elaine Mercer, this issue of the local history publication features the first half of the York Sunbury Museum War Brides exhibit that was closed in 2009.  Ms. Mercer joined the York Sunbury Historical Society Publication Committee last year and this is her third issue of the Officers’ Quarters.  She is the facilitator of the Stepping Stones Writers Group and a published author and has a passion for history and biographies. 

The War Brides exhibit was opened in November 2006 in celebration of the 60th anniversary of the war brides of Canada.  It traced the war bride experience from meeting Canadians overseas and falling in love to the marriages that followed, the trans-Atlantic journey and their adaptation to life in New Brunswick.  The Fredericton Region Museum (formerly the York Sunbury Museum) is grateful for the assistance of Melynda Jarratt who guest curated the exhibit and has assisted with this both war bride publications.  Ms. Jarratt is a New Brunswick historian specializing in the war brides experience, has written 3 books on the subject and is currently writing a book about her Grandfather’s war time experiences.

After the Fredericton Region Museum closed the exhibit, several patrons expressed disappointment and the decision was made by the York Sunbury Historical Society Publication Committee to present the contents of the exhibit in two issues of the Officers’ Quarters

Part one was released in November 2010 and part two is almost ready for release!  Part two will include:  Canadian War Bride’s Bureau, Journey by Sea, An Italian War Bride, Jean Paul, Witness to History from the exhibit curated by Ms. Jarratt as well as articles from Stepping Stones Writers Group members (Gina Kirby and Elaine Mercer).

The York Sunbury Historical Society founded the Museum (571 Queen Street) in 1934 and Museum remain a non-profit enterprise with a small paid staff and numerous volunteers who work tirelessly to create informative exhibits, organize public programs and publish the local history periodical, the Officers’ Quarters

The material for the Officers’ Quarters is submitted by guest authors, society members and society program guest speakers.  The content is primarily related to the history of Fredericton and central New Brunswick but sometimes include the history of other parts of the province and Canada.  The Publication Committee is always looking to add to its team of volunteer writers to share in this interesting, challenging and worthwhile local history activity.


Martha J. Harvey Award of Distinction 2010 Recipients

David Dickson and Brent Wilson - Martha J. Harvey Award of Distinction

The York Sunbury Historical Society presented Martha J. Harvey Awards of Distinction to the Honourable David Dickson and The Gregg Centre for the New Brunswick Military Project (Brent Wilson accepting).

Since 1981, the York Sunbury Historical Society has been presenting an annual Award of Distinction for outstanding individual contribution to the field of history of central New Brunswick.  Any member(s) in good standing of the York Sunbury Historical Society may nominate a candidate for the award and award is considered in two select categories: For outstanding contribution in the field of New Brunswick history, with particular interest and applicability to central New Brunswick. – OR – For long and meritorious service or contribution to the York Sunbury Historical Society.

Martha J. Harvey was a founder of the York Sunbury Historical Society, which was established in 1932.  She was a president of Fredericton Women’s Institute, an involved member of the Social Service Council, and was deeply committed to the welfare of the greater Fredericton community.  The Martha J. Harvey Award of Distinction is presented to individuals, or groups, who have shown a dedicated commitment to the goals of the York Sunbury Historical Society.  Past awards have honoured those who have made significant contributions in writing the history of central New Brunswick, in preserving its artefacts and heritage buildings, or in offering exemplary service to the Society in its efforts to discover and preserve the history and heritage of York and Sunbury Counties.

On December 8, 2010, the York Sunbury Historical Society presented two Martha J. Harvey Awards.  Firstly, an award was given to The Gregg Centre for the Study of War and Society at the University of New Brunswick who is devoted to the study of war and the complex social and human situations that arise from it. The Centre runs a visiting speakers program and local conferences, many open to the general public. It is also the publisher of, ‘The Journal of Conflict Studies’ and books and articles by its staff and faculty. 

The Martha J. Harvey Award of Distinction was presented to recognize The Gregg Centre for the New Brunswick Military Project whose aim is to promote the rich military history of New Brunswick through the publication of its book series and the development and maintenance of a database of sites of significant interest throughout the province.

Under the editorship of Brent Wilson, the Gregg Centre in partnership with Goose Lane Editions, the Centre publishes two books annually. The York Sunbury Historical Society is proud to have several of its members amongst the authors in this series, for example, and the Editor, Brent Wilson is a Society Member and former Curator.

These authors , The Gregg Centre and the Directors of the New Brunswick Military History Project have through their writings and commitment to researching, recording, preserving and disseminating New Brunswick’s rich military history earned the respect and appreciation of the this Society and many other folks throughout the communities of New Brunswick.

The second Martha J. Harvey Award was presented to the Honorable David Dickson for long and meritorious service or contribution to the Society.  Since his retirement, Dickson dedicated much of his time to history and education through special presentations at schools, university classes and community groups. 

A World War II veteran, Dickson represented the North Nova Scotia Highlanders on November 19, 2000 in the town of Bienen, Germany for a ceremony that dedicated a tablet to commemorate the battle at Bienen.  The tablet was the first Allied memorial to mark the location of a land engagement on German soil in the Second World War and Dickson took the initiative to place the plaque in Bienen.  Here is a link to a narrative by Dickson about the Battle of Bienen that is part of the Memory Project:  Stories of the Second World War.  In it, he talks about how he felt that the tin of tobacco that his wife sent him saved his life in the middle of a battle.

Dickson is a stalwart supporter of the York Sunbury Historical Society, with his personal encouragement of individual board members and regular attendance at Society functions.  As a grandson of Alexander “Boss” Gibson, Dickson assisted the Museum with historical details of the recently installed Gibson exhibit.  Dickson equally provides personal encouragement, support and participation for several other organizations such as the Legion, Senior’s Clubs and the Miramichi Salmon Association

Past Martha J. Harvey Recipients
2009 – Paul O’Connell
2005 – Mr. & Mrs. T.W. Acheson
2004 – Frederick Wilmot Hubbard
2000 – Government of New Brunswick Heritage Branch
1998 – Ruth Scott
1996 – Fred White
1995 – Richard Bird
1994 – Donna Wallace
1993 – Dr. Murray Young
1993 – Ted Jones
1992 – Velma Kelly
1991 – Dr. Ivan H. Crowell
1990 – Alden J. Clark
1989 – Dr. James Chapman
1988 – Dr. Stuart Smith
1988 – Dr. Elizabeth McGahan
1987 – Fred H. Phillips
1986 – Louise Hill
1985 – Dr. D.J. McLeod
1985 – Dr. Alfred Bailey
1984 – Lucy McNeil
1984 – Senator Muriel Fergusson
1981 – Lt. Gen E.W. Sansom

Out of Ruins Book Launch!

 Out of Ruins 

By: Betty Cluthé

November 27, 2010 at 2pm

Fredericton Public Library, 12 Carleton Street

Out of Ruins by Betty Cluthé
This novel is Betty Cluthé’s first entry into the publishing world.

Out of Ruins is a fictional account of a young woman’s life based on true personal and historical events. Her journey crosses the Russian Revolution, Nazi Germany, and World War II. Throughout it all she remains under the watchful eye of a mysterious man named Boris, who seems to guide her life – and her passion. Her road to maturity is full of many adventures and stories, some mysterious, and some too fantastical to explain. Reality and dreams roam side by side in this stimulating tale about love, history, and survival.Betty Cluthé

Born in Germany, author Betty E. Cluthé lived through World War II, surviving bombardments, invasion and the collapse of the country. After her mother’s death she followed her sister, as promised, to Canada. Eighteen years later, leaving blissful country living behind, she went back to university and completed her Bachelor of Arts degree.

The author now lives in Fredericton, New Brunswick, close to her sister. She enjoys the quieter pace of this charming Maritime Province and the vivid artistic presence of the town.

This novel was published by Lightening Demand Press.  Copies will be available for purchase and are $24.50 each (cash sales only please).

P132 York Sunbury Historical Society II Collection

The York Sunbury Historical Society‘s third finding aid at the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick contains photographs and documents.  Copies of these can be ordered from the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick

You can download a PDF version here. 

P132-122 Parade on upper Queen Street Fredericton

1  Group Photo of  N.C.O.s  ca. 1890s – 1900s 

2  Encampment with tents in background, “68th Battalion, 69th Battalion, 75th, & 93rd Battalion”. 

3  Panorama of inside of fort or military post. 

4  Group Photo of  I. S. C. Band: Back row, l. to r. :  J. W. Bowles, W. Bolleau, S. McLaughlin, H. J. White, C. W. Starkey, G. H. Offen, S. Taylor, H. Hazen.  Middle row l. to r.: S. J. Brown, H. Burns, Sergt. Torrance, Bugle Major Hayes, L’ce. Corp. Buswell.  Front row: l. to r.:  J. Burns, C. McCormack. 

5  Group Photo, Military Band. 

6  Group Photo of  N.C.O.s c. 1890s 

7  Post Card, Officers Square, with line of troops from the R. C. I. 

8  Military pay roll of regiment. 

P132-125 Coronation Parade, Queen Street Fredericton, 1937

9  Military pay roll of regiment. 

10  Letter of sympathy from Royal Canadian Infantry Regiment (R. C. I.). 

11  Photo of drawing of young man. 

12  Photo of drawing of man. 

13  Photo of drawing of man. 

14  Photo of drawing of woman. 

15  Portrait of young woman. 

16  Georgian style house in winter. 

17  Georgian style house in winter. 

18  Portrait of woman in evening dress. c. 1910. 

19  Portrait of man. 

20  Portrait of Indian with pelts, sled, snowshoe, etc. 

21  [Camp Sussex

P132-124 Military drill at Officers’ Square, Fredericton

22  [Camp Sussex] 

23  [Camp Sussex] 

24  Richibucto 

25  “Golf Club Area” Fredericton 

26  [Herbert Montgomery – Campbell] Kelston Park, England 1937. 

27  Unidentified group outside Cathedral in Fredericton. 

28  Unidentified group outside Cathedral in Fredericton (another view) 

29  [Camp Sussex] 

30  Brig. Gen. Herbert Montgomery – Campbell, June 20, 1937 

31  Constance Saunders Montgomery – Campbell, (10 months) April 15, 1893. 

32  Herbert Montgomery – Campbell. 

33  Laura (Winslow) Montgomery – Campbell. 

34  Marguerite (Hansard) Wilson. 

35  Mrs. Miland London. 

P132-126 Gem Theatre, Fredericton

36  William Bell, London. 

37  Nella Corbould (nee Hansard). 

38  Herbert Montgomery – Campbell, son of Henry (standing). 

39  Herbert Montgomery – Campbell, son of Henry (seated). 

40  Herbert Montgomery – Campbell. 

41  Laura (Winslow) Montgomery – Campbell. 

42  Eight unidentified portraits. P132/42-               

1.  Mother and child. 

2.  Young girl (hat, coats, boots) 

3.  Two girls – one seated one standing. 

4.  Group photo. 

5.  Young girl. 

6.  Girl. 

7.  Woman (hat and coat). 

8.  Older woman, seated. 

P132-127 Fraser Memorial Hospital, ca. 1930's, Fredericton

43  Old store house. Shore’s Island. 1906. 

44  The Cathedral, Fredericton. 

45  A & B Clubhouse on the green, situated between. 

46  Unidentified man fishing. 

47  Dunbar Fall, unidentified man fishing, two women and children looking on. 

48  Christ Church Cathedral, Fredericton. 

49  Sailboat in river, Newcastle, New Brunswick (postcard). 

50  [View of Fredericton taken from Murder Hill, c. 1897]. 

51  Group of unidentified nurses, standing on balcony. 

52  State Funeral for Sir Charles Tupper, Halifax, Nova Scotia. 

53  State Funeral for Sir Charles Tupper, outside St. Paul’s Church, Halifax, Nova Scotia. 

54  State Funeral for Sir Charles Tupper, Barrington St.,  Halifax, Nova Scotia. 

55  Postcard of carriage taxi in front of Timothy Ford house,  Charleston. 

P132-128 The Barker House, Queen Street, Fredericton

56  Roman Catholic Rectory, Covent and Church, Fredericton, New Brunswick. 

57  Unidentified – room with tables and men seated around. 

58  Soldiers embarking for Europe – World War I. 

59  Veteran’s Parade, Fredericton (1940s or ’50s). 

60  Unidentified postcard to Capt. Woodbridge from Sergt. John Metcalf. 

61  Messing officers and staff, 3rd. C. C. D. 

62  Music room at the Citadel, and band officers [Halifax] 

63  At pier – the 64th Battalion on board the “Adriactic” sailing for England. 

64  The 64th Battalion marching down a Fredericton street 

65  Officers at the Citadel in charge of Germans:  Major Adams, Lt. Priestman, Lt. Anderson. 

66  Last march of the 64th Battalion passing Government House, Fredericton. 

67  Unidentified group of soldiers with rifles. 

68  Group of men from the HMS Carnarvon [Halifax]. 

69  The No. 1 Battery leaving Halifax for the front. 

70  The HMS Carnarvon in Halifax Harbor. 

P132-129 Arthur J. Ryan Drug Store, Fredericton, 1936

71  Capt. H.F.G. Woodbridge in front of tent. 

72  Cook house No. 3 line, 3rd. CED  Seaford. 

73  [Amateur theatre group in costume, Fredericton] 

74  Garden on riverbank, Fredericton, (missing) (13 snapshots) 

75  Captain H. F. G. Woodbridge, mostly taken 1924, some taken at City Point, a pleasure resort near Boston; some farm scenes. 

76  Captain John Barker, October 25, 1892, age 100 Kingsclear, York County. 

77  Open 

78  Open 

79  War Monument. 

80  Photo of field and river. 

81  Ice jam near bridge. 

P132-130 Original Board of Directors and Management – Hartt Boot & Shoe Company Ltd., Fredericton, December 27, 1898. Standing: O.M. Hartt, Factory Manager; John Kilburn, President. Seated at back of table: John Palmer, Vice-President; Edward Moore, Director; Willard Kitchen, Director, Ends, left to right: R.L. Savage, Business Manager; J.W. McCready, Secretary

82  Photo of St. John, taken from west side looking toward Harbor. 

83  People having picnic near car. 

84   Train passing by. 

85  Photo of suburb. 

86  Photo of bridge in summer with barns in background. 

87   Photo of lighthouse. 

88  Young woman standing at edge of field and bushes. 

89   People working logs near rail bridge. 

90   Ferry dock of small town. 

91   Watch tower for forest fires. 

92   Bird’s eye view of Saint John. 

93  Stone ruins of Georgian house. 

94  Group photo of women and girls on verandah. 

95  Parade. 

96  Covered bridge. 

97  Woods with farm in background. 

98   Footbridge across river. 

99  View of river with railway track in foreground. 

100  Tarpapered barn with man coming out of door with buckets.  

”]101  Fishing wharf with lobsters pens in foreground. 

102  Parade [Fredericton]. 

103  Open 

104  Bridge and small town. 

105  Logs and mill. 

106  Arch celebrating the Royal visit of King George VI to the Nashwaak Valley, 1939 

107  Parade [Fredericton]. 

108  Parade [Saint John] 

109  Early truck hauling large logs. 

110  Early tracker hauling large logs 

111  Portrait of couple in living room. 

112  Fields with road and farms in background. 

113  [Family portrait]. 

114  Early road grader passing house, fence in foreground. 

115  Country church, road in foreground. 

116  Three women on raft in middle of river. 

117  Four women and man relaxing at old log dam. 

P132-132 York Hotel, corner King and Westmorland Streets, Fredericton, 1930's

118  River in spring flood. 

119  Bird eye view of Welsford, N. B. 

120  Military drill at Officer’s Square, Fredericton, n.d.  (only scanned image at present – May ’02) 

121  300 Block of Queen Street, 1940 – [Harvey Studios] (P132-121

122  Parade on upper Queen Street, Fredericton, n.d.  [H.F. Albright] (P132-122

123  The Armistice Day Ceremony at the Citizens’ War Memorial and Cenotaph, November 11, 1932.  Left to right:  John Forrester, Seymour Tyler, Fred Crawford, bandsman in rear; Israel smith; Ross Fisher, Frank Spencer, and Tom Lynch, bandsmen, in rear; Morris Oldenberg; Karl Walker and Harry Lunch in rear; Bobby Lyons; Martin Horncastle in rear; Ernest Tims, George Gray.  Seymour Tyler became a veteran of two world wars, enlisting in the Canadian Army in 1915.  When World War Two broke out, Bugle-Sergeant Tyler went overseas with the Carleton-York Regiment, having already been awarded the Siler Bugle.  He also distinguished himself as an honoured member of the black community in New Brunswick for the work he did to promote the pride, unity, and dignity of his race through education 

P132-133 The Morrison Shingle Mill at Fredericton

124  Military drill at Officers’ Square, Fredericton, n.d. – same as 120? (P132-124

125  Coronation Parade, Queen Street, Fredericton, 1937 (P132-125

126  Gem Theatre, n.d. (P132-126

127  Fraser Memorial Hospital, ca. 1930’s (P132-127

128  The Barker House, Queen Street, Fredericton (P132-128

129  Arthur J. Ryan Drug Store, Fredericton, 1936 (P132-129

130  Original Board of Directors and Management – Hartt Boot & Shoe Company Ltd., Fredericton,  December 27, 1898.  Standing:  O.M. Hartt, Factory Manager; John Kilburn, President.  Seated at back of table:  John Palmer, Vice-President; Edward Moore, Director; Willard Kitchen, Director, Ends, left to right:  R.L. Savage, Business Manager; J.W. McCready, Secretary (P132-130

”]131  Queen Street, ca. 1918  [Photograph by Walsh – Fredericton] 

132  York Hotel, corner King and Westmorland Streets, 1930’s (P132-132

133  The Morrison shingle mill at Fredericton (P132-133

134   Arrival of the Prince of Wales at Fredericton; Forest Queen in the background – Taken from the Illustrated London News 

135  Lower end of Queen Street, Fredericton, ca. 1918; S. Neill *& Son Hardware and Lemont & Son businesses visible  [Photo by Walsh] (P132-135

136  Scene at Boating Club, on site of Art Gallery; note Legislature dome, 1934 

P132-137 The Farmers Office on Carleton Street, Fredericton

137  The Farmer Office on Carleton Street (P132-137

139  Normal School Fire, Sunday, May 5, 1929 (P132-139

140  The lobby of the Barker House with Coleman Frog displayed in glass case (P132-140

141  The Carrier’s Address respectfully presented to the Patrons of the Royal Gazette 

142  Unidentified man with mustache 

143  Unveiling of Loyalist Monument for Loyalist Celebration, Fredericton, October 9, 1933 

144  Queen Victoria , ca. 1890-1900 – “Russell & Sons, London” taken from MC300-MS44-211 (see digital 2007) 

145  Countess Lady Ashburnham 

146  Earl & Countess Ashburnham, Ashburnham Place and Conservatory, West End Brunswick Street, Fredericton, NB

Major-General Hardy Nelson Ganong

If you are interested in any of these files then please contact the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick.

Major-General H. N. Ganong was born on 18 April, 1890 in St. Stephen, New Brunswick.  He was the son of Edward Morrison Ganong and Margaret Lunn Ganong.  He was educated in St. Stephen, New Brunswick 

 On January 17, 1920 he married Mildred Thomas, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Russell Thomas, Calais Maine.  They had three children, Russell Edward, Constance Margaret and William (Billie) Atherton.  In civilian life he was an executive of the candy factory, Ganong Bros., Ltd.  He was a member of the Canadian Legion, active among the Boy Scouts and chairman of the trustees of the Union Street Baptist Church.  Being a sportsman, he enjoyed baseball, hockey, curling and horse racing.  His military career dates from 1908 when he enlisted in the ranks of the York Regiment in which he served for three years. 

His appointment to a commission came in 1915 when he enlisted in the 104th Battalion, went to France and joined the 5th Canadian Mounted Rifles.  In September, 1916 he was wounded at Vimy Ridge.  Afterwards he joined the York Regiment as Captain until the outbreak of the war.  He then became the lieutenant-colonel and the officer commanding the Carleton & York Regiment.

This regiment was picked as part of the first contingent to go overeas.  Lt.-Col. Ganong took it to England and had the distinction of heading the first Canadian  battalion to set foot on English soil.  Subsequently, he was promoted to the rank of brigadier and at the age of 52, he became a Major-General.

He died on February 24, 1963 following injuries received in a highway mishap which claimed the life of his wife.”

1  The Ganong Collection is a scrapbook which dates from 1941 to 1963.  It is comprised mostly of newspaper clippings in regards to Ganong’s military career, his achievements and World War II.  Also in the collection are items, which reflect aspects of Ganong’s personal life:  correspondence, poetry, greeting cards, invitations, menus, programmes, photographs, awards and clippings.  The series measures 6 centimeters.

a  Invitation – The Canadian Who’s Who

Jessie B. Segee Collection

If you are interested in any of these files then please contact the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick.

1  Clippings from “The Standard” concerning Germany and World War II; 1945

2  “Canada at War” 1944; “Lord Nelson’s Prayer” before the Battle of Trafalgar, n.d.; Certificate acknowledging Miss Jessie B. Segee has purchased Victory Bonds, April-May, 1943; Christmas card; n.d.

3  Clippings on World War II, Poems and Songs; 1941-1945

4  Clippings from various newspapers concerning Franklin D. Roosevelt‘s death; April 13, 1945

5  Clippings from various newspapers concerning “The Royal Family”, World War II; 1941-1945

6  Clippings from various newspapers concerning Canada; 1941-1945

7  Clippings from The Daily Gleaner concerning Dorothy Gorman, the first person to buy a War Bond in St. Anne’s Ward; April 23, 1945

8  Clipping concerning “Ann Moxon of Fredericton”, sponsored by C.F.N.B. Radio to sing on a New York Radio Show; 1944

9  Postcards to Jessie B. Segee

a  “United We Stand” World War I; 1914

b  A typical scene in front of the Hangars, at a Service Flying School; 1943.

John Hamilton “Jack” Johnston Collection

If you are interested in any of these files then please contact the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick.

The Johnston Store in 1946 with a rental building next to it.  The barn in back was used to store things for store.

The Johnston Store in 1946 with a rental building next to it. The barn in back was used to store things for store. Photo courtesy of Judith (Johnston) Bird.

“Jack, s/o Lloyd & Helen Johnston, was born in Nashwaaksis 24 Jan 1924 and worked in the family general store. He joined the RCAF in 1943 and after his training moved over  to 619 Squadron, RAF as Flight Lieutenant piloting Lancasters on bombing missions over Germany in 1944-45. The 619 Squadron flew out of Strubby, Lincolnshire, U.K. and while on these missions Jack earned the Distinguished Flying Cross. After the war he returned to Fredericton with his soon-to-be wife, Ann, who he met in Scotland. He graduated with a Forestry Engineering degree from UNB in 1948 and worked in the forestry industry, first in Bridgewater Nova Scotia, and in 1965 the family returned to Fredericton where Jack worked for the Canadian Forestry Service until he retired in 1987. Jack died on 13 Oct 2004.

The records, dealing with Jack’s wartime service (FRM acc. 1982.2), include:”

A  Flight logs prepared by J.H. Johnston, 7 Oct 1944 to 26 Apr 1946

B  Write-up on J.H. Johnston that appeared in the Jan 1944 issue of “Wings Abroad”

C  Photographs from 619 Squadron, 1944-1945
1  619 Squadron RAF, Strubby. 1944-45 (2 photos, the seven airmen are identified in one)
2  Harvards (Trainers) in flying formation near Moncton New Brunswick, c 1943

D  Jack Johnston Interview (tapes; which have been transferred to Film & Sound)