Board Members / Directors

The Redcoats in the Square panel lists the military regiments that were posted in Fredericton between 1784 and 1869.

The Redcoats in the Square panel lists the military regiments that were posted in Fredericton between 1784 and 1869.

The duties for the positions of Board Members and Directors are included in the York Sunbury Historical Society by-laws. Included are the positions of: The President, The Vice President, The 2nd Vice President, The Secretary, The Treasurer and The Past President, and Ex-officio Positions. Board members must be in a member of the York Sunbury Historical Society in good standing.

Board Directors accrue approximately 4 hours each month, with the exceptions of: the president (7-10 hours per month), the secretary (7-10 hours per month), and the treasurer (7-10 hours per month).

Board members and other volunteers will put in more hours depending on programs and projects being run and other tasks they take on.

Board Committees
The duties of Board Committees are included in the York Sunbury Historical Society by-laws and include these Standing Committees: Executive, Programs, Exhibits, Collections, Finance, Nominating, and Publications.

Interested in joining the York Sunbury Historical Society Board? Contact the Fredericton Region Museum office and find out if there is an opening!

Volunteering at the Fredericton Region Museum


5 responses to “Board Members / Directors

  1. I’m wondering if you can help me. I grew up in Fredericton and recall that prior to construction of the Westmorland Bridge that there was at least one street, perhaps more, North of Queen, next to the river. Would that have been known as Water Street.

    Thanks for your assistance.

    Doug Doohan
    Wooster, Ohio

    • I believe that was called Campbell Street. It’s mostly parking lots now but one day a flower delivery person knocked on my door with a delivery to an address on Campbell Street and I had no idea where to send him. A year later, I posted information about the gunsmith Tisdall and as part of the post, I included part of an 1878 map of downtown Fredericton. THe map shows Campbell Street just below Queen.

      I don’t know where Water Street was, but will tryi to find out for you.


  2. Linda Hall-Little

    My 3rd g-grandfather John Hains was born in Fredericton about 5 March 1824, he married Elise or Alisa or Elizabeth Edith Childs 17 March 1848 and then sometime before 1861 they moved to Richibuctou (maybe 1848 since all of his children were born there) – I do not have original records for these dates, this was info passed down to me. His parents were Joseph Hains and Nancy Boone. His sister Patience Hains was married in Fredericton 12 June 1834 to Peter Ameraux, both of Parish of Douglas, County of York (witnesses Joseph & Alexander Hains) – I did find this record on Ameraux died and she married a McKinnon. I just found two letters from John Hains to his daughter that mention Patience and Fredericton. Wondering if you had any records for this family or knowledge of the lawsuit?

    East Boston, Massachusetts

    15 February 1895

    Dear Daughter

    I Received your letter two day ago and am glad to hear from you as I heard nothing from you for A long time

    I am staying with John this Winter they are very kind to me Alexander is here to see me frequently he is doing well at present your aunt Patience McKinnon is dead I waited at her Bed side until she died she died at Jos __ Sharpes Joshua Sharps is also dead he died just a month after her funeral I was at his funeral there was about seven or eight Hundred in attendance his Employer closed his Factory and attended with all his hands Joshua left the family comfortable We had severe cold wether here A fortnight ago the coldest for a number of years and the highest gale for forty years there has been a great loss of Vessels and lives Alex is safe he got his Vessel into safely I had a letter from him to that effect.

    I am intending to go up to Miramichi to put my farm in order for the summer and to attend to other business

    We are having fine weather these few days so that it is a pleasure to walk out

    I have had several letters from home since I left they are having a fine winter in Miramichi there has been but little snow there and mild winter excuse the writing as my Eye sight is so far gone that I can scarcely see to write remember me to the family and to your aunt Eupemia and family

    I remain your loving father

    John Hains

    East Boston

    15 March 1895

    Mrs Lizzie Higgeland

    Dear Daughter

    I take this opportunity to let you know that we are all well at present and hope to find you in good health. I had a letter from George since writing to you and also one from Mary Stevens. We had several visits from Alexander in one of them he took me to Gloucester on a visit where I enjoyed myself greatly he laid off for a week. I hope to visit Concord before going home I expect to leave here about the first of May as that will be time to repair my fences I think that after I get the hay cut I will return to Boston. We are having what they call a cold blustering wether here we had quite a snow storm here on Saturday but the wether is clear but windy today. This Hains Estate is now engaging our families at present it seems that a Lawyer from New York has been to Friderecton looking up the Heirs to put in their claims he says that the estate is worth three Hundred Millions as it takes all the business part of New York but I am in doubt if we can prove our Heirship. The have the records down to Grandfather but possibly some of the old families in Nova Scotia may have kept the records.

    So no more at present – I remain your affectionate father.

  3. Greetings! I also wanted to know if you could help me. I’m trying to track any information I can on my great-great-grandfather, William Ferguson (I have reason to believe his middle initial is ‘F’). He was born about 1825 and died in 1882 (it appears he was buried in the Sheffield United Church Cemetery).

    I have reason to believe he spent his entire life in the general Sheffield area which might include French Lake. He married Margaret Marley, who, I believe, hailed from Northfield. I don’t know when or where they were married, but it appears they had 11 children, the second oldest of whom was my great-grandfather, James William (known as JW), who later moved to Fredericton where he married Ella Smith. I believe he worked there at the Chestnut Hardware Store (my grandfather’s middle name was Chestnut). About 1906, he became a roofer and moved to Moncton with most of his family. He died there in 1944.

    I’ve been very fortunate with the information I managed to get online from the New Brunswick Archives and the Canada Censuses, but I know practically nothing about William, Sr. I did discover that his widow, Margaret, moved to Fredericton after his death with some of the children, but after the 1901 Census, she seemed to have disappeared.

    Any information on William F. Ferguson and Margaret Marley would be greatly appreciated. I purchased a computer program called Family Tree Maker and I have been enjoying access to, but the early information doesn’t seem to be out there on the internet, so I suspect I may have to rely on old documents stored in municipal offices and churches. The real search begins now!

    Thank you!

    Ron Ferguson
    Riverview, NB

  4. I am wondering if anyone has any info on possible student lists, registers, teacher listings, etc. for the old York Street School? Thanks 🙂

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