Volume 16, Number 1 & 2 (Spring and Summer 2000) – Dayton’s New General Store

Officers' Quarterly Volume 16, Number 1 & 2 (Spring and Summer 2000) - Dayton's New General Store

Officers’ Quarterly Volume 16, Number 1 & 2 (Spring and Summer 2000) – Dayton’s New General Store

“President’s Message…” by Elizabeth Earl (page 3)

“From the Editor…” by Katrina Dewitt (page 4)

“The Imperial Regiments at Fredericton Part I…” by C.W. Clark (pages 5-6)

Fredericton housed many regiments through the years including 1812. this article describes marches the regiments traveled from Fredericton to Quebec as well as subsequent regiments following the war of 1812 stationed in Fredericton as well.

“Garrison Notes: Letter to the Editor, Members’ Notices, The Annual Holiday Party 1999” (page 7)

“A Tribute to James Chapman…” by Ted Jones (page 8)

“The Village of Tracy…” by Marvel Nason (pages 9-11)

The name Tracy had its origins in Norway and has a rich history that enabled its arrival in New Brunswick that is traced through this article. Jeremiah Tracy and his large family of 10 children carried the family name after Jeremiah’s death and the village of Tracy was incorporated in 1967.

“Glimpses of an Eclectic Woman Susan Katherine Squires…” by Margery Squires Acheson (pages 12-13)

With a strong feminist view and stubborn side, Susan Katherine Squires was a well-read, educated writer, artist and mother of 2 boys during the turn of the 20th century Fredericton.

“Reminiscences of a General Store Seventy Years Ago…” by Susan Katherine Squires (pages 13-19)

General stores in the late 1800’s were the source of items such as flour, sugar and salt. Other goods like windows and imported were purchased there as well. This article describes the how items were transported and packed, then repackaged to be sold like bulk lard and herring. Another part of the store, the customers, were described including; how they loitered, their buying habits and extension of store credit.

“A Brief History of Tea…” by Carolyn Campbell (pages 19-20)

This article discusses tea and its societal relevance from its discovery to modern day. Tea’s shipment, cost as well as its popularity have varied, but for centuries, tea itself is relatively unchanged.

“The Collector’s Room…” by Katrina A. Dewitt (pages 20-21)

With the originial supplier of ceramics unavailable, the English began creating their own version called ironstone. This article describes the evolution of ironstone dishes and how it came to be imported to Canada as well as its value and availability today.

“Recipes From the Pioneer Kitchen…” by Pat Flemming (page 22)

“The Story of Lord and Lady Ashburnham Part II…” by Ted Jones (pages 23-26)

The Earl and Countess Ashburnham made many contributions to charity and Fredericton society. This article follows their lives, detailed social events they attended as well as their many philanthropic efforts. Further, their kindness and devotion to the support of the area’s citizens is recalled and described through memories of various Fredericton residents.

“A Tribute to Ruth Scott…” by Fred White (page 27)

This article is a tribute to Ruth Scott who was supporter and great contributor to the York-Sunbury Historical Society.

“Frogmore…” by Ruth Scott (pages 28-29)

“Helen Kinghorn: A Maritime Artist Well Remembered…” by Pat Flemming (page 30)

This article discusses the award winning artwork of Helen Kinghorn as well as details surrounding her family as well as her millinery business.


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