Volume 16, Number 3 & 4 (Fall and Winter 2000) – Sunday Afternoon at the Officers’ Quarters

Officers' Quarterly Volume 16, Number 3 & 4 (Fall and Winter 2000) - Sunday Afternoon at the Officers' Quarters

Officers’ Quarterly Volume 16, Number 3 & 4 (Fall and Winter 2000) – Sunday Afternoon at the Officers’ Quarters

“A Word from the President” by Bill Acheson (page 3)

“From the Editor…” by Katrina A. Dewitt (page 4)

“A Song of Seasons…” by Elizabeth Roberts MacDonald (page 4)

“The Imperial Regiments at Fredericton Part II…” by C. W. Clark (pages 5-7)

This article describes different regiments and battalions that were accommodated at the barracks in Fredericton. It also describes where the regiments came from, where they went upon leaving the garrison as well as regional events that were occurring at the time.

“Garrison Notes: Letter to the Editor, Members’ Notices, Opening of READCOATS-the York-Sunbury Museum Summer 2000 Exhibit” (page 8)

“Logs and Bogs or Masts for the King’s Navy, Part I…” by Susan Katherine Squires (pages 9-10)

In the 1930’s, Susan Katherine Squires would take her sons and go explore the bogs near their home. This article describes their trips and the animals and plants they found there.

“Fort Nashwaak: An Historian’s Primer…” by Dr. Murray Young (pages 11-13)

This article recounts the detailed history of the Fort Nashwaak sorted into detailed categories such as its construction and defensive abilities. It explains where further historical information can be found for example in journals as well as fiction novels.

“Fredericton: An Essay on Architecture and History…” by Dr. Stuart Allen Smith (pages 14-20)

“Way Back When: Professional Photographers of Early Fredericton…” by Anonymous (pages 21-22)

This article describes the history and evolution of photography, cameras as well as professional photographers and their businesses – specifically in Fredericton.

“Bay of Dreams: The Passion of Mary O. Porter…” by Robert L. DeWitt and Katrina A. DeWitt (pages 23-25)

This article describes the privileged life Mary Otis Porter through a collection of her photographs and diaries discovered in the late 1990’s. Summering at Campobello Island, her passion for photography grew as is demonstrated in her collection of photographs.

“A Passamaquoddy Legend: Glooscap and the Sinful Serpent” (page 26)

This article recounts one of the myths of the Passamaquody Indians’ that anthropologist Charles G. Leland collected. They were told to him through Tomah Joseph on Campobello Island in the late 1800’s.

“IODE Celebrates 100th Anniversary…” by Pat Flemming (pages 27-28)

This article outlines the substantial fundraising efforts the IODE has performed to support health programs, scholarships and community service awards for over a century. It describes the 100th celebration of the organization and delegates from across the country presented how the organization has developed through the years.

” ‘Twas the Night before Christmas”- The Fredericton Connection…” by Anita Jones (pages 28-29)

This article describes the link between the famous poem ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas and the Odell family in New Brunswick. The poem’s author – Clement Moore was Jonathan Odell’s Godson. Odell came to New Brunswick from New York as a loyalist after the Revolutionary War.

” ‘Twas the Night before Chirstmas (with apologies to Clement C. Moore)” by Anita Jones (page 30)

“Recipes from the Pioneer Kitchen” by Pat Flemming (pages 31-32)

“Disadvantages of Higher Education for Women” by Mary Selwood (page 32)

This article discusses the differences between scholarly education and natural household education for women and their place in the home. It is insightful to the mindsets and ideas of the time period in which it was written.

“The Collector’s Room…” by Katrina Dewitt (pages 33-3)

This article follows the development of photography and cameras as well as how to collect them, evaluate their worth and sources to consult to further evaluate old photographs.


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