The names of physicians in practice in New Brunswick and places where they reside in 1892


P4-2-0133 YORK SUNBURY HISTORICAL SOCIETY PHOTOGRAPHS - Fredericton Doctor’s meet Chatham Baseball Team at Scully’s Grove, Fredericton. The proceeds of $400.00 going towards the first x-ray machine at Victoria Public Hospital, Fredericton. The team front row, left to right: Harry F. McLeod, “Doc” Kelly, Dr. Seery, Fred B. Edgecombe, C. Fred Chestnut, T. Carleton Allen, Fred Hilyard, Dr. James Bridges, Brad Winslow, A.F. Street, James H. Hawthorne and Matthew Tennant. Second row, left to right: James T. Sharkey, Dr. George McNally, Dr. W.C. Crockett, John Palmer, R.W.L. Tibbets, James H. Crockett, Albert Edgecombe, Dr. Fred Gunter, R.P. Foster, George Y. Dibblee and L.C. McNutt. Back row, left to right: D. Lee Babbitt, John Kilburn and F. St. J. Bliss, ca. 1902.

Entry found in Daniel F. Johnson’s New Brunswick Newspaper Vital Statistics pertaining to the physicians in New Brunswick in 1892.  I thought that I would share references to New Brunswick’s medical history since we are installing our medical history exhibit at the York Sunbury Museum!  Thanks to the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick for making this database available on-line! 

Transcribed by Daniel F. Johnson.

Volume 83 Number 3207 
Date May 2 1892
County Saint John
Place Saint John
Newspaper The Daily Telegraph

The names of physicians in practice in New Brunswick and places where they reside: Henry G. ADDY, St. John; Geo. A.B. ADDY, St. John; Carretto Arthur ALLAN, Bayfield (West. Co.); Lucius Carey ALLISON, St. John; Mark ALWARD, Elgin (Albert Co.); Joseph ANDREWS, St. John; Adam F. ARMSTRONG, Johnston (Queens Co.); James G. ATKINSON, Oak Hill (Charlotte Co.); Marcus C. ATKINSON, Bristol (Carleton Co.); I.W.N. BAKER, Centreville; Charles Leander BARNES, Dorchester; George O. BAXTER, Barnesville; James McGregor BAXTER, Chatham; William BAYARD, Saint John; J. BEAIRSTO, Hartland; George BEDELL, Musquash; John W. BEGG, Dalhousie; Dudley J. BELL, Fort Fairfield, Me.; John Stafford BENSON, Chatham; Joseph Black BENSON, Chatham; John BERRYMAN, St. John; D.E. BERRYMAN, St. John; Charles A. BLACK, Westmorland; Frank I. BLAIR, St. Stephen; David BLEAKNEY, Petitcodiac; Sherman W. BOONE, Presque Isle, Me.; Louis Napoleon BOURQUE, Moncton; Thos. J. BOURQUE, Richibucto; Jas. Whiteside BRIDGES, Oromocto; Edward James BRODERICK, St. John; Frank Mansor BROWN, Fredericton; T.C. BROWN, Fredericton; Murdock Fraser BRUCE, St. John; Joshua Upham BURNETT, Sussex; William M. CALDWELL, Fairville; J.O. CALKIN, Sackville; George R. CAMP, Sheffield; James A. CASWELL, Gagetown; A. Henry CHANDLER, Moncton; Edward B. CHANDLER, Moncton; Jas. CHRISTIE, St. John; Wm CHRISTIE, Portland; J. Elbert CHURCH, Moncton; Augustus Tupper CLARKE, Calais, Me.; Benjamin COBURN, Bright; Geo. H. COBURN, Fredericton; Peter White CODY, Forest City, Me.; Newton Ramsay COLTER, Woodstock; Francis Xavier COMEAU, Caraquet; Henry Hicks COLEMAN, Sackville; George E. COULTHARD, Fredericton; Gustavus R.J. CRAWFORD, St. John; William Caldwell CROCKET, Fredericton; Isaac B. CURTIS, Hartland; John Z. CURRIE, Fredericton; John Waterhouse DANIEL, St. John; William McKay DEINSTADT, St. Stephen; Francis John DESMOND, Newcastle; Thomas DICK, St. George; George O. DIBBLEE, Moore’s Mills; William G. DISBROW, Dalhousie; H.L. DOBSON, Hartland; Isaac Wilson DOHERTY, Kingston (Kent Co.); William Woodbury DOHERTY, Campbellton; Nathaniel DUFFY, Lubec, Me.; Gideon Mitchell DUNCAN, Bathurst; George H. DUNLAP, Moncton; Thomas J. Otty EARLE, Young’s Cove; Alban F. EMERY, St. John; Francis Gordon ESSEN, St. John; John J. GAYNOR, Grand Harbor, Grand Manan; Edward T. GAUDET, St. Joseph (West. Co.); John GILCHRIST, Portland; John Brewer GILCHRIST, St. John; Henry Edward GILLMOR, St. Martins; Harry GOVE, St. Andrews; Samuel Tilley GOVE, St. Andrews; James H. GRAY, Fairville; Adolphus G. GUY, Edmundston; Richard HARRISON, St. John; Hugh Burns HAY, Young’s Cove; George A. HETHERINGTON, St. John; Judson Egbert HETHERINGTON, St. John; Charles HOLDEN, St. John; James HUTCHISON, St. John; P. Robertson INCHES, St. John; Chas. H.L. JOHNSTON, St. John; George F. JOHNSON, Sussex; John Mariner JONAH, Eastport, Me.; Perley Taylor KEIRSTEAD, Woodstock; Bauman Newton KEITH, Harvey Station; Melbourne Franklin KEITH, Welford; Frank Lincol KENNEY, St. John; Wallace G. KING, Buctouche; Joseph A. LANGIS, Buctouche; James Douglas LAWSON, St. Stephen; John James LAWSON, Norton Station; William James LEWIS, Hillsborough; Robert LIMOND, Campobello; Henry LUMAN, Campbellton; Malcolm C. MacDONALD, Cambridge; Donald D. MacDONALD, Petitcodiac; Matthew Law MacFARLAND, Fairville; Murray MacLAREN, St. John; Chas. G. MAIN, Edmundston; John Edgar MARCH, St. John; Bliss A. MARVEN, Hillsborough; Geo. Girvan MELVIN, Alma; Alex. Cowan MOFFAT, Kilburn (Victoria Co.); David R. MOORE, Stanley; Edmund MOORE, Salisbury; Oscar T. MOREHOUSE, Keswick; Wm Somerville MORRISON, St. John; John C. MOTT, Prince William; Angus John MURRAY, Greenwich; Charles MURRAY, Studholm; Daniel MURRAY, Campbellton; Duncan Barbour MYSHARLL, Calais, Me.; Lemuel A.W. McALPINE, St. John; Oscar J. McCULLY, Moncton; Manfred H. McDONALD, Wickham; John McDONALD, Chatham; F. McFARLAND, St. John; James Peterson McINERNEY, St. John; Robert McLEARN, Fredericton; Beverly N. McLEARY, Portland; Harry Daniel McMANUS, Bath; Robert NICHOLSON, Newcastle; John G. NUGENT, Brigg’s Corner; Rufina Augustino OLLOQUI, Kingston (Kent Co.); James Edward O’NEIL, Fairville; John Gabriel OWENS, Millville; Alfred Hunt PECK, Petitcodiac; Martin Luther PORTER, Danforth, Me.; Clinton Tremaine PURDY, Moncton; Silas PURDY, Hopewell; George Howard RAYMOND, Sussex; Ethelbert REAVELY, Canterbury Station; Edward C. RANDALL, Hillsborough; Wm Donald RANKINE, Woodstock; Harlan P. REYNOLDS, Lepreaux; James Duncan ROSS, Moncton; Robert K. ROSS, St. Stephen; John H. RYAN, Sussex; Frederick Joseph SEERY, Fredericton; Elizabeth SECORD, Blissville; Isaac Clarence SHARP, Marysville; Mason SHEFFIELD, St. John; John Alexander SIMON, St. John; Felix C. SIROIS, Fort Kent, Me.; Alfred Corbett SMITH, Newcastle; Gaius T. SMITH, Moncton; James R.N. SMITH, Milltown, Me.; Joshua Newton SMITH, Hampton; Stephen SMITH, Woodstock; Thomas Farmer SPRAGUE, Woodstock; Edward Omar STEEVES, Moncton; James T. STEEVES, Fairville; James Albert E. STEEVES, Fairville; Charles E. SWAN, Calais, Me.; Henry Iangster TAYLOR, St. George; John Francis TEED, Dorchester; Bliss S. THORNE, Sackville; William H. TODD, St. Stephen; George F. TOWNSEND, Calais, Me.; John Boyle TRAVERS, St. John; Harmon S. TRUEMAN, Sackville; Walter L. TURNER, Canterbury; George Cutler UPHAM, Van Buren, Me.; George Clowes VANWART, Fredericton; Victor J.A. VENNER, Campbellton; Edwin H. VOSE, Calais, Me.; John Roger WADE, Grand Falls; Joseph Armour WADE, St. Andrews; Thomas WALKER, St. John; Percy Heber WARNEFORD, Hampton; Frederick N. WELLING, aNDOVER; Frederick Henry WETMORE, Hampton; Frederick J. WHITE, Shediac; Jacob D. WHITE, Carleton; Wilsey Hatfield WHITE, St. Stephen; James SMITH WHITE, Hodgson, Me.; Walter Woodworth WHITE, St. John; John WIER, Doaktown; Robert M.B. WILEY, Andover; John Herbert WILSON, Petitcodiac; Samuel F. WILSON, St. John; Alonzo Pomeroy WYMAN, Upper Wicklow; Melvin Leonard YOUNG, Vanceboro, Me.
Dr. Elizabeth Secord

Dr. Elizabeth Secord from the Hartt Family website.

Note:  Dr. Elizabeth Secord was the first qualified and registered female Doctor in New Brunswick and one of the first in Canada.  She studied at Keokuk College, Michigan where she received her MD in 1881 and then trained at the Women’s College Hospital until 1882.  Secord registered in New Brunswick in 1883 and two years later took post graduate training in Dublin Lying-In Hospital and received her License in Midwifery in 1885.

Volume 90 Number 1916

Date March 30 1894
County Kings
Place Sussex
Newspaper Kings County Record

The Fredericton Junction (Sunbury Co.) correspondent of the ‘Telegraph’ says that the only lady practitioner in the province, Dr. E.C. SECORD has left that place and removed to Norton (Kings Co.)

Volume 94 Number 2937

Date March 23 1894
County Saint John
Place Saint John
Newspaper The Daily Sun

Dr. E.C. SECORD has removed from Fredericton Junction (Sunbury Co.) to Norton (Kings Co.). Previous to her departure, Dr. Secord was presented by the Loyal Tekperance Legion, of which she was promoter and patron, with an address and handsome bible. The legion also made a suitable gidt to her sister, Miss SMITH, who accompanies Dr. Secord to her new field of labor.

Volume 93 Number 2937

Date September 10 1894
County Saint John
Place Saint John
Newspaper The Daily Telegraph

Miss SMITH of Norton (Kings Co.), sister of Dr. SECORD was brought to this city yesterday morn. and taken to the General Public Hospital. She injured herself very dangerously a few days ago. Drs. Christie and Lawson, after consulting, advised her removal. Her condition was unchanged early this morn.

Volume 89 Number 2354

Date March 4 1893
County Saint John
Place Saint John
Newspaper The Daily Sun

Blissville (Sunbury Co.) March 2 – J. Hewrbert SECORD, B.A., who went to New Mexico last autumn on account of failing health, writes that his condition is apparently unchanged. He started for San Antonia, Texas last week. He is the only s/o Dr. E. SECORD of Fredericton Junction.

Volume 86 Number 542

Date September 2 1893
County York
Place Fredericton
Newspaper The Gleaner

J. Herbert SECORD, B.A., s/o Dr. E.C. SECORD of Fredericton Junction (Sunbury Co.) died at 8 o’clock a.m. yesterday at his mother’s residence. He graduated from Acadia in June 1891. The funeral takes place 2 p.m. tomorrow.


3 responses to “The names of physicians in practice in New Brunswick and places where they reside in 1892

  1. Dr. Rufino Agustin deOlloqui of Kingston NB has been incorrectly listed as
    Rufina Agustina Olloqui was a Harvard Graduate and a Civil War Surgeon who practiced in the Kingston/Rexton area until 1900.

    Thank you

    Elena Kenney
    Great grandaughter

  2. I am interested in learning more about Dr. C. Fred Chestnut, who is shown in the above picture. What kind of doctor was he? There’s a possibility that my grandfather’s middle name, Chestnut, was in honour of this doctor’s effort in delivering my grandfather at birth. If anyone has any info, you can contact me at

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