Miscellaneous Correspondence

MC300-MS18 York-Sunbury Historical Society Collection Description (page 143)

If you are interested in any of these files then please contact the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick.

View of Province Hall and Public Offices, Fredericton NB (Canada)

View of Province Hall and Public Offices, Fredericton NB (Canada)

“The more than (42) forty-two pieces of correspondence contained in this series is labeled “miscellaneous” only because the letters have no bearing on any other part of MC300.  In substance, the letters range from the routine to the historical and although each of these letters stands alone, they have been brought together in this series to facilitate research.  The square brackets indicate the addition of information or the attempt to decipher illegible hand-writing.  This series is approximately 10 cm.”

1  Letter from M. Mascarene to Jonathan Bliss regarding reservation of land for Mascarene’s children; August 25, 1785.

2  Letter from D[eborah] Cottman, Halifax, to Nancy [Sharman], in Saint John, about family matters; March 16, 1794.

3  Letter from H. Waldo to the [Anglican] Lord Bishop of Quebec bringing to his notice, Rev. [Edwin] Jacob, appointed Vice-President of King’s College, New Brunswick; March 5, 1829.

4  Letter from Thomas W. Howe, Quebec, to his son, Thomas (and Esther) Howe on family matters.  [Thomas Junior was Lieutenant in the 34th Regiment, Fredericton]; September 9, 1833.

5  Second letter from Thomas W. Howe to Thomas and Esther Howe; September 23, 1833.

6  Letter from [E. Coombes] to Sir John Harvey on behalf of Lord Durham; September 26, 1838.

7  Letter from William Wright, Saint John, to L.H. Heustis regarding a bond; December 26, 1849.

8  Letter from J. Wetmore, Kingston, to Frank [Thatin] concerning legal matters; September 3, 1855.

9  Letter from Captain W.T. Baird, Woodstock, to Lieutenant-Colonel R. Hayne, Fredericton, on troop movements around Houlton, Maine, and proposals on the defence of the Province; December 17, 1861.

10  Three letters from William Wright, Saint John, to Lewis Heustis containing receipts and discussing the rate of exchange; 1857 and 1864.

11  Part of a letter to “Sara” from an Anglican priest who recently left Picton, Ontario, where he assisted the Rector, Rev. Macaulay; September 10, 1866.

12  Letter from David [Work], Richibucto, to Asa Coy, Fredericton, regarding a cheque not honoured and mentioning Thomas Stevenson and Thomas McClelun; August 6, 1867.

13  Transcripts of five letters from Rev. James Henry Saturley to his mother in England discussing his ordination in Fredericton by Bishop Medley and some of the events which occurred at his Church in St. Stephen, giving some idea of the character and way of life of early New Brunswickers; 1867-1869.

14  Copy of a letter from John A. Beckwith to the Hon. Joseph Howe, Secretary of State, regarding deductions from the subsidy to be paid to New Brunswick under the B.N.A. Act; June 12, 1870.

15  Letter from Messrs. Finn and Patton, Saint John, to Mrs. Logan, Boston, Mass., concerning a dispute over a ship which was leased to Mrs. Logan by Mr. Wheaton; February 19, 1876.

16  Letter from A. Wilmot Miles, Stillwater, Minnesota, to his brother, John, concerning a local bank robbery involving the Younger brothers and James brothers; September 28, 1876.

17  Two cable messages to “Ray”, Saint John, sent via The Western Union Telegraph Company; August 15 and August 20, 1877.

18  Covering letter from Harper & Webster Boots and Shoes, Shediac, to Alfred Ray accompanying a cheque (advertising for N.B., N.S. and P.E.I. on back page); September 5, 1877.

19  Letter from Jane N. Ramsford to her daughter Eliza, mentioning William Lee, Sam Scovil, and Rev. Deveber; c. 1880.

20  Two letters and map from O.F.K. Dibble and W.P. Flewelling regarding theft on Crown Lands; Woodstock and Fredericton, March 15 and March 22, 1882, respectively.

21  Letter from Harney Brothers, Royal Sewing Machine Company, to G.N. Vanwart, regarding a bank draft; November 17, 1884.

22  Letter from E.P. Clark to Thomas McMillan, Saint John, about a note becoming due; April 5, 1887.

23  Covering letter from Fred Thompson, McFarlane, Thompson, and Anderson, (New Brunswick Foundry and Machine Shop), to E. McLeod, D. McLellon, and J.G. Taylor accompanied by a chenque; April 16, 1888.

24  Letter from R. James to G.A. Good “From the Trenches”; May 14, 1917.

25  Four telegrams of R. McCabe, Chatham, to C.R. Carmichael, Montreal, regarding the sale of timber; June 1920.

26  Two letters from Thomas J. Craig, Stanley, to Mrs. Lilian Maxwell, Fredericton, concerning the old Scotch Settlement; March 16 and April 9, 1934.

27  Letter from J. Hollis Lindsay, Halifax, to Major J.A. Good mentioning Joe Karney and the Greene, Ketchum and Diblee families, Woodstock; October 21, 1935.

28  Letter from G.H. Markham to L. Maxwell regarding trip on Shepody Road including local history and opinions; November 6, 1952.

29  Letter from W.A. Squires, Mrs. M.J. Thompson, and A. Robert Rogers regarding the location of the diary of Charles Moffat; 1955.

30  Letter from G. Alvah Good to the Daily Gleaner regarding the history of Fredericton High School building; April 5, 1961.

31  Letter of domestic concern from Richard and Isabel Pringle to their brother and sister in America; Newcastle-on-Tyne, April 21, 1839.  Also on the same sheet, a letter from Richard and [Elendor] Pringle to their son and daughter; April 30, 1839.  Letter is addressed in care of Walter Dixon, Cardigan, N.B. (See MS1/6b, letter dated October 8, 1963 for typescript of these letters.)

32  Letter from Richard and [Elendor] Pringle to their son and daughter in America; includes a note from a sister, Elizabeth Pringle; Fenham, November 10, 1841.  Addressed in care of Walter Dixon, Cardigan, N.B.

33  Letter from J. Hammond to his cousin, William Dell Hard, Fredericton merchant mentioning his election to the state legislature; New York, December 4, 1831.

34  Bundle of five letters from L. Fulton, Provincial Secretary’s Office, to Captain H. Moody; regarding debentures; June and July 1886.

35  Letter from W.F. Ganong to Mrs. A.E. Mathewson regarding information on Indians; Northampton, Massachusetts; April 2, 1935.

36  Letter from Franklin W. Hall to R.P. Gorham re. Gen. Smythe at Waterloo, and the explosion of the steamer “J.D. Pierce” in 1856, poems; [1932].

37  Letter from G.G.C. re. history of Albert County, Gaskin and Smith families; 1967.

38  Letter from Katherine L[ynch] to Louise Hill re. Timothy Lynch; 1963.  Photo transferred to MS44.

39  Letter from Marjorie Thompson to Ruth Spicer mentioning publication of “Looking for Local History” and some museum papers; 1965.

40  Letter from Bishop of Fredericton to Church of England members re. mission of Rev. Richard Rees; 1955.

41  Top half of a letter from       , North Sydney, Cape Breton, to “My Dear Ma”, mentioning the parsonage being built for his/her family; 1865.

42  Letter from George McBeath, N.B. Museum, to C.H. Foss, Red Cross Society, re. the founding of Maugerville; 1961.  


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